Lightworker Archetype

Key Phrase: A new light is born in the world.

Symbolism: A multidimensional figure representing your Highest Self (soul, atman, etc.) as it emanates and “descends” into physical creation. The figure holds the light of Consciousness in its hands, presenting it to itself and working with itself at each new level of unfolding. The Light of Consciousness, the Light of God, the light of our own Highest Self, as it is reflected and refracted within you and the physical universe. Nude, our Light as yet unencumbered by the dirt and detritus of physical existence. A diminishing figure; our light and power dim as we descend into the cold, opaque, and unascended physical universe.

Narrative: This archetype teaches a sacred truth, which is that we are all sparks of God Consciousness, that we all “descend” into physical manifestation, and that we are all here to hold the highest Light of Consciousness so it can uplift and ascend physical creation.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the Light of Consciousness/God/You as you pass into physical existence to manifest the universe and work on creation for the greater good of all beings, and not just a select chosen few.

At mundane levels, this is positive recognition and affirmation of Self, and positive and life-affirming work. This is, psychologically, the healing/exaltation of the Bodily Ego as it unites and merges with Spiritual Ego, its own Highest Self. This is self and Self, reunited. A creative and healthy emanation.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to your highest, and our most common, purpose, which is birth and full expression as an active and empowered lightworker, a star working towards victory and planetary graduation.

Positive and aligned, this is you, this is us all, as lightworkers in the world. A bright light formerly hidden and obscured activates and finally begins to shine forth. An individual who has avoided higher purpose finally accepts there’s a higher plan. Illusion is dispelled. Darkness is dispersed. Truth is revealed. Positive alignments represent those who recognize, support, offer guidance, and provide assistance for your light work. Recognizing source and inner being, you step out into the world and are supported in your expression and purpose. No longer is there self-doubt. External resistance falls away. A new and powerful light(worker) is born and emerges brightly to work on the world.

Blockage and challenge: You wander aimlessly trying to find your way home. Insights and awareness are submerged beneath guilt, shame, anger, hatred, fear, etc. Guidance, if available, is solipsistic and self-interested as opposed to selfless, universal, and Self-interested. Negative alignments indicate that growing dissatisfaction with the status quo and rising pressure to change are met with resistance and subversion. Intense pressure to awaken, empower, and embrace destiny and purpose are actively and pathologically opposed. You sense your purpose and grow more aware of your identity and power, but fear, self-doubt, anxiety, lack of support, and repressive assault undermine you. Over concern with the opinions of others dims the Light within. You are thwarted at every turn.

Healing and connection message: Your transition to lightworker has come. Reject limitation. Overcome doubt. Dismiss those who resist from your spaces. Reprogram your thoughts. Be confident in your joyful self. Remember, the lightworker does not hide their light, for they see that the people are in need. The lightworker does not shirk responsibility, because the world has no choice now but to change. Embracing the truth and never shirking from aligned duty to self, the lightworker steps up and shines forth. Strength rises up and power begins to crackle. Your light shines bright and blinding. Bringing forth the truth, power, and love of Consciousness, you begin to transform the world.

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