As you learned at the end of LP Workbook Three: Connection, making a strong connection to your Spiritual Ego (your soul, your higher self, your atman, etc.) requires that you engage in Flow Purification. As you learned in the previous workbook, and as explained in the SpiritWiki, flow purification is a Connection Practice1 used to “clear the pipes” so that your spiritual ego and bodily ego can connect and communicate without blockage and interference.

To wrap your head around the idea of flow purification, think of it this way. Think of your bodily ego as a small child sitting in a field all alone and your spiritual ego as a powerful and brilliant being of pure light, love, compassion, and intelligence, floating in a ball of light about thirty feet above. Now imagine an energy pipe between the child in the field and the brilliant being of light above. Imagine that pipe as a clean, scintillating conduit of bidirectional energy flow. Now, see energy flowing and light flowing back and forth between the figure on the ground and the being up above. Now, imagine that pipe is all blocked up and corrupted with the gooey, icky, gunk. Flow purification is the process of cleaning the gunk out of the pipe so information and energy can flow free and pure.

On the LP, we call the gunk in the connection between the spiritual ego and the bodily ego Wrong Thought.2 There is nothing complicated about the idea of wrong thought. Wrong thought is simply any thought that undermines and prevents healing and connection.

With regards to healing, wrong thought is thought that a) encourages you to damage your body and mind and b) discourages you from taking the proper actions to recover and heal from that damage. For example, when somebody tells you to “spare the rod is to spoil the child,” or that it is ok to scream, yell at, hit, and abuse children, they are giving you an idea that encourages you to damage the bodies and minds of children. All the science says that if you follow this idea, you will harm children. Since this idea encourages and supports actions that harm the body and mind, this is wrong thought. Similarly, if you suffer some kind of emotional or psychological trauma and abuse, and somebody tells you it’s OK because life trauma “builds character” or “makes you stronger,” that is wrong thought because that thought encourages you to suppress your trauma and see it (and all human suffering for that matter) as good a thing, when in fact it is a global pandemic.

With regards to connection, wrong thought is thought that causes you to a) disconnect from your spiritual ego, or b) that corrupts and distorts the flow of Consciousness. In general, disconnection is caused by strong negative emotions like anxiety, fear, paranoia, shame, and hate. Any thought in your brain that causes you anxiety, fear, paranoia, shame, and hate will cause disconnection. For example, in Catholicism, some priests teach children the idea that God is a vengeful, punishing, patriarch. This wrong thought seeds spiritual fear deep in the mind of the child. These fears are usually nascent during the daily grind of normal consciousness. However, they can be triggered and heightened during connection experiences. When they are triggered and heightened, fear, even panic, can arise. If you become terrified during connection, your bodily ego will shut down connection in instinctual self-defence.

On a more secular note, fears about “going crazy” or losing control of your mind during connection experiences can also cause anxiety and fear and can lead your bodily ego to subvert connection. The fear of losing your mind can be easily invoked during connection experiences because during connection experiences, powerful ideas flow rapidly through the stream of your mind. The rapid flow of powerful ideas can be disconcerting. In some situations, it can easily seem like you are losing control of your mind. Opening a connection can be like turning on a fire hose or opening a flood gate. You can be overwhelmed by the flow of ideas and you can easily think you are losing your mind. It is not always like. If you engage in Connection Practice you can develop your ability to control the flow; but that takes practice. When you are just starting out, a strong connection can make it seem like you are losing your mind.

Similarly, notions of binary gender, and particularly those ideas that suggest women are inferior to men, can make connection difficult for women. Low self-esteem, negative self-talk, feelings of inferiority, and the other sequelea of toxic socialization can lead to negative and painful feelings of self-doubt and shame, both of which will cause the bodily ego to shut down the connection.

