How toxic is your world?

The how toxic is my world survey below gives a rough measure of how toxic your daily environments are. Honestly assessing the toxicity of your lived environments is a necessary precursor to a successful healing process.

Please take a few moments and carefully respond to the survey below. Think about the forms of violence and toxicity listed and give an indication of the severity of these forms in your life. Be open and honest with toxic events in your life as you can remember. If you are a registered LP student, you can save (and later examine or edit) one evaluation for each of your home, work, school, environments.

You can browse the responses to all LP Assessments by visiting the Assessments Summary Page.

The LP is founded on a pillar of emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual non-violence. We teach that healing, awakening, activation, and connection can only be achieved in calm and non-violent environments. Any Toxicity Score over 20 indicates a problematic level of toxicity and violence in your environment. To make progress, take steps to reduce the TS score.

LP Toxicity Survey


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