Power Archetype

Key Phrase: My power and glory.

Symbolism: An empowered figure in a fully activated physical unit embraces their divine creative power and brilliance. Unencumbered by archetypes of limitation and oppression, copious energies flow freely. Fully connected and aligned, the figure embraces highest purpose. Consciousness explodes into the world. Knocked off balance by the power of Highest Self, the disconnected stumble and fall. This is the creative power of Self, balanced by the full spectrum of Consciousness, expressed through an aligned and activated physical unit.

Narrative: This archetype teaches you about the full creative potential and power of a fully activated Physical Unit, and purposely aligned lightworker and, if you are not compassionate and careful, the consequences to those who still struggle with disconnection.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is Consciousness descended and the empowering impact thereof. Remember, power is not about personal will and selfish strength; it is about the potential of Consciousness to alter reality, transform the world, and graduate creation. Realizing the lightworker you are, realizing why you are here, you move forward and claim full power with gusto. Using your newfound powers, you ensure the final Triumph of Spirit (i.e. victory and graduation).

At mundane levels, this is power over your world. Confident in your identity and abilities, confident in your understanding of life, you use your skills to create the world you want. This is spirituality as a realization of connection. This is science as a manifestation of the Consciousness and power of God.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to your power. Do you understand it, or not? Have you embraced it, or what? There isn’t any point in beating around the bush. Power and final victory come to those who complete The Work and The Great Work. Impotence and defeat come to those who remain unborn, unaligned, and disconnected.

Positive and aligned, this archetype indicates an empowerment. There have been psychological, emotional, spiritual, or physical obstacles that have kept you limited and diminished, but now you blast through the limitations. Feeling the awesome power, you wonder why you ever doubted yourself. Positive alignments indicate self-esteem, self-worth, strength, and support. Home spaces support your empowerment. Social relations exalt and celebrate. A massive shift is occurring or on the way. You are situated to help it along, if you embrace your full power.

Blockage and challenge: this archetype indicates passivity, obedience, and impotence, or the bullying use of power and force to dominate another. You have been called to awaken and transform, but you resist. Tired and beaten, you refuse to do the work. Fear of your Self’s power, fear of repercussions, or simple disorientation and confusion, block you back up. You submit to The System and diminish. Alternatively, you find venal power and take it. You use power to dominate others and enrich yourself. You rise in the venal hierarchies, using up those that surround. “Friends” and acquaintances abound, but you are empty, miserable, and alone. Negatively aligned, you struggle to break free. Low self-esteem, doubts, issues, and people drag you down and bind you. The chains are too heavy. You fall into impotence and embrace a final defeat.

Healing and connection message: This archetype represents your power embraced. Unfortunately, embracing your power and glory is not an easy thing to do. Ideological, emotional, and psychological damage causes you to shrink from true power or grasp at venal substitutes. Remember, true power and strength comes with alignment with Self. Always remember, you are no Fool in School. You have the wisdom of eons and the full power of God deep within you. You are a joyful and powerful master of creation. Embrace your Highest Self. Take back your power. Take control and transform the world.

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