Joyful Archetype

Key Phrase: I Am Joyful in Manifestation.

Symbolism: A Joyful soul is shown walking the yellow brick road into manifestation. The fractal blue waters of creation support the figure and the road. A beam of light shows a strong connection to Source Consciousness. Seven chakras support the body (and The Body). The road emerges from the crown chakra of the figure, indicating that the individual soul constructs its own path into incarnation. This figure is on a joyful creative journey. Before it lies the vast untapped potential of creation.

Narrative: This archetype teaches you about your identity and your creative journey. This archetype answers the questions “Who am I?” and “Where am I going?”

As for who you are, despite what you may have been taught, you are a not “fool in school” and you are not here to learn karmic lessons. You are a spark of creator Consciousness on a joyful creative journey.

At the highest level, this card depicts the beginning of the journey of your Soul as it enters into a physical body to accomplish its work, the Great Work. You are not alone in this work, nor are you new to this gig. As a member of the family of Spirit incarnated on this world, you are joyful, masterful, and powerful. Embracing light, life, and connection, you descend into physical creation. You sacrifice so that you might uplift, create, and enjoy.

As for where you are going, clearly, you are on a creative and joyful journey. This journey involves physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual movement towards health and full connection. Physically, this is a pilgrimage or a move. Psychologically, this is the journey to self-awareness, identity, enlightenment, and purpose. Emotionally, this is the journey to emotional maturity, health, and healing. Spiritually, this is the journey to Connection (the journey back home).

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype raises questions about the journey itself. Are you currently on the journey? How are you doing? Are you moving forward? Are you blocked? If you are are not currently on a journey, this archetype indicates you should be on a journey, or at least should be preparing for one.

Positive and aligned, this is a journey well met. Physically, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally, you are willing to undertake the journey, or you are already on your way towards healing and connection. There is lots of work, but if you stay motivated and alert, seek guidance and accept assistance on healing and connection, keep an open mind, and keep your intent pure, you will make good progress forward. Friends, family, co-workers, and life situations support your exploration, and support who you truly are. You have what it takes to travel the Path.

Blockage and challenge: Do you feel blocked? Feelings of unworthiness and incompetence prevent you from realizing the joyful and creative nature of your true self. Are you afraid? Fear and misunderstanding hold you back and prevent you from taking action. Perhaps shocked by “sins” of the past, you recoil. You are mired in the muck of complacency. Unable to move past negative feelings, you stall. So-called friends and family assault you and prevent you from healing and moving forward. Rise up and meet the challenges. Clear the way so you can move forward on your journey. Consider the consequences of inaction. Overcome the blockage, naivety, foolishness, indoctrination, and servitude, else disappointment, regret, and depression lie ahead.

Healing and activation Message: This journey is necessary. Expansion, (spiritual, emotional, psychological, etc.) growth, evolution, healing, and connection lie ahead, but only if you take the next step. As with all journeys, work is involved. You may refuse if you wish, but wrong choice leads inevitably to diminishment of soul and death of the body. Avoid that fate. Gather strength and move forward.

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