It is not always the case that wrong thought causes disconnection. Sometimes, wrong thought can corrupt the information that flows through a connection. For example, a common insight that people have when they make a strong connection is the insight that “I am God,” or, “I am one with God/Consciousness/Creation” (Harmless 2008; Miller 2004) On the LP we call this type of realization an Ascension Experience, because your bodily ego ascends and connect with God. When we have this insight, we realize we are all connected and part of a divine and eternal Consciousness. This common insight can be very empowering and healing. However, in certain situations, this thought can be twisted and corrupted. For example, elitists, especially those in the white male esoteric traditions of the West, often twist this idea by suggesting that only “the chosen few” are able to, or are worthy enough, to make this type of realization/connection. This is exactly the position taken by influential English occultist who tells us that “very few in life … can attain to the full realization of their divine origin and nature.” (Regardie 2004:2004).3

In addition to corrupting the connection flows, wrong thought, especially when coupled with a damaged or shattered bodily ego, can also lead to various forms of Connection Pathology (like Ego Inflation, Egoic Bloating, Egoic Collapse, and Egoic Confusion). In the worst cases, wrong thought can even cause Spiritual Emergency and Spiritual Psychosis, including forms of schizophrenia (Schreber 2000). The various forms of ego pathology that can develop ultimately undermine and subvert your connection.

Cleaning the Pipes

There is a lot more that could be said about how wrong thought undermines, subverts, and distorts healing and connection. We will say more as we begin to examine the TOSAS archetypes below. The point to take away here is that if you want to connect, eliminating wrong thought and establishing right thought is critical, otherwise you will struggle to establish and maintain healthy connection.

We call the process of clearing out the gunk of wrong thought from the pipe that connects your spiritual ego and bodily ego Flow Purification. Flow purification is the process of cleaning out the wrong thought that infects and corrupts your connection and replacing with right thought that that encourages and supports pure and unimpeded flow. Flow purification is theoretically quite simple. To engage in flow purification, you

  1. scoop out the gunk and
  2. sanitize the pipe.

Since the gunk in the pipe consists of nothing more than wrong thoughts in your brain, scooping out the pipe means cleaning out and replacing wrong thought. On the LP, we scoop out and sanitize the pipe in a three-step process of recognize, root out, and replace.

Step one, recognize the wrong thought in your brain. To recognize wrong thought, be mindful/pay attention to your thoughts. When a wrong thought comes up, recognize that it is there. It sounds trite, but it is important. If you do not recognize wrong thought, you will not do anything to root it out or replace it. If you do not root it out and replace it, it will remain embedded and buried just waiting to interfere with your flow. The first step therefore is to train yourself to recognize wrong thought.

One you have recognized a wrong thought in your brain, step two is to root it out. To root out wrong thought, recognize it whenever it pops up and then you tell yourself that the idea is wrong and that you do not have to believe it. In other words, do not think the thought. For example, when I first started my connection practice, every once in a while, thoughts from my childhood Catholic indoctrination would pop into my head and I would suddenly feel and think I was unworthy of connection, sinful, and deserving of punishment. When these thoughts came up, they caused anxiety and fear which interfered with my connection experience. When they did come up, I told myself they were not true and I suppressed them so I would not think them. At first, it was difficult because the thoughts carried considerable emotional weight; however as I continued to practice, they weakened. Eventually, the thoughts no longer came up.

Rooting out wrong thought is a lot like pulling weeds in a garden. You recognize the weed is there and then you pull it out. Typically, however, when you pull out a weed, segments of its root remains deep in the soil. If you leave those segments there, the weed may grow again. If you want to prevent the weed from popping up again, you have to dig deep until you have “rooted out” all the roots.

Once you have recognized and rooted out wrong thought, step three is to replace the wrong thought (the weeds) with right thought (pretty flowers). Right thought, as you know, is thought that facilitates and supports healing and connection. To replace wrong thought with right thought, simply think positive, healing, and connecting thoughts. For example, during my connection practice when thoughts of my unworthiness came up, I would simply remind myself that I was worthy, that God was not a punishing patriarch, and that I had done nothing wrong. Over time, these ideas took root and eventually I never thought the wrong thought again.

To summarize, if you want to move forward towards stronger and more persistent connection, recognize wrong thought when it comes up, root it out so it does not grow back, and replace it with new energy right thought that can support and encourage pure flow.

The Triumph of Spirit Archetype System

The process of recognizing, rooting out, and replacing wrong thought with right thought seems simple enough, at least conceptually. In practice, it can be challenging. For one, it can be hard to recognize wrong thought in your brain, especially when you are just starting out. Who even ever heard of the idea that thoughts can disconnect or corrupt your connection to Consciousness and your own Spiritual Ego. And what is wrong thought exactly? How do you know when a thought that you are thinking has the potential to gunk up and clog your connection? Finally, even when you figure out wrong thought, what exactly do you replace it with?

