Initiation Archetype

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Key Phrase: I am no longer week and afraid.

Symbolism: As realization and strength grow, we begin our ascent. The chaos, darkness, disease, and death of Old Energy creation lie below. A figure climbing an activation spiral struggles out of the darkness. The ladder is vertical; the climb is difficult; the pitfalls numerous. However, there is hope. We remember the promise and release fear. We realize and clarify so that understanding emerges. New ideas and new ways of looking at things bring renewed purpose, and strength returns. The pace accelerates. New energies begin to flow. A circle/energy sphere provides a boundary to protect the climber and keep her on track.

Narrative: This archetype represents initiation and ascent. This is a point of emotional, psychological, spiritual, and/or political maturation. This is the lightning flash of divine inspiration. This is, individually or collectively, the first step, or another step, up the ladder to health and stronger connection. You know, or begin to suspect, who we are. You realize your purpose. You understand your sacrifice. You roll up our sleeves. You get down to work. You ascend a little higher. Your connection improves.

At the highest levels, this is a dream, a glimmering of higher Consciousness, or an experience (however brief) of connection (a Connection Experience) that sends the clear message you are more than what you currently believe. As you begin to realize and accept this higher truth, you willfully initiate Consciousness’s descent. “I wish to move forward. I wish to wake up” is the mantra you constantly recite.

At mundane levels, this is a bright idea that leads to a confident change in direction, or the initiation of a project. This is the activity that follows an idea, and the consequent decision to build and create. This could represent a house, a screenplay, a business, a family, or anything else that you decide to build/create.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype says “you’re ready; there is no more time to waste; now it is time to get rolling.” This is not something that you doubt, because it comes from a source deep inside you.

Positive and aligned, this archetype represents the solidification of intent, the initiation of a plan, a strong step forward towards health and connection, and a new beginning. Doubt, fear, and confusion are gone. The pieces begin to come together. Deliberate, and perhaps strong, forward movement ensues. You start making things happen. Positive alignments indicate clear understanding, focused will, and positive support for your new direction. People are happy with the changes in you.

Blockage and challenge: Negatively aligned, this archetype indicates fear, hatred, anger, and confusion. Demons, devils, and dragons in mind (i.e. old energy archetypes) keep you afraid and locked down. Toxic relationships at home, work, and in the “social networks” suppress and control instead of uplift and emancipate. Feelings of rejection, dejection, and worthlessness abound. Self-doubt leads you to conform. You would rather fit in and follow than fly. Negative alignments indicate negativity, suppression, and loss. You are beaten. Like a horse that finally submits, you are broken. Fear, violence, threat, confusion, and oppression have proven too much. You acquiesce and succumb. Self-delusion spreads like cancer.

Healing and activation message: At times you may feel lost and defeated. Do not give up. Do not let depression overwhelm your bright Soul. The only loss that is a true loss is the loss that comes when you give up and stop trying. Remind yourself of the promise. Embrace joyful mastery and the strength of divine purpose. Bedraggled and abused, but breathing and alive all the same, there is still hope and there is still time. Do not succumb to hatred. Do not be afraid. Do not feel unworthy. Do not allow yourself to be damned. Out of the valley of the shadow of death, you may yet still emerge. It is a simple choice that you make to create the world where you live. Open to your own higher Consciousness. Trust in your own higher Self. Embrace and accept the lightning flash of your own highest inspiration. Listen to the calling. Find your way home.

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