Passage Archetype

Key Phrase: My Self stands in my way.

Symbolism: The angel that is your own Highest Self stands before you on your Path back to full connection. Righteous and with hair afire symbolizing full and unmediated connection to Consciousness, your Highest Self holds the book of your life up for examination. A Self-evaluation is at hand.

Narrative: This archetype teaches of the significance and importance of alignment. You cannot move forward, fully activate, or connect until you properly align with your Self and commit to the work you came here to do. There are no other options represented here. To gain passage to full and empowered Connection, you must be true to your Self.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this archetype represents the necessity of full alignment with Self. This is your higher Self, guarding passage into an empowered state. This is no joking matter. There is no moving beyond until you do. Take the time to evaluate your own progress. Have you responded to the calling? Have you initiated on a spiritual path? Have you realized the truth? Have you emancipated your mind? Are you aligned with Highest Self? Do you draw strength from committed service? If so, then Self welcomes you home.

At mundane levels, this is “karmic” action in the world. This is you righting all the wrongs for which you are responsible for, and later helping out others do the same. Note, this is not a judgment and nobody is being punished. Should you wish to move forward, simply atone for whatever it is you have done and fix whatever it is you have broken.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to the critical need for alignment in thought, word, and deed, and any obstacles or challenges that are either supporting or preventing this alignment.

Positive and aligned, this archetype indicates a positive self-assessment, perhaps with some work left to do. Take a good look around you. Is everything in order? Is everything in place? Is everything properly aligned? Then, step forward. On the other hand, are there some things that you have left to do? Then, do them. Judgment and punishment do not prevail here, but there may be work left to do. Alignments indicate anything that supports passage to a higher state of Consciousness. Positive alignments indicate friends, family, groups, institutions, environments, etc., that support and encourage Right Thought, Right Action, and the creation of Right Environment. Positive alignments also indicate the things that you need to do and the issues you need to resolve before you can activate, empower, and fully connect.

Blockages and challenge: Passage is not a foregone conclusion. You have things you need to do, yet you resist. A shift needs to be made. There are wrongs you need to right, but you will not; there are actions you need to take, but you do not; there are shifts you need to make, but fear holds you back. You are oppressed or blocked up. Or stubbornly, out of pride, fear, or greed, you refuse to change. Perhaps you believe force will win this day, but you can never blast your way through your own Highest Self. There is no middle ground. There is no alternative way forward. Either align or do not. Do not let low self-esteem, fear, or foul judgment prevent you from doing what you know to be right. Do not let people and situations enable wrong thought and wrong action. Do the right thing always. Heal a wound. Repair a relationship. Beg forgiveness from your children. Atone for transgression. Transform a workplace. Action needs to be taken. Do what you need to do to come home.

Healing and activation message: Moving forward is simple. Recognize your part in the dysfunction. Change the things you need to change. Fix the things that you have broken. Embrace purpose and emancipation. Move towards alignment. For the good of all beings, create what you want to create. Do what you came here to do. Align with your Highest Self so you can be who you truly are. Guilt and shame may arise, those who do not understand may judge, condemn, and withdraw, but accountability sweeps all that away. Do not dwell in the past. Instead, move forward into the future.

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