Victory Archetype

Key Phrase: This is my Spirit triumphant.

Symbolism: The human body evolved, empowered, and connected. The Divine Spirit finally triumphant. Encased in flame, rising like a phoenix, you joyfully and powerfully rise. DNA fully actualized and divinity fully articulated, you welcome Highest Self. You rejoice as the body (and Body) connects and transforms. Universal energies provide the necessary force as the world realigns and transforms. Free to move forward, we all take the final step.

Narrative: This archetype represents the individual and collective Triumph of Spirit. This is complete connection, total empowerment, and personal and global transformation. This is ultimate victory, which is not simply the victory of Spirit over the body, but the victory of Spirit over the Body.

At the highest collective level, this archetype represents the final triumphant ascension of the planet. This is The Great Work completed. Perhaps vestiges of the old world remain, perhaps people are still in need of assistance, but rapidly dissolving old energy power structures and increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques make it easier to heal,  connect, and to help those who need assistance. Finally, the day of reckoning has arrived, and there is nothing but joyful celebration. Empowered and strong, we take the final collective step forward.

At mundane levels, this is a job well done, or a project well completed. Persistence, dedication, and training have paid off in the end. A job well done is a cause for jubilant celebration.

Divination: Present in a reading or assessment, this archetype draws attention to your victories and successes, or lack thereof. Pause and take a moment to assess. Are you completely satisfied with whatever it is you have created? Have you achieved all that you desire. Is your creation perfect just as it is? If not, where can improvements be made?

Positive and aligned, this archetype indicates integration and perfect connection, coupled with goal-directed transformative action that leads to fundamental personal and collective revolution. There is nothing left of the old energy in you. Alignments indicate archetypes that empower versus archetypes that deform, people who recognize and support you or who ignore and undermine you, and utopian versus toxic environments. Positive alignments indicate new energy archetypes, supportive environments, and a team well formed. Specific adjustments may be required here and there, but failing catastrophic and random disaster, you are close, or have achieved, your set goal.

Blockage and challenge: For some reason you fight with your Self. You struggle to accept your full power and glory and settle for a life lived in Normal Consciousness. Or, you presume you are superior (e.g., with “better genes.” “bluer blood.” etc.) than the rest. A weak foundation, lack of discipline, a toxic childhood, and shattered Bodily Ego overwhelm you. You fail to integrate new energy archetypes and instead engage in venal and selfish pursuits. Negatively aligned, the world around you is oppressive and attacks. Violence, aggression, and perversion of purpose disconnect you from your Soul. Assault and injury lead to defeat. Notice, you are not innocent in any regard. You participate in the dysfunction. You are the victim and the villain in your own horror show. Choose to change first or embrace bitter defeat.

Healing and connection message: In the end, victory comes to us all, but we may experience defeat along the way. It is never too late to try again, but a complete revision in thinking and behaviour may be required. Toxic environments and past trauma weaken the body and disconnect it from Source; so, get out of toxic situations. Old ways of being and behaving no longer seem to work, so try new things. Old energy archetypes confuse and limit, so reprogram your thoughts with some new energy love. Do not hold onto old energy out of greed, hatred, or pride because if you do, bitter defeat is the result. The issue is before you and you need to make a choice. Continue in the old energy and the old ways and lose, or heal, connect, move forward into new energy, and claim final victory.

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