Core Teachings

These are the Lightning Path core teachings. The basic teachings provide you the groundwork you need in order to heal and connect. These teachings are grounded in modern psychology, modern sociology, and direct Connection Experience. These lessons are designed to provide you with a sophisticated spiritual understanding of who you are, and a fast path back to health and full spiritual Connection For best results, start at the beginning.

LP Rocket Guides

These books provide you a critical introduction to money and the economy, and the nature and function of Authentic Spirituality, both essential groundwork for building your healthy and connected self..

  1. Rocket Scientists Guide to Money and the Economy -You can’t be spiritual while ignoring the economy and the Mode of Exploitation. Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy provides you the basic economic education you should have got in school.
  2. Rocket Scientists Guide to Authentic Spirituality – You can’t be spiritual while floundering around in toxic pools of spiritual inauthenticity. Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality teaches you what to look out for when choosing a path of human development or human spirituality.

Workbook One – The Basics

Articles and resources in this cell provide an introduction to basic LP concepts and give guidance on your self-directed healing and connection process.

  1. Connection, the Physical Unit, the Spiritual Ego, the Bodily Ego – some basic LP concepts you need to know.
  2. Initiating Connection and Dealing with the Challenges – a short guide on initiating connection and dealing with some general spiritual challenges.
  3. Visualization Magic – visualization is a powerful spiritual and healing technique. It’s easy to do and simple to learn.
  4. Lubricating the Gears of Connection – general advice and guidance on connection
  5. The Importance of Staying Positive – the importance of staying grounded and empowered
  6. The Importance of Breathing – the importance of deep breathing
  7. How to Stay the Course – how to make sure you don’t get bumped off the path
  8. Visualizations and Affirmations from Workbook One
  9. A SpiritWiki list of LP concepts introduced and defined in Workbook One
To complete the basic foundation, also read Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy and Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality. These books provide basic information about money, the economy, and human spirituality you should have learned in school.

Workbook Two – Healing

This is your introduction to the Lightning Path HEALING FrameworkTM. Use the LP HEALING Framework, along with additional assistance if necessary, to guide you through your healing process.

  1. Introduction: Why Healing? – we have all experienced Toxic Socialization, this experience has damaged and disconnected us, and so we all have healing to do.
  2. “H” is for Help – the importance of reaching out for competent help and support.
  3. “E” is for Healthy Environmment– you need healthy environments to heal within. What they are and how to achieve them.
  4. A” is for Addiction – guidance and advice on how to understand and treat addictions.
  5. “L” is for Lies – healing involves being honest with yourself, and others.
  6. “I” is for Ideology – healing involves understanding the ideology and Wrong Thought that daze and confuse.
  7. “N” is for Needs – healing and growth requires that you satisfy all your Seven Essential Needs.
  8. “G” is for Growth – putting your body and mind into Growth Mode.
  9. Conclusion: The Benefits of Health and Spiritual Connection
  10. LP Attachments Analysis – a form to help you track and analyze your toxic attachments (i.e. your addictions). Make sure you allow editing so you can fill out the form. Share with your counsellor or LP Connection Coach.
  11. Visualizations and Affirmations from Workbook Two
  12. LP HEALING Map – A comprehensive psychological and sociological tool for analyzing and guiding your healing process.
To help with healing process you can begin working with the Triumph of Spirit Archetype Deck. Get the book and cards by visiting this link, or browse online.

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Workbook Three – Connection

This cell provides you with an introduction to the Lightning Path Connection FrameworkTM. Use the LP Connection Framework, along with additional assistance, to guide you towards reconnection with your own Highest Self

  1. Introduction – Introduction to the critical concept of Connection (a.k.a. transcendence).
  2. Awakening – When we make an authentic connection, we begin to awaken.
  3. Accountability – When we begin to awaken, we must show accountability for our life and past actions.
  4. Atonement – If we have harmed others, we must atone
  5. Alignment – To make a strong and pure connection, we must constantly strive for Alignment.
  6. Activation – As we align and connect, we begin to take an active role in the co-creation of a better world
  7. Ascension – The end result of our preparatory work is a Connection Experience and, eventually, permanent union with your Highest Self
  8. Conclusion – A few closing comments.
  9. Workbook Three: Exercises, Affirmations, and Self-Evaluations
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