1. As explained in Rocket Scientists Guide to Authentic Spirituality (RSGAS), [spwiki]Connection Outcomes[/spwiki] are the real and observable outcomes you experience when you make an authentic connection to your [spwiki]Spiritual Ego[/spwiki]. When you exercise properly, there should be exercise outcomes, like better health, improved stamina, etc. Similarly, when you engage in an authentic [spwiki]Connection Practice[/spwiki], there should be real and observable connection outcomes.
  2. The Lightning Path identifies four basic connection outcomes, these being [spwiki]Healing[/spwiki], [spwiki]Awakening[/spwiki], [spwiki]Activation[/spwiki], and [spwiki]Ascension[/spwiki].
  3. Healing is the healing of the mind and physical body. Healing is a prominent feature of authentic spirituality. Healing may be self-directed. As an individual awakens and becomes more aware of the conditions they live in, as they activate and become motivated to change, they slowly begin to improve life conditions and these improvements lead to healing outcomes.Healing may also occur spontaneously, as a direct consequence of connection. Such healing can occur in [spwiki]Caring Moments[/spwiki], [spwiki]Healing Moments[/spwiki],  even powerful spiritual experiences which can instantly cure people of addiction and other afflictions.
  4. Awakening is a growing awareness of reality and the way things really are around you. Evidence that you are awakening includes growing personal reflection and insight, and growing awareness of the realities around you. For example, when you awaken, you are more likely to think about yourself, your actions and behaviours, and what you need to do to improve yourself and your life conditions. Evidence of awakening also includes growing awareness of the realities that surround you, especially toxic realities which contribute to emotional, psychological, and physical discomfort, pain, and disease.
  5. Activation is a growing desire for change and growing action in the world. As we realize the truth of the realities around us, there immediately grows a desire to change and improve things. It is important to act on the growing desire for action. Taking action to improve conditions in our life is critical since more advanced connection practice requires, among other things, [spwiki]Right Evironment[/spwiki]. Right environment is an environment that is safe, calm, non-violent, and peaceful.
  6. Ascension is the merging of your [spwiki]Spiritual Ego[/spwiki] and [spwiki]Bodily EGo[/spwiki]. Ascension, or the gradual merging and union of spiritual ego with bodily ego, requires consistent and persistent discipline. Ascension is an advanced connection outcome discussed later.
  7. More information on the various outcome measures can be found in Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality.

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