Joyful Replaces The Fool

Old Energy Archetype

Key Phrase: I am a Fool in School

Symbolism: This card shows a white Aryan male, as yet naive and foolish, ready to step off a cliff into whatever lies below. He is looking up, seemingly unaware of the precipice he is about to fall into. He is naive, foolish, unwashed, and unaware.

Narrative: This is an Identity Archetype. This archetype answers thebig questions “Who am I?”and “Why am I here?” The answer provided is quite simple. You are a “fool in school”You are a royal idiot, a naive servant, an unwashed child, an untutored aspirant; you are on this Earth to learn your lessons, pay of karma, and prove your mettle and worth. You are, as A.E. Waite suggests, the “spirit” in search of experience (Waite 1911). Biddy tarot nicely sums it up.

On the Fool Tarot card, a young man stands on the edge of a cliff, without a care in the world, as he sets out on a new adventure. He is gazing upwards toward the sky (and the Universe) and is seemingly unaware that he is about to skip off a precipice into the unknown. Over his shoulder rests a modest knapsack containing everything he needs…. The white rose in his left hand represents his purity and innocence. And at his feet is a small white dog, representing loyalty and protection, that encourages him to charge forward and learn the lessons he came to learn. (Biddy Tarot 2017: italics added)

Be clear that in the old energy, this is not a good state to be in. This is the lowest of the low, the bottom of barrel. You are “The uninitiate.” the man of “lower consciousness.” (Ouspensky 1913). You are the “unawakened man” (Metzner 1971). In the minds of some, you are little more than nothing in this state. According to Wirth (1990:153–55), you are a “toy of occult powers,” someone who is “easily influenced” and “incapable of resisting outside influences.” You are “Subject to domination,” with no free will. A slave, in other words. Little better, in the minds of some, than a cockroach in the dirt.

…the Fool is the person who does not count because of his lack of intellectual and moral existence. Insentient and irresponsible, he drags himself through life as a passive being who does not know where he is going and is led by irrational impulses. Not belonging to himself he is as being possessed: he is alienated in the full sense of the word. His costume is many-coloured to show the multiple and incoherent influences which he constantly undergoes. (Wirth 1990:153)

There is, however, hope. If you follow the right path,if you obey the right rules,if you learn your lessons,if you initiate,you may “rise above the material”world. If you successfully transit “through trials and tribulations” you might eventually attain “divine fulfillment” (Wen 2015), or some other valued reward, like wealth (because you deserve it), power (because you can wield it), and entrance into the inner and most “holy” of temples.

New Energy Archetype

Key Phrase: I Am Joyful in Manifestation.

Symbolism: A Joyful soul is shown walking the yellow brick road into manifestation. The fractal blue waters of creation support the figure and the road. A beam of light shows a strong connection to Source Consciousness. Seven chakras support the body (and The Body). The road emerges from the crown chakra of the figure, indicating that the individual soul constructs its own path into incarnation. This figure is on a joyful creative journey. Before it lies the vast untapped potential of creation.

Narrative: This is an Identity Archetype. In the new energy, this archetype teaches you about your identity and your creative journey. This archetype answers the questions “Who am I?” and “Where am I going?”

As for who you are, despite what you may have been taught, you are a not a “fool in school,” you are not an evolving ape (though you live in a container that is evolving), and you are not here to learn karmic lessons. You are a joyful spark of creator Consciousness on a joyful creative journey to complete the Great Work. This is your true essence. This is your true nature. This is your true identity. This is your spark. This is your soul.  This is yourHighest Self. In the new energy archetype, you are no fool in school and no evolving Darwinian ape. In the new energies, you are a joyful master and lightworker, incarnated in a powerful physical unit (chariot) and here on a mission to graduate the planet.

In this card, you are shown walking into birth and expressing the will of God, which is Your will. You are connected to Source, to the Fabric of Consciousness, and you are joyful in your magnificence. You are, after all, a spiritual emissary here on a divine mission. However, you are probably not aware of this fact just yet because, like all others who enter into manifestation under old energy conditions on this earth, you are as yet  subject to the limitations of the Blindfold. Know now that the limitations of the Blindfold can be overcome any time you wish. Simple set your intent to awaken and step onto the Path of ascension/union.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this archetype depicts the beginning of the creative journey of your Soul as it enters into a physical body to accomplish its work, the Great Work. Understand, you are not alone in this work, nor are you new to this gig. As a member of the family of Spirit incarnated on this world, you are joyful, masterful, and powerful. Embracing light, life, and connection, you descend into physical creation. You sacrifice so that you might uplift, create, and enjoy.

