A Connection Supplement is a natural or artificial supplement, like Cannabis, LSD, Psilocybin, and so on, that activates your brain and facilitates connection to Consciousness. Connection supplements have been used since the dawn of humanity to facilitate connection with consciousness. I personally believe they are integral elements in the rapid evolution of the human Physical Unit, particularly the brain and CNS, both at an individual and collective level. They are not technically necessary for individual development,  however, in a world where you are constantly struggling to survive, in a world where you are constantly swimming in the toxic soup of a System gone horribly wrong, heck, even in a world where you just don’t have the time and energy to go sit in a Zen temple for hours at a time, connection supplements can be incredibly useful and important facilitators that can, when used properly, accellerate your healing and connection process. They can also help you maintain your progress forward, especially if there are still toxic pockets in your life spaces that you still have to endure.

As defined in the SpiritWiki, a Connection Supplement is a substance that facilitates a stronger connection to Consciousness. Connection supplements help you pour water (i.e. Consciousness) into the glass (see Water Glass Metaphor)

If you are going to use connection supplements to facilitate healing and connection, it is important to be aware of a few things.

Number one, connection supplements vary in onset, intensity, and duration. Some are more intense and last longer, some are gentler and of shorter impact.

  • In terms of onset, some connection supplements, like LSD, take an hour or so to begin their effect. Others, like cannabis, when you smoke it, take effect instantly.
  • In terms of duration, some connection supplements last a long time. LSD lasts about twelve hours, psilocybin about eight, cannabis (ingested) about six, cannabis (smoked) about an hour. Some connectin supplements, like powdered DMT, last only a few minutes.
  • In terms of intensity, some connection supplements are very intense, even in low doses (LSD, for example), while others have a softer effect. In this regard, cannabis is a soft entheogen in as much as its action is, when taken in low doses, gentle. In higher doses, cannabis can provide Connection Experiences as intense as LSD. It is also easy to control the intensity with cannabis, especially if you purchase from medical suppliers where you are guaranteed )

You should choose a supplement that fits into your schedule, and that suits your temperament, and stage of development. When you are starting out, it is best to choose gentle supplements with limited duration and lower intensity. This way, if you confront challenging materials, invoke fear, revisit trauma, connect with the highest point in The Fabric, or whatever, the experience is short, gentle, and less likely to trigger an Ego Explosion or a rare Nadir Experience. See this forum post for our growing collection of science-based information on connection supplements.

Number two, there is growing evidence that connection supplements impact the neurology of your brain and CNS in a positive way by allowing you to generate new pathways, and to erase older grooves.  Neurologists call this neurogenesis. There are a few implications of this connection supplement induced neurogenesis the most important of which is that connection supplements offer a potential cure for the brain damage caused by Toxic Socialization. Of course, healing the damage caused by Toxic Socialization requires more than a single-use or two. It takes time to rewire your brain. More importantly, it takes persistence, and this is the point. Although you can experience “enlightenment” in only a single session, unless you are persistent and consistent, your brain won’t rewire, and you will eventually fall back into old patterns. Ergo the repeated insistence in LP teachings on disciplined, daily practice.

Number three, intent is important. You can, if you choose, consume a connection supplement and take a random “trip;” however, for best and most consistent effect, it is best to have a “destination” in mind before you get on the bus, so to speak. As explained throughout the LP corpus, setting your destination is very easy. Set your intent with a simple, willful statement. Intent statements include things like…

  • I wish information on how to heal my wounds
  • I wish information on who I am deep inside
  • I wish to know what is my purpose, and why am I here.

Probably the best intent statement to use when you are just starting out is something like

  • Provide me with the information I need to know right now so I can move forward towards healing and connection as safely and efficiently as possible.

Number four, a safe, quiet, clean, uncluttered cocoon is critical. Connection supplements open up your connection to your Highest Self and beyond, but they also make you much more sensitive to negative energies, negative people, and toxic situations. Exposure to negativity while you are experiencing connection can create challenges and can undermine your experience. Exposure to negativity and toxicity can even trigger a Nadir Experience. Make sure you are in a safe space where you will be free from distractions for the duration of your experience. For longer experiences, consider having a healthy family member, healthy friend, or trusted guide with you.

Number five, remember, connection requires practice, not just because it takes time for the brain to rewire, but also because handling Consciousness, especially when flowing freely, can be hard. When you make a connection, you open up your Bodily Egoto a flow of Consciousness that can be quite unlike the Normal Consciousness of your daily experience. It can be disconcerting, novel, shocking, horrifying, shattering, fantastic, overwhelming, staggering, and powerful, sometimes all at the same time. When your connection is wide open and consciousness is flowing, it is like a powerful fire hose directed straight at your brain. It is not impossible to get that flow under control, but it is going to take practice. Lots of different religious and spiritual traditions will provide you with lots of different advice on how to do your Connection Practice.  The LP has its own suggestions. We’ll talk in detail about these later, but for now, Lightning Path Connection Practice basically comes down to three things, grounding, aiming, and control. You have to practice grounding to make sure you do not lose touch with empirical reality and get lost somewhere deep in The Fabric. You have to practice aiming so that you a) make the right connection and b) achieve the proper intensity. Finally, you have to practice control, specifically controlling what thoughts your Bodily Ego is thinking. This is important. As we will learn when we start studying this planet’s Creation Template and the archetypes of which it consists, there’s a lot of interference and a lot of bias in the Collective Consciousness of this planet. If you do not keep your thoughts positive and in control, there’s no telling where you might end up.




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