1. When you make a connection to your Highest Self, you are making a connection to a Fabric of Consciousness that is much bigger than your day-to-day Normal Consciousness. The order of magnitude difference is the difference between a candle flame (your “normal” your Bodily Ego) and the sun (your Spiritual Ego).
  2. Consciousness in the Fabric consists of awareness, will, and a sense of self. Therefore, when you connect, all other things being equal, more of your powerful Consciousness fill up your body. As this happens, your awareness, your will to act in the world, and your sense of self and self-esteem will slowly begin to strengthen and grow.
  3. As a consequence of growing awareness, growing empowerment, and a growing sense of Self, you will also find yourself motivated to heal from the damage caused by Toxic Socialization, motivated to learn, and motivated to improve your life conditions.
  4. As you make moves to make changes, as you heal and reconnect, you may experience forms of Internal Resistance and External Resistance from family, friends, coworkers, corporations, and even governments who are threatened by your awakening and activation, and are concerned to maintain the status quo.
  5. External Resistance can be experienced as emotional, psychological, intellectual, physical, and even spiritual violence directed at you to prevent you from continuing on your spiritual path. If you do experience resistance, it is important to protect yourself and seek help.
  6. Internal Resistance is the fear, self-doubt, guilt, shame, overinflated expectations, and other negative internal emotions and ideations that slow you down or even prevent you from moving forward. If you experience internal resistance, seek psychological assistance. Also, be sure to establish right thought through a disciplined process of archetypal cleansing.
  7. To overcome resistance, deal with challenges and work to improve your Connection Practice.

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