So far in this workbook, we have discussed awakening, accountability, atonement, and alignment as points in the LP Connection Framework. As we have seen, in order to progress towards connection, we must make progress on all these points. We must wake up, be accountable for our actions, atone for any harm we have done to others, and seek perfect alignment with our own HS. Doing all this allows the bodily ego to avoid disjuncture and it allows the HS to comfortably seat itself in its own physical unit.

It is important to note that you do not have to be perfect on all points right out of the gate, nor do you have to pursue the points in a linear fashion. You can awaken a bit, align a bit, become accountable here and there, awaken a bit more, etc. However, if you do wish to continue moving forward towards greater connection, you have to make continual progress on each of the points, until you achieve perfection. If you stall, you stall, and no amount of self-delusional make-believe will make it otherwise.

Assuming at this point that you are working diligently to awaken, atone, align, etc., at some point you are going to begin to feel a push to activate. At first, the push will be gentle, like a light tap on your shoulder telling you it is time to stand up and step forward. If you do not respond to the initial prompt to activate, the push will become a more insistent and bothersome poking that will make you feel “not right,” and that will bother you throughout your day. Finally, if you steadfast refuse to activate, the push will turn into polite but uncomfortable shoving which won’t stop until you stand up and activate.

Power and Purpose

Of course, the question at this point is, what does it mean to activate? That is easy. Activation is essentially activating your full power and stepping forward to live your true purpose for incarnating on this Earth. Someone who is activated is an empowered personal, social, and political change agent. Someone who is activated is a person who is motivated and empowered to change the world.

Activation is not something mystical or magical. Activation is something that flows automatically from the awakening and the clearing that goes on as part of the connection process. It is like being poked with a pin when you are sleeping. When you are asleep, you do not feel the poking. However, when you wake up, you suddenly begin to feel the pain. When you wake up, your reaction, your activation, is automatic. Once you become aware of the poking, you will activate to stop it right away. As you become aware, you will probably get annoyed, even angry. Then, your hands will probably dart out automatically to stop the poking. If that does not work, you will stand up and try and push the poker away. This natural and automatic reaction of trying to stop whoever it is that is poking you is activation. Activation is basically the natural reaction that is caused by growing awareness of the toxicity of the reality that surrounds you. As you wake up, as you get out of bed, you become aware of reality and you naturally respond and take action.

The activation that occurs in the morning when you wake up is also the activation that occurs on a path of authentic spirituality. When you practice an authentic spirituality, it causes you to connect. This connection leads to awakening and this awakening inevitably and automatically leads to activation, through which you become empowered to change the world around you.

As noted above, activation is not just about empowerment. Activation is also about you stepping into your true purpose for incarnating on this Earth. As for your purpose for being here, we cannot presume to tell you what that purpose is exactly. We can only say, “you have a purpose.” We can also say, generally, that your purpose is to help heal, uplift, and reconnect humanity. You are incarnated on this planet to help uplift humanity in order to complete The Great Work1 which is the work of healing and connecting a planet in order to create a garden paradise for all. How you help with that general-purpose essentially is entirely up to you.

What is your purpose? It could be many different things. Maybe you are masseuse, touching people to help relieve their stress. Maybe you are a teacher, teaching the next generation. Maybe you are a healer, helping to heal physical and mental illness. Maybe you are an empath, helping to heal emotional pain. Maybe you are a farmer, bringing nutritious food to the world. Maybe you are a parent, raising a healthy and strong next generation. Maybe you are a writer, offering people entertainment or new ways to think. Maybe you are a musician sending messages of truth and love. It does not really matter.

As you can see, there are lot of ways to help, lots of ways to activate, and lots of ways to uplift humanity. Only you know why you are here so only you can figure that out. Just know this. Whatever it is, it is not work and it requires no personal sacrifice. Whatever it is, it is something that you love to do.

This is very important.

