This lesson is excerpted from Lightning Path Workbook One: The Basics.

In the last lesson, we looked at ideas and techniques necessary to get you started on your path back to connection. We noted the importance of discipline, focus, strength, and boundaries, and also introduced the idea of protecting yourself with boundaries and safe spaces. If you want to make forward progress, these are all important things; It can be a lot of work, and it can take some time, but it gets easier the farther we travel down the path to connection.

Speaking of things you need to do to move forward, one very important thing you will need to do if you want to make solid forward progress is you will need to learn to stay positive. This is very important. If you want to make progress towards healing and connection, you have to stay positive.

If you have been a spiritual seeker or if you are involved in some standard religion or spiritual path, no doubt you have heard about the importance of being positive. Even if you are not involved in some religious system or practice, you have certainly been exposed to this idea. Somebody, somewhere, sometime will have taught you and admonished you that if you want to be a spiritual person, you have to be positive. We have to say, we agree. If you are serious about moving forward, if you are serious about walking an authentic spiritual path, then you need to learn to be positive and stay positive as much as you possibly can. It is critical. You will not make any progress forward on any authentic spiritual pathway if you do not find a way to stay positive.

But wait a minute.

Our definition of positive is probably not what you think. When you first hear “stay positive,” you might think that we mean “stay happy, smiling, and content” in an “everything is a life lesson,” “what does not kill you makes you stronger,” sort of fashion. You know what we are talking about here, the kind of positive where you make lemonade from all the foul lemons that “life” throws at you. That is what most spiritual teachers will tell you about being positive. This is what many psychologists and therapists will tell you as well. Many spiritual teachers and therapists will tell you to be positive, to be grateful, to smile, to wave, to forgive, to forget, to “not be attached,” to let go and let God, to let life send you your lessons, and to live happily with that.

Positive = Activated and Empowered

Power from the TOSAS

But, in our view, that’s all nonsense, and it is not what we mean when we say “stay positive.” When we say be positive, we do not mean stay shiny and happy. Far from it, in fact. There are a lot of things in this world to be angry and outraged about. Indeed, given the sorry state of this world, being pissed angry and outraged is the only truly authentic response there is. Seriously. On this world, being “positive” in the blissfully happy sort of way makes no sense at all, and is probably a sign of ignorance, inauthenticity, and corruption. After all, how can one be happy/positive when there are so many pedophiles, so much violence, rape, and abuse, so much economic exploitation, so much homelessness and despair, and so much unnecessary suffering and woe? When a political leader give a trillion dollars to rich bankers while tens of thousands go hungry and homeless, or when conflict and violence is spreading out around you, being “positive” in the guru sense is self-delusion at best, and a neurotic delusion at worst. If the world is collapsing around you, if somebody is slapping you around and all you can do is smile and turn the other cheek, you’re not being evolved, positive, or spiritual, you are being stupid and delusional, and you are taking serious damage, and that is no good for anybody.

Just to be clear, when we say that if you want to make progress you have to stay positive, we are not talking about the lotus-eating, smile all the time type of “positive;” we are talking about another type of positive. To sort this all out, distinguish between two English meanings of the word positive. One is the common meaning, the meaning that equates being positive with being in a friendly and good-natured state, and the other is the electrical meaning, in the sense of power flowing through a circuit.

The first kind of positive is good, do not get us wrong. It is healthy for the body and mind to be positive, calm, and content. It is divine to strive towards peace and tranquility.1 However, it is the other kind of positive that we are talking about here, the electrical kind. Think about electricity for a moment. Electricity is positive power. Electricity is positive force.2. Electricity gives you the power to do things. When you plug things into an electrical outlet, you plug them into power. When you plug a hairdryer into your wall outlet, for example, you give it the positive power, the energy, it needs to dry your hair.

It is the same thing here.

