Emancipation Archetype

Key Phrase: Free at last.

Symbolism: The planet Saturn, with its ridged outer rings, represents boundaries and limitation. Archetypal chains bind the mind and the body. Our energies and actions have been restricted by ideas in our mind, but our bondage is coming to end. Three individuals grasp the chains that bind and pull, thus breaking the chains. By our own effort, and with the assistance of others, we emancipate and break free.

Narrative: This archetype represents emancipation from The System. This is release from the chains that bind. This is growing freedom to act in the world in the best interests of yourself and your family. When fully realized, this is the end of our diminishment.

At the highest levels, this is emancipation of the physical unit (the body and the mind) from the archetypal chains that bind you in fear, uncertainty, and creative impotence. You answer the call and initiate. You overcome fear and self-loathing. We establish right thought and align. This is emancipation from a toxic family, from an oppressive work environment, from political and economic servitude, from spiritual bondage, etc. You draw strength and with clarity of purpose, you exert your will, break free from the System, and are free.

At mundane levels, this is freedom to act as you so will and desire, without fear and uncertainty. You change your job. You change your lifestyle. You make an adjustment because you want to and because you can. Blockages dissolve and you move towards activation and full power.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to physical actions in the physical world or lack thereof. The force of will is fine and dandy, but if all you do is intend, nothing is going to happen. To move forward you must take action and transform your your self, your life, and this world.

Positive and aligned, this archetype represents freedom, emancipation, and transformation. You have slowly established Right Thought. You are beginning to create Right Environment. Now, you continue with Right Action. Confident in your abilities, trusting of your Self, you break through nefarious chains that bind. Formerly chained and immobilized, you stand up and begin to transform not only your self but the entire physical world. Slow at first, you pick up speed. You have been your own worst enemy for too long, but now that you see clearly, you easily break free and fly. Alignments indicate internal and external supports and/or resistance that encourage emancipation and freedom of action, or that force compliance and conformity. Positive alignments indicate internal and strengths and external supports that encourage emancipation, giving us the power to acct and break free.

Blockage and challenge: Negatively aligned, his archetype represents bondage, both internal and external. Negative ideas about self and potential weigh you down and keep you in our place. Prejudice, hatred, and self-loathing bubble up from within. Negative emotions lower your confidence and block your way forward. Your family abuses you and suppress you. Social pressures from people impregnated with wrong thought force you to sacrifice Self and conform. Emotional, psychological, and spiritual manipulation enslave. The world conspires against you. Agents, threatened by our freedom, work to enslave. Fear and anxiety overwhelm. Fear locks you down. You struggle to break free but submit in the end.

Healing and activation message: The battle might be lost but the “war” you will win. It is merely a matter of timing. Do not be discouraged. Do not feel depressed. Do not stop fighting. Do not give up the ghost. Remember, life is not a test, and neither is this. This is not about how “worthy” you are, how “smart” you are, how “strong” you are, or how blue your blood really is. This is about awakening (a.k.a. the Calling), activation, alignment, and connection and nothing more. Stand up and break your chains so you can take action, activate, and be free.

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