1. Your body, your Physical Unit, is a container for your Spiritual Ego. In order for your body to contain Consciousness, in order for consciousness to not “leak” out of your body, your body has to be healthy, whole, and fully functioning.
  2. On this planet, children, adolescents, and adults are exposed to a Toxic Socialization process.
  3. Toxic Socialization is characterized by violence, neglect, chaos, destruction of attachments, and Ideological Indoctrination.
  4. Toxic Socialization damages the Physical Unit and makes it difficult for the physical unit to contain higher levels of Consciousness.
  5. If the  physical unit is damaged by toxic socialization, it is disconnected and unhealthy. If you want to  reconnect, you must heal the physical unit.
  6. The Lightning Path Healing Framework can help you with the healing process.

Further Exploration

  • Taittriyo Upanishad Chapter Two – Bodily Sheaths


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