To open a channel to your guide network (or to any point in the Fabric), visualize a connection of some sort. The easiest, and therefore most powerful, visualization is to visualize an energy pipe starting from your brain center and passing through your skull up into the spiritual world. Simply see a tube exiting your skull. See the pipe as it exits your skull widen and expand into a huge cosmic funnel where energy flows. Then, see the cosmic energy flowing into your physical unit through a narrow “point of contact” into your skull. From there the energy/information flows into your brain and central nervous system (CNS). Focus in on the energy and notice how it enlivens your entire nervous system. As the energy enters, your brain lights up, your nerves sparkle with energy, and your body glows with the light and power flowing through you.

Now, as you visualize this scene in your head, notice how you can control the flow of energy. You can squeeze the energy flow and cut yourself off from the funnel that connects you to the Fabric of Consciousness, or you can speed up the energy flow and even expand the funnel at the top to encompass the entire universe and beyond. There is no limit to how wide that funnel can become, and no external control over the process. You turn the spigot on or off. You specify the energy flow. You control how wide or narrow the channel is (Sharp, GA).


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