The Great Invocation (GI for short) is the basic awakening and connection (ascension) tool of the LP. The GI is a chakra activation, kundalini connection sequence, and planetary activation visualization, all rolled into one powerful invocation.

To engage this ascension/graduation invocation, view the animation and put yourself in the picture. Focus on the descent of consciousness through the crown chakra. As the energy travels down through your body, visualize each of your seven bodily chakras lighting up with energy. The energy flows out from your body in streams. When your system is fully activated, push the connection into the ground. Reciereceive energy and expand your power and light to the world around you. Visualize cascading balls of light emanating from your heart center. Don’t be shy. Join with others and envelop the whole planet in the power and light of highest Consciousness.

The Great Invocation


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