1. Establishing Right Environment helps you protect your emotional, psychological, and spiritual wounds from further damage, but it is only the first step towards healing. The second step is to actually treat your wounds.
  2. Treating your wounds means cleaning, disinfecting, and scaffolding the wound (if necessary) so the body/mind can repair itself.
  3. To clean and disinfect a physical wound, you get rid of physical dirt and grime, and disinfect to kill any lingering bacteria. To clean and disinfect a psychic wound, get rid of psychic (i.e., emotional, psychological, and spiritual) dirt and grime in the wound, and disinfect the wound to kill any lingering psychic bacteria. To clean the wound of psychic dirt and grime, eliminate Wrong Thought.
  4. Wrong thought is dirty and infectious thought-grime that undermines and prevents healing and connection, and causes psychic infections. Wrong thought is thought that diminishes you and makes you feel unworthy, impotent, and “less than.” Wrong thoughts include thoughts like “I’m stupid,” “I’m a loser,” “I’m a sinner,” “I’m weak,” “I’m not worthy,” “I’m being punished for my sins,” “It’s my bad karma,” and so on. Wrong thought makes you feel powerless. Wrong thought makes you feel weak and impotent. Wrong thought makes you think you deserve bad things in your life because bad things are a “life lesson.” In short, wrong thought infects your psychic and emotional wounds and prevents healing and connection.
  5. Wrong thoughts are inserted into your mental and emotional systems like bacteria is inserted into your physical systems. Insertion of wrong thought happens “accidentally” when you are psychically assaulted and exposed to negative environments, and it happens intentionally when people (parents, friends, teachers, coworkers, etc.) call you names, make you feel stupid, make you feel “less than,” make you feel unworthy, make you feel like a “sinner, and teach you archetypes and ideologies that diminish you, make you feel small, or make you feel like you deserve to be punished.
  6. Eliminating wrong thought so you can disinfect your wounds is a challenge. It involves clearing out ideology and removing Old Energy Archetypes. The bulk of this work is done in LP Workbook Four: Archetypal Study, but you can begin the work now by using an Affirmation of Self to help clean and disinfect your wounds. An AOS is like a disinfectant wipe you use to clean out dirt and grime from your psychic wounds. To begin cleaning your psychic wounds, take time out of your day for quiet reflection and repeat the following AOS.

    I am powerful. I am healthy. I am beautiful. I am strong.
    I am worthy. I am connected to my Highest Self. I am beautiful. I am strong.


  7. In order to eliminate wrong thought and disinfect your psychic and emotional wounds, you must be persistent and consistent with your affirmations. Do it constantly until you have reprogrammed your neural pathways. Also keep in mind, you can’t do this while existing in a toxic environment and being exposed to chronic assault. If you do an affirmation and clean your wound, but then go back into a space where the wound is re-traumatized, you will never make any progress forward.


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