Star Archetype

Key Phrase: This is me, fully activated and perfectly connected.

Symbolism: The yin/yang symbol on the floor symbolizes physical creation, the physical world, not horrible, cold, submerged, and disconnected as in sacrifice, but reflective of the will of Spirit and created with balance and connection. The figure is shown connected to Source and fully activated. The figure pours balanced energy into, and uplifts, physical creation. Hands flowing energy, physical unit creating and manifesting the physical world, lifting it up to higher Consciousness. Star Consciousness incarnated. Aligned and efficient creation. The Master, fully engaged in light work. The Great Work nears its completion.

Narrative: This archetype represents a fully realized, activated, empowered, connected, and shortly victorious, lightworker, willfully undertaking The Great Work, which is the work of evolving and ascending creation. There is no longer any reason to fear, doubt, or deny. You are initiated and reborn, activated and empowered, and you are here to graduate the world.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this archetype represents integration of your power and mastery, realized in divine purpose. This is your inner divinity and powerful star-force shining brightly and rightly through. You are a powerful, willful, spark of co-creative brilliance. You are a star helping with manifestation and evolution of creation. You are a god in incarnation. Embrace this wonderful truth and let your star shine.

At mundane levels, this is identity and purpose realized and fully expressed. Self has merged with self and I and “i” are one. This is parenthood and work as a vocation. This is a career in alignment with Self. This is spirituality and religion fostering strong connection. This is science as a global avocation. This is a life lived with strength and in service to The Great Work. Life is not meaningless for the one who shines bright their own star.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype focuses attention on the successful completion of healing and reconnection. This difference between the Master and the Star is the difference between dim awareness and full connection. The difference between Joyful and the Star is the difference between the seedling and the full plant. Star is the end point on the path that the master joyfully stepped on.

Positive and aligned, this archetype represents completion and integration, certainty, and the power and focus that comes from the enlightened confidence of accepting the creative power and light-being that you truly are. As Self becomes integrated with self, the masterful lightworker emerges and becomes a creative power. Alignments indicate supports for integration and completion, or any final obstacles that remain in the way. Positive alignments indicate archetypal clarity and the presence of pure and unconditional support. Your new energy ideas are clear, and the people around you advance with you. A graduation dance begins to emerge.

Blockage and challenges: You are almost there, but a blockage or two keeps you from integration, victory and full blow connection. It could an emotion like fear. It could be a self-esteem issue. It could be a single Wrong Thought. It could be remaining toxicity. Whatever it is is, it is holding you back. Negative energies and negative orientations block insight and integration. You push your bright starlight away. Negative alignments indicate increasing difficulty, such as the damaging weight of toxic experience and the darkness of indoctrinated insentience. Ill and alone, submerged in a negative soup, you repeat toxic patterns. Repeated warnings are ignored. Now, you come to the end of your rope. A final warning is given. Wake up and head the call now.

Healing and connection message: It does not have to end in tragedy and debacle for anybody. To avoid a bitter end, trust in your self and create a positive world to surround you. Remember, you do not need to prove your worth, you do not need to pass judgment, and you do not need to secure yourself a ticket. The journey starts and ends within you. Make the right choice. Follow The Path. Emerge globally united. Uplift the planet. Awaken, activate, and transform.

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