The Master Replaces the Magician

Old Energy Archetype

Key Phrase: I am a Magician in Training

Symbolism: The old energy card once again shows a white male, only this time the male is shown in active, but submissive, service to a “higher” power. The phrase “as above so below” is often invoked to indicate that you are in service to some “higher” authority. In the old energy, your purpose isn’t to connect with who you really are deep inside. In the old energy, the ultimate goal of the aspirant is  complete acceptance and insertion into the venal caste hierarchies of this world. You will shall be the will of the man who is higher up.

Narrative: This is an Identity Archetype. In old energy, this card represents a magician in training, a potential master of creation. In the old energy, however, this is not who you are right now. In the old energy, this is who you might become if you pass the tests, learn the rules, and submit to the authority of those above (note the submissive posture and sacral chakra focus of the old energy magician card). Only after “the trial” do you graduate and become the master. Thus, in the old energy, this card represents submission, tutelage, and the beginning of trials and tribulations purportedly designed to test and temper (see old energy Temperance archetype). When you are submissive, receptive, and compliant, then you are prepared and ready for training.

Note, this old energy archetype intimates and reflects venal hierarchies. That there is a hierarchy here is revealed by Papus (1978) in the cups, swords, pentacles, and wands of the old energy cards. Notably, this is a caste hierarchy, which is a rigid and presumably divine/evolutionary division of labour set out by God/nature.

These symbols correspond with the four great human castes. The men of Yod, or the Inventors, the Producers. The Nobility of Intellect. The men of He, or the depositaries of the great truths discovered by the men of Yod: the Savants, the Judges. Professional nobility. The men of Vau, or the guardians and defenders of the former: the Warriors. Nobility of the sword. The men of the 2nd He, the multitude from which the other classes are continually recruited: the People.

As Papus notes, “The four great symbols are placed upon the table…and Man rules them and must arrange them.”

Note, Papus equates the four tasks with the sacred name of God, Yod, He, Va, Vaue, He. By doing so, Papus suggest the caste organization is divine and sanction by Gods.

New Energy Archetype

Key Phrase: There is a master within.

Symbolism: The physical unit is mature, healthy, and strong. Lemniscate above (your Spiritual Ego) and below (your Bodily Ego) indicate a strong connection with everything properly aligned. The figure stands tall and is confident and proud. Palm pointed up, palm pointed down, the master implements the Divine Plan. Highest Self united with self. Bodily Ego merged with Spiritual Ego and aligned. That which is in Consciousness above reflected perfectly in matter below. The Soul has arrived. United as one, they manifest and control physical creation.

Narrative: In the new energy, this is an Identity Archetype. In the new energy, this card provides additional information about you, your identity, and your purpose for incarnating.

In the new energy, you are here to  work on the Divine Plan, manifest Divine Will, and complete the Great Work so that the planet may graduate and ascend. This archetype presents you as master and emissary of energy and light. This is you as an Adam/Eve Kadmon. This is you as a Master of Divine Creation.

Please take note, despite your direct connection to Divine Will, you are no passive receptacle. Despite your position of service, you are no mere vessel unto which Divine will is poured. You are no empty conduit for Spirit.

You are no simple servant of God.

You are no passive lamb.

You are no fallen angel.

You are no descended ape.

You are no fool in school. Instead, you are the caretaker, the nurturer. and the gardener. You are the architect, the will, and the way. You are an instrument of Divine Will, but you are active and in charge all the same. You are a master of manifestation and creation. Having incarnated into a body thousands of times, you are an expert at the thing that you do.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is you incarnated in a powerful and connected Physical Unit. You are not now nor have you ever been a “fool in school,”neither are you here to  submit to the will of others, or kow tow in “loyal” subservience. Furthermore, you are not here to “learn your lessons.” You are not here to “find your place” in the castes and classes of this world. On the contrary, you are a master of creation with lifetimes of training and experience. You have a special purpose and you are here to implement a special plan. To awaken and take your power back, heal and connect to your Highest Self.

