Required Readings

  1. Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality
  2. The Dark Legacy of Carlos Casteneda

What is Authentic Spirituality?

  1. Authentic Spirituality is spirituality that teaches you how to  Connect. Specifically, authentic spirituality teaches you how to connect your Spiritual Ego (a.k.a. your soul, atman, higher self, etc.) to your Bodily Ego.
  2. The goal of any Authentic Spirituality is to help you develop a direct, unmediated, and pure connection between your Bodily Ego and your Spiritual Ego.
  3. Authentic spiritualities work by teaching you the truth about Connection, the truth about your Spiritual Ego, Bodily Ego, and the truth about the obstacles that block and interfere with your ability to develop a strong connection.

Are all Spiritualities Authentic?

  1. Not all spiritualities, not all teachers, not all gurus, not all traditions, are authentic. Some start out authentic but end up corrupted. Some were never really about authentic connection at all. It can be hard to tell when a spirituality is authentic or not, especially if you are a novice on the path.
  2. As noted in Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality, you can tell a spirituality is authentic by the presence of Connection Outcomes like Healing, Awakening, Activation, and Ascension.
  3. Sometimes, the presence of connection and connection outcomes are not enough to ensure a spirituality is authentic. Therefore, you should also look for the  Seven Pillars of Authentic Spirituality. When these pillars are present, you can be more certain that a spirituality is teaching you how to connect.


An authentic spirituality is a spirituality that connects you to your spiritual ego, a.k.a. your soul, atman, or higher self. Not all spiritualities are authentic. To assess for yourself whether a spirituality is authentic, look four Connection Outcomes and the presence of all Seven Pillars of Authentic Spirituality

Further Exploration

Some examples of spiritualities that are inauthentic, even dangerous.

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