Self Assessments

Self Assessments are non-standardized self-evaluations that you can use to assess aspects of your life relevant to an authentic healing and connection process. These assessments, which should be used in conjunction with LP Workbooks, will show you where you need to make improvements if you want to heal and connect. For example, if you take the “How Chaotic is my World?” assessment and find that you and your family score in the red zone on the chaos scale, then if you want to heal and connect, you need to take steps to reduce the level of chaos in your house. The same thing goes for all these assessments. If you score in the yellow, orange, or red zones, you have work to do. The goal is to get all your scores down into the green zone. Once you are in the green zones it will be easier to heal and connect.

If you are a registered LP member , you can track your progress by taking the assessments multiple times over a time period. A summary of your scores is provided on the assessment  archive page so you can see the improvements you are making. If you notice specific issues,  you may want to take the assessment once a week, and discuss your results on the appropriate forum for guidance and assistance. The discussion forum links are provided on the assessment archive page.

Note, you are the only one who can see your assessment page. If you want to share with others, you will have to login to your account, or take a screenshot.

LP Specific Healing and Connection Assessments

  • LP HEALING MAP: The Lightning Path HEALING MAP (Mindful Action Plan)
  • How Toxic is My World? A self-assessment designed to give you an indication of how toxic your world is. The goal is to make you aware of toxicity in your environments so you can take steps to improve.
  • How Violent am I? The “How violent am I” survey helps you think about and address your personal contribution to negative and toxic environments. The survey addresses physical, psychological, and emotional violence with a view towards helping you identify and reduce violent behaviours.
  • How Chaotic is my World? The How chaotic is my world survey gives you a “chaos number” that you can use to assess the chaos in your life. Chaotic home environments are associated with various forms of mental and emotional stress and strain. If you cannot hear yourself think, and you cannot find quiet spaces to reflect and grow, you will not make any progress forward towards healing and connection. Children, in particular, are sensitive to chaotic environments and can develop hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, and attention deficit disorders when chronically exposed to chaos in the home. It is important to work to reduce the level of chaos in your home to near zero.
  • Seven Essential Needs Assessment. The Needs Assessment survey is designed to give you an indication of how well your Seven Essential Needs are being met. The goal is to improve your life and the life of others around you to ensure full satisfaction of your needs.

Additional Healing and Connection Assessment

Assessments below this line are available to LP students only. These assessments indicate areas of psychological and emotional function which have been impacted by violence, chaos, toxicity, lack of needs satisfaction, etc. If you score in the Yellow Zone, Orange Zone, Red Zone, you need to work to lower your scores.
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  • Anger Score. Anger is a healthy emotion, and one that can help keep you safe and strong. However, when anger is not resolved properly, it can make you unhappy, miserable, sick and easy to manipulate. It can also make it impossible to connect. This survey helps you identify if you have “anger issues” so you can figure out why, and resolve your anger properly.
  • Anxiety Score. Anxiety is an indication of felt physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual. Anxiety can be caused by financial worries, relationship issues,  economic worries, and even political worries. When you are anxious, your body releases toxic stress chemicals that undermine your ability to think clearly and connect. This survey helps you identify if you have are overly anxious so you can figure out why, and resolve the anxiety properly.
  • Depression Score. Depression is an indication that one or more of your Seven Essential Needs have not, and are not, being met. It may also be an indication of Learn Helplessness. This assessment helps you identify if you are feeling depressed. If you are depressed, check your needs are being met, and ensure your environments are free of toxic people, especially those who suppress and oppress. If you are, you need to take steps to identify the source of the depression (i.e., which of your essential needs is not being met) and you need to take steps to ensure you meet your essential needs.
  • Repetitive Thoughts and Behaviours
  • Sleep Issues. Your body needs to sleep in order to heal, repair, and stay healthy. If you are not getting enough sleep, you will no be able to function properly, you will not heal and connect efficiently, and your Physical Unit may degrade over time. This assessment helps you identify if you are having sleep issues so you can take steps to alleviate these issues and get a better night’s rest.
  • Somatic Symptoms. Somatic symptoms are symptoms, like neck pain, back pain, and so on, that cannot be readily attributable to organic disease. Somatic symptoms indicate stress, anxiety, and other toxic burdens caused by toxic environments. If you have somatic symptoms, it is important to address the symptoms and the underlying issues.
  • Mania Score. Mania is “elevated mood, inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts, difficulty maintaining attention, increase in goal-directed activity, and excessive involvement in pleasurable activities.” Mania can be caused by an increase in CQ in a PU with an improperly trained or damage Bodily Ego, particularly one with low or damaged self-esteem.