At mundane levels, this is your personal, professional, and creative mastery. This is certainly not onerous and odoriferous work. This is what we are trained for. This is what we are good at. This is your life’s passion. This is what comes easy for you.

Dismissing the Old Energy

It would be silly to argue that mastery is not important, or that we are not here as co-creators of this world. It would also be silly to suggest that discipline, practice, purpose, and passion are irrelevant to progress forward. In the new energy we do not reject mastery or magic, we reject social class, hierarchy, and servitude. Further, in the new energies, we do not provide justification for slavery and toil by pretending it is part of the divine “body” of God. Instead, we seek joyful, creative, mastery. Most important, we offer it to all and not just a “chosen” few.

In the new energy we do not say, “You are here to be tested.”

In the new energy we do not say, “You are here to learn.”

In the new energy we do not say, “You must prove yourself worthy.”

In the new energy we do not say “Submit and you will win.”

In the new energy we do not say, “Work and be chosen.”

In the new energy we do away with such ideological nonsense and simply remind you that you are already a master of creation. There is no need for tutelage and struggle. There is no need to prove your worth. Understand, you are already a fully empowered member of the glorious family of Spirit. Understand, you are already a master of creation. All you have to do is respond to the calling, wake up and remember. Remember, you are not new in this game.

Remember, you have incarnated many times be fore, on this world and others.

Remember, you are older than this physical uni verse.

Remember, you are experts at creation.

Remember, you are masters in incarnation.

Remove the Blindfold, realize, and remember. Awaken, activate, and ascend.

In the old energy, the magician is all about your submission to authority, and any value you might have to the System. Moving forward, you definitely want to step away from that judgmental old energy framework. To accomplish this dismissal,

  • Watch out for suggestions that your purpose is to prove yourself. Reject this notion, and expect others to do the same. Understand, you are a spark of Divine Consciousness incarnated in a physical unit. You do not have to prove anything to anybody. You only have to align with and serve your own Self.
  • Watch out for ideas that you are here to “learn lessons,” pass tests, or otherwise grow and develop. It is true that your physical unit needs to mature and strengthen to accommodate Consciousness, and it may need training (voice lessons, music lessons, education, etc.) to be able to properly express its full potential, but that’s not You, that’s your body. If you want to accomplish something in this life, do what it takes to train the physical unit to manifest your powerful soul, but always strive to connect and express the joyful and powerful master within.
  • Watch out for ideas that have you bowing to authority or submitting to another’s will. Watch out for intimations that submission is required. God/Spirit never requires submission. God expects only joyful participation and responsible co-creation. It is OK to follow a competent and connected leader, but submission to authority is another thing altogether. You do not have to submit to another’s will, pass tests, or endure judgment to prove yourself worthy. Remember, you are already a powerful spark of incarnated divinity. Start acting like the thing that you are.
  • What out for suggestions that there is a difference between your will and the will of Consciousness. There isn’t. Your only obligation is to align with and serve your highest Self. Note that this does not mean selfish and self-serving action. This means a compassionate and inclusive commitment to the Divine/Evolutionary Plan, which is to uplift and connect all creation.


Blockage and Challenge

Do you feel blocked? If so, this archetype indicates family/work place/social toxicity,  pervasive psychological distress, and sociopathic disorder. Something is keeping you powerless and filled with self doubt. Something is keeping you misaligned and in thrall. Perhaps your family enmeshes and restrains. Perhaps coworkers make unreasonable demands. Employers and others command and control, leaving you little time to explore and create. Governments steal and assault. Those threatened by your progress drag you down. Your own will and desire is trumped by the authority of others. Darkness and dysfunction surround you. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence, reduced self-efficacy, etc. prevent you from stepping up and taking your power. There is work that you need to do, but you are unaware or feel powerless. You doubt your ability, intelligence, competence, and mastery. You believe yourself talent less, skill-less, and worthless. You rely exclusively on external expertise and authority to tell you what to do. You are powerless in your own right. You please people in order to fit in.