To step onto the path, set your intent and recite an Awakening Affirmation. Say to yourself (and to your guide network),

“I wish to move forward.
I wish to awaken.
I wish to ascend.”

There is much for you to remember, but it is easier than you think. Your time to return is now, and there is no time to waste! Awaken and activate so that you may renew and reveal your true glorious Self. Remember and rejoice in the glory of your true Divinity.

Connecting with the New Energy

The old energy archetype Fool in School teaches you to be a good little worker bee. The basic message is simple: work hard, follow the rules, learn your lessons, submit and accept, and eventually you will graduate and be rewarded. This old energy archetype also teaches you to accept the bad things in life (like hunger, poverty, war, gender violence, etc) as lessons on the path to graduation. Bad things happen and this is natural, inevitable, and just part of your foolish journey.

The basic message should be familiar: however, understand, these old energy ideas are toxic. They encourage you to view yourself as “less than” who you truly are, and they seed deep within you feelings of unworthiness and incompetence, feelings which encourage you to submit and accept, and also which block connection to your Highest Self. To be clear, the old energy fool in school is used to facilitate submission and control. If you are here to learn your lessons, then you should follow the rules, follow authority, and do what your teachers/masters tell you.

Note that this old energy fool in school archetype does not function in isolation. It works with judgment and punishment archetypes to reinforce submission and control. If you do not follow the rules, you will be judged, punished, and sentenced to hell, purgatory, or a lower birth in a lower class or caste.

The new energy archetype Joyful tells you a different story. Instead of suggesting that you are a fool in school in need of cosmic tutelage, the TOSAS archetype suggests that you are a powerful, potent, and wise co-creator stepping into a physical body on the yellow brick road of manifestation. In the new energy archetype, you are no fool in school and no evolving Darwinian ape. In the new energies, you are a joyful master and lightworker, incarnated in a powerful physical unit (chariot) and here on a mission to complete the Great Work and graduate the planet. In order to complete this mission, answer your calling and wake up.

Clearly the new and old energy archetypes are quite different. Unlike the old energy archetypes where the intent behind the card is to ensure your compliance and servitude, in the new energies the intent is to expand your self-esteem and awareness of Self until you can accept the truth of your Divinity and reconnect with the Light and power that is your true identity and birthright.

Replacing the old energy Fool with the new energy Joyful can be a challenging task because old energy ideas are buried deeply in consciousness. The following are things you can watch out for. If you find these things in your life, and in your consciousness, pause for a moment to recognize, root out, and replace. Recognize the idea or action, root it out of consciousness by actively rejecting it in your mind and changing your actions in your life, and replace it with the new energy joyful archetype.

  • Watch out for ideas that treat life as a lesson. do not look for the “silver lining” behind every dark cloud, because there isn’t one. When bad things happen, it is never part of a cosmic lesson plan but always the result of actions and activities of people. Do not give in to the self-mutilating fantasy of the fool. To end suffering and pain, look for the true cause of events, and deal with that.

  • Watch out for justification and excuse. Bad things that happen in your life are not part of a divine, karmic, or cosmic lesson plan and you do not deserve them. Quit making excuses and instead take control and take action to change things for the betterment of all life on Earth.

  • Watch out for diminishing statements like, “You are a sinner,” “You are violent,” “You are unevolved,” “You are weak,” “You are sheeple,” and so on. Instead, realize you are a joyfully incarnated master here on a lightworker’s mission to complete the Great Work and graduate this planet.

  • Watch out for violence and competition. Beating another person down does not make you an evolved specimen of human potential, it makes you a callous, broken, bully. Friendly games are one thing, but a driving compassionless, urge to take others down in any form is toxic and undivine. We are a joyful family of Spirit rooted in the Fabric of Consciousness. Learn to act like it.

  • Watch out for ego stroking and intimations that you are special and should be judged above and given more money or power because of your “special” status. Everybody works, everybody sacrifices, everybody contributes, and everybody deserves reward. No joyful master ever deserves to suffer in poverty, filth, and disease.

  • Watch out for suggestions that you have to “prove yourself” worthy to gain access and “entry” into the secret spaces and inner circles. Taking you in and closing the doors so other cannot see what is happening to you is not about lifting you up, it is about locking you down, inserting you into the System, and controlling how you think and feel. Reject the asphyxiating hierophant and instead emancipate and empower.

