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Moving Forward…

Don’t be in a big rush to move forward. If the Lightning Path is anything, it is a path towards change and transformation. Change and transformation can be difficult, not only for you but, for the people around you as well. As you will grow to understand as you move through the curriculum, moving forward can involve a lot of uncomfortable realizations about things, which can lead to a powerful desire to change, which can bring you up against internal and external resistances to that change. All this doesn’t make moving forward impossible, but it does make it challenging, at a number of different levels. Our advice to you is simple, go slow, take your time, and don’t be in a rush. Trust your gut on this. If you feel like reading an LP book, read that book. If you want to explore the forums, do that. If you want to take time to integrate and process, take time to integrate and process. If you need to take a break for a while, take a break. On the other hand, if you want to plow through at lightning speed, feel free. Don’t feel like you have to move fast or slow, but trust your feelings on that. If you feel like you’re moving too fast or too slow, trust that feeling and adjust your speed accordingly.

This is important. Learning to trust your gut is important. Your gut feeling is your intuitive sense of things. This is like a lighthouse that lights your ship home through a dark and stormy night. To get home, follow the light that’s inside. We can’t promise it won’t be a challenge, or that you won’t smash up against some rocks and need additional assistance, but we can say that if you don’t follow your own inner guidance, there’s no hope of finding your way home. You have to learn to trust yourself.

Forgive yourself

Learning to trust yourself isn’t the only thing you need to do. You also need to learn to forgive yourself. We guarantee you that as you walk this path, you are to feel guilt and shame. At some point, you are going to question your worthiness, your suitability, your talent, and you are going to look at your past actions with some very uncomfortable realizations. When that happens, just make whatever changes you need to make sure things are right in your world, and move on. Don’t get stuck in guilt and shame. These emotions tell you when you are doing something wrong (i.e. out of alignment) in your life. They are not meant to enslave and debilitate. They are meant as buoys to mark your way home. Do what you need to do to make things right, adjust your behaviors and your environment as necessary, and that’s all. If you need help, get help, but don’t waste energy beating yourself up for things you didn’t know. Realize what you need to realize. Change what you need to change. And move on to a better, more awakened and connected life. That is all.

Make change

Speaking of change, when we say change, we mean change. Forgiving yourself and moving on does not mean ” business as usual.” If you want to move forward towards an ascended (i.e. connected) existence, you are going to have to change your thoughts, your environment, and your actions. In the nomenclature of the Lightning Path, you will have to establish Right Action, Right Thought, and Right Environment.  And that’s all there is to it. If you are not prepared to change, there’s no point in moving forward from here. You might as well just go watch the waters rise.

That said, if you’re ready to make some change then we say to you, welcome home! Start by filling out your profile page. Fill out your bio and any other information you are willing to share. To receive notifications when new materials are posted (low volume), subscribe to site notifications by using the red bell in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser. To be notified when new posts are made on the forum (higher volume), visit your profile page, click edit profile, page down to the bottom, and click the Subscribe to Forums

When you are done all that, start exploring. We recommend you start with the Healing tab and then move on to Awaken from there. Feel free to follow whatever path through the materials you want, however.

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That’s all for now.

Welcome aboard!


Mike and Gina.


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