When we say “if you want to move forward, be positive,” we do not mean be passive, exposed, and inappropriately blissful, we mean “be in your power” in the positive, electrical sense. Being positive means being “plugged in” and “charged up.” Being positive means having energy flow through your body and light course through your veins.3 More to the point, being positive means having the power to control and change your reality. The truth is, if you want to heal and connect, if you want to awaken, activate, and ascend, you must become and stay positive, in the electrical sense.

Why is being positive in the electrical sense important?

For many reasons, all of which we will explore as we progress through the LP. However, it can all be boiled down to the following. Walking an authentic path towards strong connection will require you to make changes in your life. For example, if you want to move forward, if you want to heal and connect, then when you see the truth you are going to have to change yourself and your life to align with it, period. When you see the truth, you will need to make changes in how you think and act. You will need to change how you treat yourself and how you treat others. You will need to make changes in your home, your work, your community, and the world.

If you are serious, about moving forward and connecting, it definitely will not be business as usual. If you want to wake up, if you want to enlighten, if you want to heal, if you want to connect, things are going to have to change. That is where being positive and in your power comes in. If you are going to make changes you are going to need to be positive and in your power, otherwise, you are not going to have the power you need to make any of the changes you need. You need to stay positive and empowered so you can act and bring about change.

Violence, lies, and Less Than Messages

Unfortunately, staying positive and empowered is where the problem begins. Sadly, many of us do not feel positive and empowered, much less competent of significant change. In fact, when it comes to connection, empowerment, and awakening, when it comes to many areas of life, many people feel incompetent, disempowered, and even “foolish.” We feel this way because, on the one hand, we have endured a lot of violence and abuse, and this violence and abuse has diminished and weakened us. On the other hand, we believe this because we have been lied to. We have been told that we are violent apes, or spiritual rejects on a path of cosmic tutelage.4 We have been told we are weak and worthless. We have been told over and over again that we are “less than” who we truly are. This big lie, as we like to call it, is one of the big lies that keeps us negative, disempowered, and disconnected. We are told this lie constantly, sometimes intentionally, from birth. After a decade or two of inundation, we internalize the less than messages.5 When we do, our self-esteem and potency are reduced and we become impotent, incompetent, and negative as a result. Consequently, instead of empowered, decisive, and positive, we spin around in confused and impotent circles, always wondering what to do and where to go.

To be clear, when we internalize the big lie, when we internalize these less-than messages, confusion, disorientation, and impotence rule our day. When we are confused and impotent, we do not have the power to make the changes we need to make. When that happens, it won’t matter how much we rub a singing bowl, how many crystals we wear on our bodies, how many pills we take, or how many things we acquire, we won’t make any forward progress at all. Do not let this happen to you. Instead, learn to be positive in the electrical sense. Of course, the question now is, how do you become positive in an electrical sense? It is a complicated process and it requires a bit of work on your part, but it can be summarized quite simply. In a nutshell, to become positive and empowered you need to heal any damage done by the toxic socialization you have endured and you need to reconnect to the power and light that is within. LP books and resources are designed to help you in this regard, and the real work here comes a bit later on when you are ready to dive into those books. You can get started right now though. To get you started on a path back to positivity, we offer the following three tidbits of advice.

Do not Panic

First of all, do not make too big a deal of this to start. Do not freak out that you may be disempowered. Do not be overly concerned that you are not immediately connected. Finally, do not worry too much if it seems that there is a huge mountain in front of you to climb. In other words, do not be afraid of your own weakness and uncertainty. Why? Because you are stronger and more powerful than you might, while in a negative and disconnected state, immediately think. You may not realize it right now, but you have great power and capacity already within you.

If you feel uncomfortable or unsure, if you are struggling and confused, if you are feeling helpless and powerless, negative and disconnected, take a deep breath and visualize a bright light deep inside. Spend some time nurturing that light. Do not be afraid or put out by initial “weakness,” because these weaknesses are mere self-delusions caused by ignorance of your own light. Trust that as long as you stay disciplined and persistent, that light will grow stronger and brighter. When you feel weak and impotent, small and insignificant, visualize the light that is inside and, always remember, you are far stronger than you think.

