LP Practitioners

Life coaches, connection coaches, and counsellors

Whoever travels without a guide needs two hundred years for a two-day journey.


LP Life Coaches, LP Counsellors and LP Connection Coaches (collectively, LP Practitioners) are certified professional counsellors and/or life coaches who have additional training in the LP Theoretic. They use their professional expertise and the LP theoretic to guide your healing and connection work. Choose the right level of service. If you are just needing some general guidance on how to sort things out in your life in a way that moves you forward, choose the Life Coaching option. If you need professional counselling to deal with the damage caused by Toxic Socialization, choose an LP Counsellor. If you need help grounding and integrating rapid insights and transformations brought about by the use of Connection Supplements or other Connection Practices, choose an LP Connection Coach. For more on the difference between LP Life Coaches, Counsellors, and Connection Coaches, see this page.

Mike Sosteric

My Story Welcome! My name is Dr. Mike Sosteric. I am an associate professor with a PhD in psychology and undergraduate degrees in both psychology and sociology. In 2003, I…

Gina Ratkovic

My Story Welcome! My name is Gina Ratkovic and I love figuring out people‚Äôs problems. I have always been drawn to what makes us human, and why we struggle as…