Activation Archetype

Key Phrase: It is time I activate the Master within me.

Symbolism: Realization, alignment, and emancipation lead finally to initiation, rebirth, and physical activation. Force/formation applied in appropriate balance; reality begins to align. Reality begins to transform. Blockage and obstacles to healing and connection, symbolized by clouds in the sky, begin to disperse. Intentions coalesce. Energies crackle.

Narrative: This archetype teaches of individual (and collective) activation. After preparations are complete, after the Physical Unit is prepared and aligned, after force and formation are in balance, after you emancipate yourself from limitation and mental slavery, this is the rise of your power.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the transformative “pop” that arises from mass individual (i.e. collective) activation. Blockages have disintegrated. Resistances have evaporated. Barriers have collapsed. Bindings have fallen away. The movement of billions transforms the world. Self emerges fully in the world.

At mundane levels, this is individual empowerment and advancement on the Path. Having established Right Thought and created Right Environment, you embrace with confidence your Highest Self. Now that you consistently engage in Right Action, you reclaim original power. Activated and fully aware, you move forward and create the world that you came here to create.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to your physical actions in the physical world, or lack thereof. Alignments indicate pathologies, people, and institutions that either support or subvert transformation.

Positive and aligned, this archetype represents nothing more nor less than the activation that occurs as Consciousness descends into the body. The more aware and awake you are, the more motivated you are to change, and the more empowered you are to do so. You may feel activation as energetic sensations, pins and needles, rippling throughout your body. Tingling scalp, vivid dreams of coffins and rebirth, lightning, electricity, and power provide clues. You are ready, willing, and able to make some changes. After responding to the call, after realization of truth, preparation and initiation, after alignment and even brief connection, we tune in, turn on, and empower. The Light of Consciousness fills the entirety of your sky. Energy crackles all around. Disease, ill health, darkness, and death fall away. The launch sequence has begun. Positive alignments indicate people and institutions that support activation, empowerment, and the transformation required for graduation.

Blockage and challenge: Negatively aligned, you struggle to activate but are stuck. Old ways are clearly not working, but you stick with them nevertheless. Pressure to empower and do something builds, but you resist and refuse. You profess understanding, but exhibit only confusion. You exclaim the highest enlightenment, but are a victim of disease and decay. You claim action, but subvert transformation at every step. Chronic repression and self-delusion lead to jeopardy at all levels of your being. Confusion, disorientation, paroxysm, and eruption ensue. Negative alignments indicate fears that prevent us from empowering, and people or institutions that work against activation. You struggle to break free but are thwarted at every turn.

Healing and connection message: There is nothing particularly onerous and dangerous about activation. In a physical unit fully awakened and prepared, in an environment and on a world fully supportive, it is the realization of your powerful Self, and the manifestation of joyful mastery. It might be shocking if you have never experienced the reality of your own Highest Self, but if you stick with it, the shock gives way and mastery emerges. If you struggle to maintain your center, take time to refocus. If connection throws you off balance, get help and take a little more time to prepare. Even baby steps forward is fine. As you are able, embrace your full light and activate. When you are ready, with confidence, move forward.

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