Rebirth Archetype

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Key Phrase: It is time for the rebirth of Self.

Symbolism: Mother Earth is giving birth: fecundity; a nurturing space. All of creation embraced and supported. Water, the fountain of creation, life, and growth. Life grows freely when water is present. The planet upon which we live symbolizes the support of our creation. Without Gaia, there is no life. This should be an obvious truth. Gaia works with the energy from the Sun to create a biosphere capable of supporting life. Manifestation and creation spring forth.

Narrative: This archetype represents creation, birth, rebirth, and the nurturing and supportive environment that provide appropriate spaces for growth. This is physical birth and physical creation. This is the birth of a new body and the incarnation of a new soul. This is also the spiritual, emotional, or psychological rebirth that arises from alignment, initiation, emancipation, passage, and connection. Understand, this is a rebirth not because of some deep esoteric or spiritual necessity. This is a rebirth because the violence of Toxic Socialization has disconnected and damage the Bodily Ego to the point where healing and reconnection is required.

At the highest level, this archetype represents physical creation, the ongoing evolution of The Body, your physical unit, this planet, and all life on it. This is Kether’s initial and ongoing realization in Malkuth, and the divine design, preparation, and support that brings us all home. At the highest levels, birth is not an event, it is a process of evolutionary becoming.

At mundane levels, this archetype represents birth or rebirth of an idea into reality. This is the fecund product of the union of Force and Formation. This archetype also represents authentic societal and social support networks (institutions, parents, family, friends, professional networks, etc.) that enable and support new and ongoing evolution, birth, rebirth, and creation.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to the expression/manifestation of Self, whether that is in the output of material creations or the actual emergence of Self, expressing properly through the physical unit.

Positive and aligned, things are going well. Force and formation in balance and working together, you’re pushing forward to vibrant new birth. The process can be painful and traumatic sometimes, no doubt about that, but perseverance is what makes the birth happen. Positive alignments indicate supporting and nurturing environments that contribute and support ongoing emanation, or spectacular and joyous new birth, or rebirth. Parents, teachers, friends, and healers support and encourage. Properly nurtured and supported, the Self easily emerges.

Blockage and challenge: Negatively aligned, this archetype indicates oppressions, controls, and diminishments that lead to stillbirth, or that atrophy creation. Improper, even toxic, environments undermine gestation and development. Rejection, exclusion, shaming, and other forms of violence keep self in defensive mode. Your sacrifice leads not to joyful mastery, but to suffering and self-harm. Consequences accrue over time. Degeneration, disease, disability, and death rise on the road to meet you.

Your mind and body are under assault. Overbearing and abusive authority figures and toxic social networks destroy. Violence of various forms abounds. The seedling is being stomped underfoot. Something must be done, else you deteriorate, diminish and die.

Healing and connection message: Desperate for acceptance and approval, or anxious to avoid punishment, we are easily distracted and led astray. Over time, we diminish, become reactive, and grow violent. To overcome the damage, take control of your life, and your rebirth. Evaluate family and friendship networks. Avoid the spiritual plague of toxic relationships. Facilitate healing, growth, and the rebirth of Consciousness by implementing strict boundaries. Reject all forms of violence (emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual). Create nurturing and supportive spaces. Do not offer a compromise, for we all deserve only the best.

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