It is possible to figure out wrong thought from right thought on your own, but it can be difficult and time-consuming. In order to help get you started with the process, the LP offers the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System, or TOSAS (TOE-SAS) for short.

To be clear, an archetype is basically an idea that answer Big Questions. A big question is a question like “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “What happens after I die?”

The TOSAS is a collection of twenty-two archetypes, painted on cards, and described and discussed in and associated commentary. The cards and commentary are designed to help you recognize, root out, and replace the wrong thought in your brain with right thought that can help you heal and connect. If you think of the individual archetype cards as sentences or paragraphs in a book, and if you think of all twenty-two archetypes taken together as a book of archetypes (i.e. a book of ideas), then you will understand the TOSAS as book of ideas designed to help you establish right thought.

You can browse the TOSAS book of archetypes online at

Old Versus New Energy Archetypes

Before you can fully understand what the TOSAS is, you have to understand the difference between old energy archetypes and new energy archetypes. An Old Energy Archetype is an archetype intentionally designed to diminish and disconnect you. Old energy archetypes answer your big questions with ideas of hierarchy, force, violence, and exclusion. For example, a common old energy archetype is the Fool in School archetype. The Fool in School archetype answers the big question “who am I.” The answer it provides is that you are a fool in a cosmic school, perhaps a misbehaving soul, and you are here to learn lessons, clear karma, and redeem yourself. Note how this answer puts you in a diminished, childlike position.

Chances are that you are already familiar with this Fool in School archetype because the archetype is pervasive across the entire planet You find it everywhere from Catholicism to Hinduism, Islam to the New Age philosophy, sacred to secular culture. It is so pervasive, the idea is even represented in the Western Tarot system. The Fool card, which some consider the central card of the deck, is literally a fool descending into incarnation in order to learn its foolish lessons. The description for this card provided on the Biddy Tarot website (Biddy Tarot 2017 emphais added) captures this old energy archetype perfectly.

On the Fool Tarot card, a young man stands on the edge of a cliff, without a care in the world, as he sets out on a new adventure. He is gazing upwards toward the sky (and the Universe) and is seemingly unaware that he is about to skip off a precipice into the unknown. Over his shoulder rests a modest knapsack containing everything he needs – which isn’t much (let’s say he’s a minimalist). The white rose in his left hand represents his purity and innocence. And at his feet is a small white dog, representing loyalty and protection, that encourages him to charge forward and learn the lessons he came to learn. The mountains behind the Fool symbolise the challenges yet to come. They are forever present, but the Fool does not care about them right now; he’s more focused on starting his expedition.

If you ever ask yourself the question “why am I here,” and if your answer to that is, I am here to learn lessons/clear karma/redeem myself, then you have absorbed and integrated the old energy Fool in School archetype as the answer to your big question. Like all old energy archetypes

How is the Fool in School archetype an old energy archetype? It is an old energy archetype because it does not teach you the truth of you are, which is that you are an adult spiritual being here to do adult spiritual things. Instead, it diminishes you and puts you in a subservient role. It teaches that you are some kind of incomplete, sinful, and rejected spiritual child here to learn your lessons until one day you can graduate and go home.

In contrast to old energy archetypes that diminish you, new energy archetypes uplift you, empower you, convey to you the truth of who you are, and help you empower and connect. Consider one example of a new energy archetype in the TOSAS deck, the Joyful archetype. This Joyful archetype card shows a joyful figure following a golden road that leads to incarnation in a physical body. The figure is already fully connected (the light that shines from above) and fully activated (seven chakras burning bright) and does not need to learn “lessons” or clear karma. The message of Joyful, unlike the message of the Fool, is that you are a fully evolved, fully connected spark of consciousness, joyfully incarnating into a physical body. You are not here to learn lessons; you are here to enjoy life and help uplift the planet.


As noted, the TOSAS can help you clear out and replace wrong thought with right thought. There are two ways to use this system to reprogram your brain.

