Basic TOSAS Archetypes

Connection Archetype

This archetype represents connection, which always leads to insight, emancipation, empowerment, activation, and ascension.

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Key Phrase: Joyfully I reconnect.

Symbolism: The moon represents a nascent and growing connection to higher Consciousness. The variable moon represents the strength of that connection. A new moon is disconnection while the full moon is full connection. The variable moon represents the waxing and waning nature of connection, and repeated approximations until a permanent connection is achieved. Electrical discharge and the bright full moon represent the electrical/lightning power of a potent and direct connection.

Narrative: This archetype represents connection, which always leads to insight, realization, emancipation, empowerment, activation, ascension, and so on. The archetype also represents a decision. Realizing the truth, understanding reality, experiencing unity, we must make a decision. Do we accept the revealed truth and step forward, or do we reject it and remain in normal consciousness? If we accept, we transcend to a higher state of being and ascend to a higher state of knowing, if only for a moment or two. If we reject, we return to Normal Consciousness. Through connection we learn, grow, and, systematically and by degrees, find our way back home.

At the highest level, this is acceptance, asseveration, and declaration. We understand that it is not an issue of judgment and/or damnation. We accept that it has all been a pernicious lie. There are no chosen ones. There is no judgment. This is not a test. There are no bystanders. No one is “left behind.” Embracing truth, we connect and are reborn. We activate, empower, and graduate the entire planet.

At mundane levels, this is acceptance. We finally and fully accept a truth that we have avoided, perhaps for a very long time. Initial discomfort gives way to rising elation as we slowly put all the pieces together and begin a personal, familial, or higher, transformation.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to connection, its occurrences, its quality, its intensity, its content, and so on.

Positive and aligned, this is increasing connection perfection. You establish Right Thought and make the right choices as you continue to prepare the way for your own Highest Self. Gathering the support that you need, you move forward and finally succeed. Mastery or your connection grows, power expands, and the star within begins slowly to shine. Positive alignments indicate factors that help us improve and perfect our connection, or that disrupt it and break it back down. Positive alignments indicate a universe opening before us. Clarity and truth guide our way forward. Accountability and atonement clear the path forward. A supportive environment carries us home. No fear and/or judgment arise as we connect. Unencumbered by negative emotion and ill will, we accept a cosmic welcome as reconnect and find our way home.

Blockage and challenge: Maligned, this archetype represents a turn towards darkness. Something prevents you from facing the wonderful truth. You avoid, divert, and repress. Stepping off The Path, you turn away from your own Light. Despite an inclusive message and repeated urging, you fail to let go of anger, resentment, hatred, and fear. The dominoes of your disconnection begin their catastrophic, cascading fall.

Negative alignments indicate internal and external resistances that prevent us from accepting connection. Shame, guilt, sin, low self-esteem, confusion, and lie surround us and lock us in the “sunken place.”

Healing and connection message: Why are you so stuck and disconnected? What are the things that you fear? Understand, it doesn’t matter what you have done in the past. Understand, no cosmic judgment awaits you. Realize, no gatekeeper stands in your way. The only thing that prevents you from connecting is the content of your own sacred heart (chakra). To connect, mindfully empty your self of fear, anger, resentment, and hatred. Choose peace, compassion, truth, love, Spirit, and life. Repeat this mantra after me: “I am worthy. I am powerful. I am strong. I am capable. I am present. I am able. Now, I wish to connect.”

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