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The Physical Unit

The Physical Unit is a vessel designed specifically to allow Consciousness to survive, thrive, experience, and create within physical creation.

The Physical Unit has a “dual consciousness” consisting of a Bodily Ego and a Spiritual Ego.

Spiritual Ego

The spiritual ego is eternal.

The spiritual ego is always and everywhere loving, compassionate, expansive, powerful, pristine, and pure.

The spiritual ego is the real you.

Bodily Ego

The bodily ego is temporal and temporary.

The bodily ego is dependent for existence on the hardware (the brain and CNS) provided by the physical unit.

The bodily ego is an “artificial intelligence,” designed into the physical unit in order to help it survive, thrive, and evolve towards greater perfection of Connection.

The bodily ego’s job is to respond to the environment in adaptive ways that increase the individual’s chance to survive, grow, and develop properly.

The bodily ego is programmed and, it should be noted, damaged by its experiences in the world.

To understand the bodily ego, look to the childhood, adolescent, and adult experiences of the individual.

A damaged bodily ego will be unable to connect properly to spiritual ego.

While disconnected, the bodily ego will be prone to confusion, manipulation, and damage.

While disconnected, over time, the bodily ego will deteriorate and diminish.

The Goal

The goal of the spiritual practitioner and spiritually sophisticated therapist/healer is to heal and train the bodily ego so that it can properly connect with its own spiritual ego.

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