Honour the Body, Strive for Wholistic Health

Second of all, know this: when it comes to being positive in an electrical sense, an important part of achieving this positive state involves the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well being of your physical unit. We have already said it and we’ll say it again and again until we are sure it is clear in your head: your physical unit is a sensitive vehicle for Consciousness. If you want that vehicle to function properly, if you want it to be positive, empowered, and connected, you must protect it (hence the previously noted importance of boundaries) and you must strive to make it healthy and whole. The truth is, you cannot be positive and empowered while you are constantly being beaten down. It is oppressive and you take damage from that sort of thing. You need to be healthy and whole to be positive and empowered. Any truly authentic path will say the same thing. Therefore, on the road to positivity, take steps to protect, heal, and nurture your physical unit.

Rise to the Challenge

Third, do not underestimate the challenge of becoming and staying positive and empowered. True, you are stronger than you think, but working against the resistance that parents, teachers, friends, and society throw up, throwing of centuries of illusion and delusion, and shrugging off heavy old energy chains, is difficult. Buying a crystal and rubbing a bowl will not do it; neither will having lots of money and lots of venal power help you in this regard either.6 If you pretend you are positive when you are not, or if your “power” is based on manipulation and force, you are not positively empowered. Do not underestimate the challenges and do not kid yourself about the solutions. The only thing that will do it, the only thing that will help you become authentically positive and empowered is if you do the work and meet the challenges that come up.

How do you meet the challenges to becoming and staying positive? Unfortunately, it is a big and complicated topic and we can’t even begin to address it here. Instead, we will talk more about it throughout the LP corpus. For now, follow our tidbits of advice. Recognize you are more powerful than you have been taught, focus on maintain and attaining physical, emotional, and psychological health, and do not get lulled into complacency by lies, or put off or by the challenges ahead.

It is important. No matter how difficult it might be for you, you have to do it. If you want to follow an authentic spiritual path, you have to become truly positive and empowered so that you can actually take action and change. Embrace the positivity of your power, but do not be naïve and be prepared for any struggles, blockages, and challenges that come up along the way.


1 But, as noted, not always. Sometimes anger, dismay, revulsion, disgust, shock, alarm, and horror are appropriate, and very spiritual, emotions.

2 Force is an important concept on the LP. Force (a.k.a. yang energy) is the positive, driving, and activating aspect of Consciousness. For more, see

3 This aspect of being “plugged in” and “charged up” is known as activation, on the LP. We talk about activation more in LP Workbook Three: Connection where we note that activation is accomplished through activation visualizations. For some examples of activation visualizations, see the Meditations and Mantras page at

4 This notion that we are spiritual fools descending into some kind of karmic, cosmic, schoolhouse is represented clearly in the masonic tarot by their Fool card. As any esoteric commentator will tell you, this card represents the neophyte soul descending into incarnation to learn his or her lessons in God’s grand cosmic schoolhouse, this Earth.

5 Less Than Messages are messages designed to undermine self-esteem and self-efficacy. For more see

6 In fact, having lots of money and “power” might make it all a lot harder to become truly positive and empowered because of all the “submissions” and “sacrifices” you have had to make while “ascending the ladder.” Oh sure, it is true that the higher up the hierarchy you are, the more money and power you have, but that is venal power, not spiritual power. The power money gives you simply gives you power over others. Money does not give you power over your self, nor (more importantly) does it give you power over your Self. It is true. When it comes to your spiritual/higher Self, money gives you no power at all. You can have all the money and influence in the world and you can still be disconnected, disjointed, spiritually impotent, and dying. Moving forward, this is something to keep firmly in your awareness.

Be that as it may. The point here is not to point fingers, the point here is that high or low, becoming truly positive and empowered can be a bit of a challenge.

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