Required Readings

  1.  Lightning Path Workbook One

What is Connection?

  1. Connection is a term that the LP uses to describe the ideal relationship between your Spiritual Ego and your Bodily Ego. I
  2. The ideal relationship between your spiritual ego and bodily ego is connection. Ideally, your spiritual ego and bodily ego should be fully connected.
  3. Connection is a positive and empowering thing which leads to positive and empowering Connection Outcomes. When you are connected to your spiritual ego, you are connected to your Highest Self (Highest Self is another name for spiritual ego, soul, atman, Buddha-self, etc.).
  4. When you are connected to your highest self, you are more likely to live a happy, empowered, balanced, peaceful, and content life.
  5. Connection is an endpoint. Connection is the goal of Authentic Spirituality.
  6. Connection is a process. Connection is the process of attaining your highest conscious state. A high conscious state is when you are operating with your clearest sense of Self, and at your fullest potential.
  7. Connection takes time and practice. Initially, an individual is able to accomplish only brief, low intensity Connection Experiences. Over time,


Authentic spirituality is all about connection between your spiritual ego and your bodily ego. Connection leads, over the long term, to improved mental, emotional, and physical function.

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