As noted in LP Workbook Two section on “Why Healing?” SAAR stands for See, Accept, be Accountable, and take Responsibility. A SAAR affirmation helps you move forward on your healing journey by encouraging you to See the toxicity that surrounds you, accept that it is unhealthy and disconnecting, be accountable for your part in the toxicity, and take responsibility for your part in the old energy toxic show, so that together we can heal, connect, and transform the world. Use the following SAAR affirmation to help you focus your day, and your energy, on these important aspects of the healing and reconnection process.

Today I will see the toxicity that surrounds me,
Today I will accept that it is unhealthy and disconnecting.
Today I will be accountable for my part in the show.
Today I will take responsibility for the bad things I can change.


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