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Awakening Tools

Awakening tools are meditations, mantras, and visualization that help you begin the awakening process (see LP Workbook Three). They will focus your attention and energy on truth and reality and will facilitate low-level connection. The tools are most powerful when you a) focus and pay attention to the meaning of the meditation or visualization, b) repeat often throughout the day. If progress is “too fast,” simply put down the tool, step back, process, ground, and when you are ready, continue.

Awakening Mantras

As noted in Lightning Path Workbook One, an awakening mantra is a phrase designed to help you willfully focus on the process of spiritual awakening, i.e. pouring water into the vessel. Any phrase that helps focus you willfully focus on the initiation, process, or outcome of spiritual awakening may be considered an awakening mantra. The more precise, willful, and focused, the better the mantra. Some examples are provided below, but if you feel you need to fine tune your intent, feel free to make up your own.

Awakening Mantras

  • I wish to wake up
  • I wish to gain enlightenment
  • I wish consciousness to descend into the vessel.
  • I wish to move forward as fast and as safely as possible.
  • I wish to move forward. I wish to awaken. I wish to activate. I wish to ascend.

Awakening Visualizations

The Water Glass Visualization is a visualization that helps you draw Consciousness into the body. To do it, simply visualize your body as an empty glass and visualize water/light/consciousness pouring into “the glass” through the top of your head. Visualize it filling you up from toe to tip and then, if you want, visualize the water flowing over the edge of the glass and spilling out into the world around you. You can also modify this to be more directly, by simply visualizing light streaming into your body through your head (i.e. crown chakra) and dispersing in scintillating, diamond-like patterns, out through the various “pathways” (i.e. nerve cells, arteries, etc.) of your body. The key here is to visualize Consciousness flowing into your body. In this regard, visualizing Consciousness as either water or light works just as well.

Water Glass Visual

Cleansing Visualizations

As you gradually awaken, activate, and connect (i.e. ascend), you will find yourself more and more intolerant of anger, negativity, and the pissy attitudes of the people around you. You will reject drama and emotional/psychological chaos, and naturally, gravitate towards calm and peaceful environments. You may even find yourself cocooning more and more, i.e. just staying home in your safe places in order to avoid the toxicity of our advanced industrial societies.

Unfortunately, unless you are fortunate enough to be able to work from your home, you are going to have to go out. When you go out, you are going to find yourself swimming, from time to time, in the toxic muck of our technologically lopsided world. When that happens, and especially if you find yourself getting sucked down by the negativity, fear, and anger that surrounds you, try a cleansing visualization. A cleansing visualization helps you clear off the muck and the mud of any toxic environments you find yourself in.

Cleansing Visualization

See your body covered with a thick coating of wet, gloppy, mud. This is the mud and dirt that is slopped on you as you work and live among those who flail in darkness, confusion, and despair. Don’t let this energetic negativity drag you down. Stand up tall and strong and visualize your hands scooping this gloppy mess off. Start at your head and work down to your toes, scrapping the glop with your hands, and wiping it off your body. As you do this, as you clean more of the putrid and disgusting glop from your body, you slowly begin to reveal a beautiful, white, glowing figure.

Undertake cleaning strokes from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. When you have finished scraping the muck off your body, all the glop is gone and you stand there strong, proud, and filled with the light of your own higher Self.  Smile, release, and repeat as necessary.

As you scrape, take deep breathes. As you exhale, feel your tension, anger, and negativity dissipate away from your body. With each deep breath, your body relaxes more and more.

Banishment Visualizations

Banishment visualizations are used to actively excluded toxic people from your energetic and personal spaces. Banishment visualizations are similar to boundary visualizations but are generally more powerful as they are focussed on specific individuals.

If there is some individual or group of individuals that you do not want in your life, perhaps because you are in danger, or perhaps because they need more help than you can provide, or perhaps because you are “done” dealing with the negativity, drama, and toxic assaults, a boundary visualization will help separate them from your life path.

Banishment Visualization

Visualize the individual or group of individuals in your mind’s eye. Now, visualize them slowly moving away from you. Visualize them receding into the distance, fading away until they vanish beyond the horizon of your mind’s eye.Push them away, but do so with love and compassion. Tell them that they have a different path home than you, that you longer require their assistance, and that you no longer desire nor welcome their karmic entanglements. There is nothing pernicious or negative here. This is simply an assertion of your boundaries and your right to choose those you welcome into your energetic space.

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