The Promise Archetype

Key Phrase: The Garden of Full Connection.

Symbolism: Two figures rejoice in paradise. Bathed in the highest light of Consciousness/Christ/God (the Sun), they stand firmly in the waters of manifestation. Having, through sacrifice and masterful effort, uplifted the dense and inanimate disk of physical creation, they now bask in the power and the glory of an ascended and connected creation. This disk of physical creation, once cold and submerged, is now elevated and filled with the Light. Consciousness floods this land. This is purpose achieved. This is the promise of the power and the glory of Consciousness, descended and fully expressed in the body, and also The Body.

Narrative: This archetype teaches you the point and the purpose of incarnation, the end point that you (that we all) masterfully strive for. This is why you joyfully incarnate. This is why you sacrifice and endure. You are here to uplift and exalt creation with highest Consciousness so you (so we) can play in another beautiful Garden. You sacrifice and commit in order to ascend and connect physical creation. It is the only job worth having, the best job worth doing, and you have been “down here” doing it for a very, very long time.

At the highest levels, this archetype represents the exaltation of Consciousness in matter, the end-point of planetary gestation. This is the glorious end-times summation. This is the final, but necessary, ablation that finally completes the Great Work.

At mundane levels, this represents that which motivates your projects. This is why you work. You work to build a house so you can guarantee your shelter and safety. You work to have the money that you need for comfort and food. You work to build a world where all are safe and secure. Whatever it is that drives you forward is present here and in the alignments to this archetype.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws your attention simply to what motives you.

Positive and aligned, this card represents clean and healthy motivations, pure vision, and the conscious desire to uplift and ascend. A vision of life and happiness is forming (or has already formed) in your mind, and you want to move forward towards that vision. The promised reward is clear, and you have the confidence to move forward and achieve it. Positive alignments indicate purity of purpose, clarity of vision, and positive supports. You find your friends, family, and coworkers aligned with your motivation and purpose. Smiling, you step forward and connect.

Blockage and challenge: Your motivations are selfish. Your purpose is cruelty. Your goal is enslavement. You will assault, dominate, and control in order to satisfy your needs. What you desire is power. What you crave for is wealth. How you achieve it is domination and control. You will do anything you to feed your Toxic Needs. Even holocaust is not too horrible if it preserves The System’s privileges for you.

Negative alignments indicate perversion of motivation, selfishness, cruelty, domination, holocaust, and attack. Life is drained of its joy and vitality. Energy is wasted. Pain and suffering abound. Drugs fill the voids and reduce painful disjuncture. Those around you enable negativity and toxicity. At every turn, your vision is distorted and blocked; you prevent yourself from moving forward. Paranoia sets in and panic arises as the Light of the Sun washes over your unprepared face.

Healing and activation message: In the end, the horror show is a self-imposed illusion. God’s true promise is health, wealth, and paradise for all, right here and right now. This promise is not limited to a select group or restricted to a few “worthy” ones. God’s promise is for everybody. The entire rainbow spectrum participates. Remember: We all joyfully incarnate. We are all called to awaken. We all make sacrifices while we masterfully work on the world. Consequently, we all deserve rest and reward. Remember: In your darkest hour, the promise guides your way home. To participate in the ascended utopia, all you have to do is let go of the sick and greedy old world behind you.


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