Formation Archetype

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Key Phrase: Consciousness forms.

Symbolism: A human face sits betwixt the pillars of force and formation (also known as yang and yin). The sun of higher Consciousness shines fully and brightly, taking the shape of the container of mind. The message is clear. Through the archetypes and ideas in our mind, we form creation. From the waters above to the water below, and into the Malkuth of Earth, we use energy shaped by ideas to manifest and create the world. Note, this archetype shows force and formation used in balance, the direction we all must move towards now.

Narrative: This archetype is self-referential. This archetype reminds us of the power and significance of ideas and archetypes. Through the formative power of ideas, we shape and direct the willful force of our energy and power.

At the highest levels, this archetype represents our creative desire, ambition, and the intent of our Highest Self, formalized into archetypes and that direct the flows of creation. This is our individual and collective Creation Template,1 which can be positive, emancipating and New Energy, or putrid, negative and Old Energy. Do you feel yourself to be a cosmic loser? Do you think you are merely an ape? Do you think you are here to learn lessons? Do you think you are being punished for sins? Think again. Change your ideas and change yourself. Change your archetypes and change the world. You are a joyful master. You are a cosmic victor. You have the power to activate. You have the ability to connect. You are here to graduate this world.

At mundane levels, these are the ideologies and archetypes that organize our societies, govern our work lives, and shape our social experiences. These are the ideas that either drive us forward and up, or restrain us and push us back down.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to your ideas, to the creation template you use to think about, understand, and act in the world. Do you have the right ideas? Do your ideas heal, empower, emancipate, and connect? Are you engaged in Right Thought? Or, do the archetypes in your mind diminish, limit, and oppress. It’s time to examine your thinking.

Positive and aligned, this archetype represents right thought leading to smooth and positive forward movement. We have the right ideas, and everything is going as planned. Resistance melts away and alignment improves as we clear out old energy ideas and accept identity, purpose, and truth. Alignments indicate ideas and archetypes, both your own and those of others. Positive alignments indicate new energy ideas around and inside you. You’re getting the right ideas about things and these are making a big difference. There is clear sailing ahead. Using energy and support in whatever balance and configuration we require, we move forward with gusto and thrive.

Blockage and challenge: Negatively aligned this is all about wrong thought. The ideas in your mind confine, diminish, disempower, and enslave. , You ideas do not serve us. Your ideas encourage you to serve another. Your thought processes lead to pain and disconnection. Fear, guilt, and shame shut you down. Sacrificing your creative ambition, you deny yourself as you conform to the world view of some old energy others. You cast about, stumbling, lost, and confused. There is no flow. Ideas clash. Reality crumbles. Everything is in disarray. Nothing seems to work. If nothing changes, disaster is the inevitable result.

Healing and activation message: The universe is a universe of crystallized energy. Ideas and archetypes control the flow of energy and the manifestations that result. If things are not working out, if energy is not flowing as expected, if creation is not what it should be, examine your thinking and the thinking of those around you. To transform your world, transform your thinking with New Energy Archetypes and right thought. To transform the entire world, transform global thinking with new archetypes and right thought.

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