The first way to use the system is to use it in daily practice, as a neurolinguistic tool to help remove wrong thought and reprogram your brain with right thought. To use it in this fashion simply, pick one card a day, read the commentary, think about the imagery, and absorb the ideas provided. Each commentary will provide some information on the symbolism of the card, a short description of the old energy archetypes being challenged and replaced, and an explanation of the new energy archetype you can use to replace it. You should examine and think about each entry long enough so that you have memorized the basic gist of the new energy archetypes. It will help you memorize the ideas if you spend at least a day with each card. Put it on your desk, keep it in your purse, keep a link to the imagery and commentary on your phone, and whenever you have a moment, go over the ideas to reinforce them in your head.

Memorizing the basic ideas is important. You will need to know the archetypes well enough so you can “invoke” them when an old energy archetype pops into your brain. For example, if you are having an interaction with your boss (or anybody else, for that matter) and suddenly you feel unworthy, insignificant, incompetent, and small, recall the Joyful archetype and remind yourself of the new energy ideas instead. This will help you resist the diminishing and disempowering energy archetypes. Continue to go over the new energy ideas even after your encounter is done. Look at the archetype images if you need to, and repeat the ideas until you are sure you have suppressed the old energy ideas that are causing you distress.

The second way to use the system is as a way to ground and guide you during focused connection practice. You can engage in connection practice using various connection techniques, like drumming, meditation, sweat lodges, and so on. You can also engage in connection practice using various Connection Supplements, like cannabis, psilocybin LSD, and the like. Indeed, the TOSAS cards are particularly helpful while engaged in connection practice using connection supplements. Using the archetype cards during connection practice will help you clear any old energy archetypes that pop up during your connection experience.

For example, you might experience a connection event and during that event the old energy fool in school archetype might come up. Because you are connected, this idea might be particularity strong. If that idea pops up, it will interfere with your connection experience by making you feel small, insignificant, and unworthy. If you let that idea percolate, the associated feeling will grow stronger and eventually cause anxiety and fear which will certainly shut down your connection down. To avoid that, when you begin to notice the fool in school idea popping into your mind, “invoke” the Joyful archetype by looking at the card image and recalling the associated ideas.

It will help the process if you tell yourself to be open to the ideas and energy. To do that,

  • close your eyes, take a deep breath, say “I am open to the positive and life-affirming energies of the archetype,”
  • open your heart (visualize energy flowing outwards from your chest), and
  • look at the card and reread the commentary if necessary.

Gaze at the new energy card joyful and remind yourself of who you are. Repeat the new energy idea in your head while gazing at the card until the old energy archetype is suppressed. Do this whenever an old energy idea comes up and soon the old energy idea will disappear forever and be replaced by the empowering new energy Joyful.

Some Challenges

The process of clearing out wrong thought is straight forward. Look at the cards. Think about the commentary. Be mindful of the ideas in your brain. Replace old energy ideas when they come up. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, as you prepare to engage your practice.

Number one, this works best if you engage in daily, disciplined practice. Just doing it once in a while will not work. Remember, wrong thought is spread through your body’s brain like fungus through the floor of a forest. The deep, spiderweb-like penetration of wrong thought into your body’s neural pathways makes it hard to get it all out. Getting out all the vestiges of wrong thought requires you to be constantly mindful so that when old energy ideas come up you can identify them, consistently suppress the wrong thought, and apply new energy archetypes to reprogram your thinking.

Number two, keep in mind, wrong thought can cause intense anxiety, fear, and even paranoia, particularly when experiencing a powerful connection event. This is because connection is like shining a light in a dark room. In that dark room, on crumpled up sheets of paper, are all the wrong ideas that you have in your brain. When that room is dark, you can barely discern what is written on those papers. However, when you light the room up with a connection experience, all the ugly, scary, stupid, confusing ideas that have been sitting there just below your conscious awareness suddenly come into clear focus. The sudden bright and clear awareness of wrong thought can be overwhelming, confusing, and terrifying all at once. It can be a real struggle to face the “demons” and continue with the process. In fact, these Nadir Experiences4 as we call them can be so frightening that people can become permanently averse to connection experience, meaning they become afraid of connection supplements, avoidant of connection practice, and dismissive of connection guidance.

