Realization Archetype

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Key Phrase: This is my mind’s true liberation

Symbolism: The pearl-like globe embedded in purple energies indicates the involvement of the crown chakra, your brain. The yellow box is a box of constriction and limitation. The hand represents authority, power, and control implemented through ideology and archetypes. The ideas in our mind bind or emancipate. The hand of authority emerges through the mind and clutches the figure in the box, but the figure is breaking free. Another figure has already escaped. Striving for connection (looking up), she dips her foot in the new reality (the water) below. Moving forward, she rejoins all who are free.

Narrative: This archetype represents the mind’s true liberation. This is the lightning flash of creative/intuitive/intellectual realization. This is powerful, electrical, inspiration. This is enlightenment as it electrifies your body and reverberates throughout your creation.

At the highest level, you realize (or begin to realize) the truth of things. You have been lied to. You have been severely limited by the archetypal deceptions You are more than an ejected Adam, more than a primitive Eve. You are much more than what you’ve been told. Breaking free from the limitations of mental slavery, you realize the truth. You accept the sacrifice. You remember the promise. You reclaim your status as a joyful master of creation. No longer confined, you work on the world to ascend and graduate our creation.

At mundane levels, this archetype represents a breakthrough. You tear down a wall. You break through a blockage or obstacle. You finally understand the way forward. Breaking free of control, error, familiarity, and limitation, you embrace diversity and pursue new energy alternatives and new energy solutions.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws your attention to truths realized and revealed, or falsehoods that you cannot break free from. This is an enlightenment/moksha moment, or the imposition of confusion and misdirection.

Positive and aligned, this archetype represents insight, realization, and enlightenment. We realize, or are close to realizing, a truth about our self, or our Self. We realize, or are close to realizing, a truth about our life or something in it. We are OK with what we see, even if it makes us uncomfortable. As understanding dawns, we are motivated to move forward. As the Light within blossoms, life begins to improve. Alignments indicate people, environments, and thoughts that support realization. Positive alignments indicate people, spiritual guides, and resources available to assist with realization or to guide us in understanding and direction. They push us forward with a gentle and loving touch. A little bird whispers in our ear.

Blockage and Challenge: Negatively aligned, this archetype indicates diversion, deception, confusion, misdirection, deceit, and pervasive deception. Rigid fundamentalism restrains you with a vice-like grip. Hierophants spin webs of deception. Fear, hatred, and self-loathing prevent you from seeing the truth and removing your chains. An idea, or a person with an idea, holds you in a vice-like grip and prevents you from seeing the truth. Your childhood indoctrination weighs you down. Somebody has given you bad advice and you have foolishly followed it. You are deluded and mentally oppressed. You are controlled. Your life is not your own. You are a robot in unbeknownst service to power.

Healing and activation message: Moving forward you should know, realization is not a single event. The muck and the mire of toxic socialization, the old energy darkness and deception, takes time and effort to overcome. We realize the truth in stages. We attain emotional and intellectual emancipation systematically and by “degrees.” Even the attainment of “cosmic consciousness” requires us to sort through the information and ground it well. Therefore, examine your ideas carefully. Fact check what others are saying. Do not be trapped by somebody else’s agenda. Facilitate forward movement through careful discernment and ongoing gentle realization. Say to yourself daily, better yet, multiple times a day, “I wish to know the highest truths for the greatest good of all.”

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