Alignment Archetype

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Key Phrase: To mine own Self be true

Symbolism: An abstract representation of alignment. A sword, balanced on either side by force and formation (yang and yin). This is a key offered to you by Jupiter, a planet that is a symbol of alignment. This is not ever the sword of judgment. This is the sword of discernment and full alignment with Self. This is, above all, the key to the “Kingdom of Pure Consciousness,” the “Garden of full Connection,” the gate through which is the Kingdom of God.

Narrative: This archetype teaches us the key to forward movement, emancipation, activation, connection, and graduation, which is alignment with your own Highest Self. Always remember, the physical unit is merely a vehicle for the bright sun of your highest self. To move forward, align the thoughts and actions of your physical unit with your perfect and sparkling bright soul Self.

At the highest level, this is perfect alignment with Self, perfect alignment with Consciousness, or the active and eyes-wide-open pursuit thereof. Listen carefully. Alignment is not an onerous chore. Alignment does not bring pain, suffering, darkness, and disconnection. Alignment brings power, peace, contentment, and the attainment of strongest connection. This is a joyous path.

At mundane levels, this is healing and repair of the physical body and mind through accurate alignment with Self. Putting aside hypocrisy and self-delusion, you align thought and action with your Self. Breathing deeply, you happily atone for past “sin.” Focussing on the manifestation of the promise, you fix that which is broken in your world, the world, and your self.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to your actions. Are you actively creating Right Environment? Are you engaged only in Right Action? Or, are you acting out of alignment with your own Highest Self? Take a few moments to assess. Then, make any changes that are necessary.

Positive and aligned, this represents the urge and drive to align, to move forward, to clear up the issues, to line up the pieces, and to make the necessary changes that will actuate your next step. You know who you are, you know why you are here, and you know what you need to do. Take action and align. Alignments indicate supports that help you face the truth and align behaviours, or on the negative side, things that get in your way. Positive alignments indicate accountability, responsibility, and support for change and atonement. You do not deny your sins. You do not hide your mistakes. You do not makeup excuses. You take responsibility. You embrace error. You fix what needs to be fixed. You return yourself to alignment.

Blockage and challenge: Negatively aligned, this is fear, resistance, guilt, and shame all leading to a failure to take full responsibility. Powerful new energies flow, but you remain trapped in dysfunction. You resist accountability. You deny your actions and pretend you are without sin. You embrace the great self-delusion. You fail to take action and align. It is not all your fault. Enablers spin their toxic webs around you. Those who benefit from your servitude subvert and oppress. Your enemies jab at your heals. Nevertheless, only you can do what is right for you. Make the right choice and align.

Healing and activation message: For the truly woke, the way forward is clear and easy. It is not about commandments, rules, or following orders. It is not about morality or divine assessment. It is not about enduring punishment. Judgment and condemnation are passé. It is about responding to the calling. It is about the realization of truth. It is about the embrace of positive change. It is about the promise, nay the guarantee, of full redemption. It is about alignment with your own Self.

You’ll find your sacrifice was worth it if you initiate, move forward, and align. To get from there to here, simply take responsibility. Put aside self-delusion, fix what you have broken, align with your highest Self, and take your place among the empowered family of spirit.

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