  • Carefully examine your thought processes and replace limiting statements like “I do not deserve,” “I am unworthy,” “I am not capable,” “I won’t live up to expectations,” “I cannot do it,” “I’m not strong enough,” or “I’m still learning” with this empowerment mantra; “I am powerful, capable, worthy, strong, and experienced.”


Mantic Poems

Book of Slavery

Child, here is your birth.
This is your soul.
You are fallen from grace.
You are descended from apes.

But by dint of hard work,
And a bit of God’s grace.
Find your way to the top,
Win you now this great race.

Now listen up close,
And I’ll tell you a joke.
It’s a simple meow,
Just like pulling a plow.

Clear your karma, clear debt,
Pay off sin, show regret.
It’s so simple, sublime.
Just like ringing a chime.

This is surely no joke.
God he gave you this yoke.
And your job is to bear,
So just grin with blank stare.

Cause you’re not fit for more.
Just these endless brown chores.
Just eternity’s grind,
At the back of this line.

Book of Power

Chela, here is your birth.
This is your soul.
You are fallen from grace.
You are descended from apes.

But by dint of hard work,
And a bit of God’s grace.
Found your way to the top,
Won you now this great race.

This is surely no joke.
God, he gave you this yoke.
To see if you could find,
Something precious inside.

And your job was to bear,
To create strength deep in there,
To climb up these great stairs,
To stand tall, it’s quite rare.

But I think that we see.
Yes I think it is there.
It’s a spark. It’s a fire.
It’s a gene deep down there.

So step out of that line.
Come on over, it’s fine.
Here’s the robe, this you’ll wear.
Here’s a secret we’ll share.

Book of Keys

Dear One,
Don’t play The Fool.
Don’t deny this one rule.
No soul’s fallen from Grace.
No soul wins any race.

There is no secret path.
There is no word to pass.
There is no deadly sin.
There is just God within.

So please cease and desist.
And peer now through the mist.
Please stand up, or step down.
As equals, gather round.

Please now wipe off that frown.
And quit acting like clown.
This is no foolish game.
That is not why we came.

We came here as the sun.
We came here just for fun.
We came here with God’s speed,
To do God’s sacred deed.

We came for everyone.
Yay, our work’s almost done.
So wipe off silly frown.
And stop acting like clown.

Please stand up, or step down.
As equals gather round.
We are nobody’s fool.
Cannot hide this one rule.

This is no sacred race.
It ‘twas God set the pace.
And if you follow Path,
‘Twill lead you through the pass.

If you follow these rules,
Leave forever their schools.
See through transparent game,
See God’s name held in vain.

And as awakening dawns,
As you put halo on,
And as body it glows,
Up in heaven we know.

There is no secret path.
There is no word to pass.
There is no deadly sin.
There is just God within.

So stand up, or step down.
As equals gather round.
You are gods of the sun.
And your work’s finally done.

So put safety belt on.
Found the keys to the dawn.
And the key? That’s inside!
We are God.

Walk with pride.

Mantic Poem Summary


The mantic poetry of the Book of Slavery  provides a poetic summary of the old energy fool in school message. The poem lists some of the reasons often given for your naive and foolish stature, one secular and one spiritual. You are “fallen from grace” (i.e., ejected from the Garden, filled with sin, and needing to clear karma). You are “descended from apes.” To redeem yourself, to evolve above your primitive, pathetic condition, you must accept your neophyte status and work hard to  improve yourself (better yet, just wor hard). No sense in complaining about any of it. This is just nature’s. This all part of “His” plan.

The mantic poetry of Book of Power  represents the same basic ideas, but with a twist, and that is, you are a chosen one. Whereas the message given to the slaves is “keep trying,” the message given to you is that you are special and because of that, chosen in some way. Inside you is a special spark or rare gene. This makes you better than the rest and as such, you are fit to enter the temple. Of course, you must continue to  work hard just like all the rest of them, but because you are “special”  you can step out of the common grind and enter a new, much shinier, space. Put on the special robe. Take your place amongst the other initiates/pledges. We will teach you the secrets, but you must be prepared to sacrifice.

The Book of Keys poem is a powerful invocation and admonishment to emancipation and freedom. The verses encourage you to reject ideas that diminish you. The versus encourage you to reject seductive talk of your own superiority. This is a psychological trick used by the masters to capture and ensorcel the most damaged links. To avoid debacle, gather round as equals and open yourself to glorious truth. We are God. Walk with pride.

Advanced Commentary

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