Force Archetype

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Key Phrase: Consciousness generates.

Symbolism: An androgynous face sits amidst powerful and expansive red energies, symbolizing force improperly balanced. Unbalanced force is the current dominant old energy reality of Earth. This archetype issues a warning. The powerful energies of force drive creation, but without sufficient formation, creation careens out of control till eventually it is a total and arid ruin. A touch of green in the card hints at initiation, transformation, and the promise and potential of a new energy with force and formation in balance.

Narrative: This archetype teaches a fundamental truth of creation’s magic, which is that nothing happens without the force of will. Passive attraction and sheep-like “acceptance of what is” accomplishes nothing, or serves another’s agenda. To engage in creative activity, you must energize and empower. You must not submit. You must gather strength and yourself into creative action.

At the highest level, this archetype represents the mission-drive that comes with full realization. Having responded to the call, you have liberated and reformed your mind. You are a confident and joyful master here to work on the world. Free of self-doubt, you no longer accept limitation. Aligned with your highest Self, you draw strength and remove archetypal shackles. You emancipate and activate so Self Self can be born in full power.

At mundane levels, this archetype represents the purpose driven action that comes with confidence, strength, and power. There are things you need to do and things you to know, and you are ready, willing, and able to do and to know.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to your will. The question you ask yourself here is simple. Do you have independent will, or has it been destroyed by Toxic Socialization? Do you desire that which is good for you and yours, or does your will feed energy to another?

Positive and aligned, this archetype represents Right Action in the world. Confusion no longer impedes. Ideas are clear. Doubt does not drag you down. You focus your attention and apply your will. You get to work and you make things happen. You do what you came here to do. Alignments indicate things that influence your action or inaction, including the thoughts in your head. Positive alignments indicate energies available to uplift and create. Others support your force. Progress is rapid. Willfully you manifest your ideal creation.

Blockage and challenge: Negatively aligned, this is force without formation, or depression and impotent failure. Either way, this an arid desert. This is creation after all life has been destroyed. You smash through your life without thinking. Fear and paranoia keep you oppressed and shut down Violence and domination rule your days. The damage is profound and severe. The chains are thick. Old energy archetypes penetrate to the core. Willful unguided actions, or profound impotence and submission, lead to a premature end to your efforts. This is the bully in action, and the victim suffering on the ground. Violent force of will without counterbalancing formation destroys us all. Authority “shows us the way.” We struggle to break free and to establish an independent will but cannot. We march towards assured self destruction.

Healing and activation message: This is the challenge of overcoming the damage of your toxic childhoods so that you may heal, connect, create, and uplift. This is the challenge of taking Right Action to change and make a better world for yourself, and for all. This is the challenge of proper use of force. Know that revolution comes with the turn of a page. Rebirth is around the corner. A little push, a little education, and a little encouragement may be all you need. Remind yourself of who you truly are. You are a joyful and empowered master of physical creation. You are on a mission to evolve and graduate the world. You need no external authority to tell you what, deep inside, you already know. Align with your Highest Self. Engage in right action. Exert your powerful will. Emancipate, activate, find passage and be reborn so that you can do what you came here to do.

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