1. Your Bodily Ego is your body’s ego. It is the ego and sense of identity that your body’s brain develops as a consequence of its neurological functions.
  2. In neurology, the body’s ego is associated with what neurologists call the Default Mode Network.
  3. Think of your bodily ego like the artificial intelligence (AI) that manages and drives an autonomous physical vehicle. The function of the bodily ego, like the function of the vehicle AI, is to protect the car from damage, and (of course) keep the passengers safe. Just like the AI in an autonomous vehicle is responsible for keeping itself and the passengers safe, the bodily ego’s prime directive is survival and the avoidance of all forms of pain.
  4. Under conditions of Normal Consciousness, the bodily ego “drives” the physical vehicle.
  5. Moving forward, keep in mind, when the body is threatened in any way, when it experiences emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual threat and assult, the bodily ego directs all available energy and resources towards survival and the mitigation of  emotional, psychological, and physical pain.
  6. Your spiritual ego is your soul, your atman, your Highest Self, your true self, etc.
  7. Your spiritual ego exists eternally and is independent of the material world.
  8. Your spiritual ego is much bigger than your bodily ego. If you think of your bodily ego as  a candle flame and your spiritual ego as the sun, you’ll get an idea of the order of magnitude.
  9.  Toxic Socialization damages us and leaves us in Normal Consciousness. While in normal consciousness, your spiritual ego is disconnected from your bodily ego.
  10. The goal of Authentic Spirituality is to connect your spiritual ego to your bodily ego, to create a union between the two.
  11. When a connection occurs, your bodily ego begins to heal, mature, and expand. Eventually, with persistent and disciplined Connection Practice, your bodily ego expands, attains Permanent Connection, and completely merges with your spiritual ego. In Christianity, this is called “entering the Kingdom of Heaven” or the Kingdom of God. In Vedic spiritualities, this is union, the attainment of Nirvana.

Required Readings

  1. Lightning Path Workbook Two

CC Notes

  1. The key here is to teach the individual the difference between the bodily ego and the spiritual ego, and to convey the key message that authentic spirituality is about connecting the spiritual ego and the bodily ego.  Make sure you understand what bodily ego and spiritual ego are.
  2. Use the concept of a vehicle with artificial intelligence to help distinguish between spiritual ego and bodily ego.
  3. Use the Waterglass Metaphor to illustrate connection.
  4. Spend time exploring the various elements of toxic socialization. Spend time getting the student to reflect on toxic socialization. Get the students to reflect upon the violence, neglect, chaos, attachment, and ideology in their life. Get them to share and discuss their assessments.
  5. It helps if the Connection Coach shares their own toxic experiences, and how these experiences impacted them.


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