Self Assessments

Self-assessments are non-standardized self-evaluations that you can use to assess aspects of your life relevant to an authentic healing and connection process. These assessments, which should be used in conjunction with LP Workbooks and Lightning Path Rods will tell you where you need to make improvements if you want to heal and connect.

The LP makes the following self-assessments freely available, but only registered LP members can save responses for future analysis. .

How toxic is my world?

Toxic environments at home, work, school, etc. are damaging. They damage you emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and even physically. Most importantly, they undermine your ability to connect with higher consciousness. The How Toxic is my World survey is designed to give you an indication of how toxic your world is. The goal is to make you aware of toxicity in your environments so you can take steps to improve.


How Violent am I?

In addressing and assessing the chaos and toxicity in our home and work environments, we often forget to think about how our own behaviors contribute to the toxicity and violence. The “How violent am I” survey helps you think about and address your personal contribution to negative and toxic environments.  The survey addresses physical, psychological, and emotional violence with a view towards helping you identify and reduce violent behaviours.


How Chaotic is my World?

Chaotic home environments are associated with various forms of mental and emotional stress and strain. If you can’t hear yourself think, and you can’t find quiet spaces to reflect and grow, you’ll have a hard time developing and healing. Children, in particular, are sensitive to chaotic environments and can develop hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorders when exposed. The How chaotic is my world survey gives you a “chaos number” that you can use to assess the chaos in your life. If you want to heal and connect, you need to reduce the chaos in your life to near zero.


Needs Assessment?

As noted in the LP HEALING framework, getting your needs met is an essential part of the healing and connection process. As humans, we have many needs, from the physiological through the psychological and emotional all the way up to the spiritual. The Needs Assessment survey is designed to give you an indication of how well your needs are being met. The goal is to improve your life and the life of others until human needs are met, for all people on Earth.


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