If you do have a nadir experience during connection, there are a few things you can do to calm yourself and maintain control. For one, deep breathe. Deep breathing is an essential spiritual tool. Deep breathing is calming and grounding. If you find your anxiety going up during connection, sit back, relax, and breathe until you have calmed down. Also, have faith. Have faith in yourself that you are a good person deep down. Have faith that you have the ability to remain calm, grounded, and in control. Have faith the “universe” is a universe of love, compassion, and forgiveness and not violence, exclusion, and death. If you have a nadir experience, practice the following affirmation of love and power. Breathe deeply and recite the affirmation as many times as necessary until you are calm, grounded, and in control of your thoughts and emotions.

Affirmation of Love and Power

The universe is a universe of love and compassion.
I am a being of power and might.
I am safe. I am loved. I am loving. I am Light.
I have the authority to make this all right.

Number three, be prepared for significant and rapid shifting. If you are disciplined about this, and if you can calm your anxieties and fears vis a vis connection, significant and rapid shifting can occur. A powerful connection experience can contribute to the resolution of psychological and emotional trauma, deep shifts of personality and focus, insight, and even enlightenment. As positive as these shifts are, they can rattle your sense of sense of self and reality. If combined with low self-esteem and psychological trauma, these shifts can even throw you out of psychological and emotional balance. When these shifts happen, take deep breathes and ground yourself. If you struggle, or if they lead to anxiety, recite the affirmation of love and power, and reach out and talk about them with knowledgeable people who can help you centre and ground.

Number four, be prepared for resistance. Although dramatic and rapid shifting is something to aspire to, if you move forward “too fast,” you might experience resistance from those around you who feel threatened by your rapid progress. Resistance usually comes in the form of efforts to suppress and control with various forms of psychological, emotional, or even physical violence. This resistance can be a challenge. It can make you afraid to move forward. It can can make you doubt what you are doing. It can make you question your progress. It can lead you to chose “normal” just to avoid conflict.

If you do experience resistance from others, politely ask them to stop. If these are intimate partnerships or close friendships, reassure them you still love them. Say everything is going to be fine. If they are open, share with them what you are doing. If this does not reduce their resistance, create firm boundaries and expectations. Reject violence and abuse. Set expectations for calm and measured discussion. If they ignore your boundaries and continue with their assaults, you may have to consider removing them from your life. Always remember, assault of any form damages you, so do not accept it. Stop talking to them, block them from your social places, and avoid all physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual contact. If you do not want to remove them, if you find removing them is a challenge, or if they become abusive and violent when you try to break free, seek professional guidance, therapeutic assistance (e.g., couple’s counselling, family counselling, etc.), and police intervention. If that does not help, your only option may be to flee.

Whatever you do, do not put up with the resistance. Do not “let it go” just so you can “get along.” do not “give up and give in.” Do not put aside your personal journey back to Self just because somebody else does not like the direction you are going. If the only way to get the message to a person is by cutting ties and excluding them from your space, do that.

Number five, and finally, realize that new energy archetypes do not work in isolation. Each archetype card carries with it a certain empowering and uplifting new energy message. These messages can stand on their own, but they are really designed to work together to provide a complete new energy story about your identity, purpose, and place in the universe. You’ll need to learn all the individual archetypes before the uplifting and empowering big picture finally emerges.

Number six, finally, remember the connection framework discussed in LP Workbook Three. Make sure you follow the advice provided there. As you practice, make sure you are accountable for your actions. Make sure you work towards alignment. Make sure you atone for any harm you have done. If you do not these things, guilt, shame, and intense feelings of discomfort will hamper your connection and ruin your flow.


1The term Connection Practice refers to any technique, such as meditation, writing, etc., that helps one strengthen and purify Connection. The term may also refer to any structured, daily, connection practice.

3Why teach someone this wrong thought? Because this thought takes the common spiritual truth that we are all one and equal in Consciousness and twists that to justify hierarchies and exclusionary privilege of the type the runs rampant in esoteric organizations and capitalist society. More to the point, this thought allows the ruling classes of this planet, the “masters” as Adam Smith (Smith 2003) called them, to pursue the intellectual and emotional enhancements that come from connection while at the same time suppressing the progressive, egalitarian, even socialist transformations that occur as a consequence. For more on The System, see

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