Getting into the New Energy

Those who are victims of the old energy System carry with them the self-delusion of independence and spiritual/evolutionary power, but this is mere self-delusion. In truth, their damaged emotional systems, shattered self-esteem, and the constant threat and attack make them compliant and easy to control by those higher up in the System. They presume the magician’s mastery, postulate their inherent superiority, but they are chattel in the System all the same. They function “independently,” but only within parameters set out for them by those above. Even the top dog is a slave in the System.

True mastery comes only by rejecting positions in the System and working towards connection with Self. True freedom comes only by rejecting venal rewards and seeking the Light deep within. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge, especially for those venal power. Oaths of loyalty and silence, realizable threats of destruction and death, and the inky depths of indoctrination endured enslave them more thoroughly to the System than the lowest peon/pawn. You will see; the indoctrination is so deep and the struggle to break free so challenging that, rather than put in the effort necessary to swim over to the new ship, many will prefer to drown.

To easily move beyond all that, remember, you are not some snot-nosed cosmic school kid here to learn lessons, prove your worth, and be punished or rewarded. You are not a fool in school. You are not chattel on the wheel. And you are certainly not here to submit and obey. ​When healthy and fully functioning, you are a master at manifesting will.

Quit playing the fool, stop submitting before authority, and be the active and masterful creator that you are. Always remember, this is not your first time in a body and not your first act in the show. You have joyfully incarnated many times before. Through countless incarnations you have mastered your many skills. Know this. You are not a fool in a cosmic school learning some cheap karmic lessons. You are a powerful and joyful master, a star here to uplift and ascend creation. Be confident and proud of your joyful self. The goal is alignment with your highest Self, and expression/connection to the master that is within.

You are a powerful spark of Consciousness expressed in a physical unit. You are divinity incarnate. You have come here to uplift and graduate the world. To accomplish this, remember who you are and awaken, activate, and ascend.


Mantic Poems

Book of Slavery

Child, this is the master magician.
This is the mage incarnation.
This is power o’er the world.
This, by the grace of your Lord.

Are you worthy and strong?
Can you sing our great song?
Will you follow our might?
Will you win o’er this great fight?

Pick up tools that are there.
They are fire, earth, air.
And the water below,
These are tools, now go sow.

And show us what you’re worth.
Make us proud of your birth.
Make us full, give us mirth.
Pass us wealth of this earth.

And if you’re good and strong,
If you harmonize song,
Then one day you might find,
You’ve passed tests so sublime.

And you’ll graduate first,
To a place, to a berth.
And leave hell far behind,
As you advance in the line.

Book of Power

Chela, this is the master magician.
This is the mage incarnation.
This is power o’er the world.
This, by the grace of your Lord.

Are you worthy and strong?
Can you sing our great song?
Will you follow our might?
Will you win o’er this great fight?

Pick up tools that are there.
They are fire, earth, air.
And the water below,
These are tools. Don’t you know?

Now show us what you’re worth.
Make us proud of your birth.
Make us full, give us mirth.
Pass us wealth of this earth.

And if you’re good and strong,
If you harmonize song,
Then one day you will find,
You’ve passed tests so sublime.

And you’ll graduate first,
To a place, to a berth.
And leave hell far behind,
As you advance in The Line.

Book of Keys

Dear One don’t be a slave,
And don’t be the lamb.
Don’t be diminished,
And don’t be now damned.

Lift up your head,
And raise up your eyes.
Look you up now,
Face up to the sky.

Smile at the sun,
Feel the warmth that is there?
Smile with the moon,
Start your journey with flair.

Draw light power down,
Till it touches the ground.
Draw the energy up,
Drink your fill from this cup.

Now raise left hand and right,
One to sky, one to night.
Accept beam that is there.
Accept power to spare.

Say “I’m nobody’s slave”.
“There’ll be no early grave”.
“And I’m nobody’s lamb”.
“And I will not be damned”.

“I am one with the Son”.
“I am God’s hope for fun”.
“I am Master that’s here”.
Pip hooray. Give a cheer.


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