You are not here on this plant to suffer in some assembly line. You are not here to be a slave to some corporation or government. You are here to uplift life by doing something you love to do, something that makes you happy, something that makes you feel proud of the contribution you are making. If you love having sex all the time, maybe you are a sex worker. If you love the biology of the human body, or love working with people’s emotional life, then maybe you are a healer of some sort. If you love exercise and fitness, maybe you are a personal trainer. If you love research, maybe you are a scientist. If you love administration, maybe you are a CEO. If you love children, then maybe you should be a parent, or a child care worker, or something that helps educate and uplift children. Maybe you are one of these things. Maybe you are more than one of these things. Who knows. The point is, when you activate you stand up and empower, and you begin to become whatever it is that, deep down inside, you want to be.

And that is activation. Activation is what finally happens when you wake up, atone, align, and finally begin to become the powerful self your Highest Self most wants you to be. Activation is embracing your power and purpose.

A visual way to think about this is to imagine that inside of you, right about in the centre of your chest is a one hundred thousand watt energy source attached to a dimming switch located at the top of your head. Right now, there is a trickle of energy and light coming out of that source. Activation is what happens when you reach up to the dimmer switch, and turn up the power. When you do that, energy crackles and power begins to emanate from you. When the power gets turned up like this, everything (and by that we mean your brain, your CNS, etc.) works better. When powered up, it becomes a lot easier to stand up and do whatever it is you came here to do. 2

Activation Challenges

We have to say activation, i.e., stepping into your power and purpose is a big deal. It is also a major challenge for you and it is a major challenge for those around you.

As regards the challenge for you, think of it like this. Imagine that your body is a powerful red sports car. A Ferrari, let’s say, with 600+ horsepower and a performance-tuned system. Right now, you are sitting in that high-performance vehicle with the engine on, but for some reason, you are not pressing the gas pedal. While idling, you are able to drive it around a bit, but you cannot get anywhere very fast. Then one day, somebody comes along and, after a brief exchange of niceties and a little “driver safety training” says, “Oh and by the way, if you want to go faster, press that pedal.” You do and all of a sudden the powerful engine wakes up and you go blasting forward.

What happens when you press the gas pedal the first time depends on a lot of different things. Maybe you were paying close attention to all the advice and guidance on how to drive the vehicle safely, and nothing untoward happens. Maybe, after processing and following the driver training, you hit the gas and comfortably go driving around on the roads without any significant hiccups. Easy activation is, however, unlikely. Chances are the first time you hit the gas you will at least be surprised and a little bit, or a lot, unprepared for the power of the vehicle. Your initial activation could even be problematic. Maybe you were not paying attention to the safety advice. Maybe you hit the gas pedal a little too hard the first time. Maybe, as a consequence, you lose control and smash into a tree or another car. Maybe, as is highly likely, you are so freaked out by the power of the vehicle that you reach up and turn off the ignition while you try and collect your wits.

Activation is like that. When you activate, it is like slamming down on the gas pedal of a high-performance vehicle, often when you are simply not prepared to do so. When you do that, the power goes shocking through you. If you are not ready, if you are not careful, if you are not properly prepared, you are going to have a hard time controlling the power that suddenly becomes available to you. If you are not careful, you might be surprised at the things that happen as a result. If you are not careful, you might even hurt yourself and others.

This is the challenge to you. The challenge is handling the awesome power of the high-performance vehicle your HS has incarnated into.

If this freaks you out a bit, chill. All the LP material you have read so far on healing and connection, all the advice on awakening, accountability, atonement, an alignment we have covered, and all the material on archetypes and deeper spiritual topics we cover later in LP Workbook Four, is all the safety and driver training you need in order to “step on the gas” and get moving forward at power. If you have been paying attention and putting into practice the things we have been saying, you should be fine. If not, or if you think you have missed some stuff, follow your intuition and go back and read the materials again.

As noted, handling the power of an activated physical unit is a challenge. In addition to the problems associated with actually dealing with an activated physical unit, you may also have a hard time believing the power is real. After all, you have probably never been told the truth about your Highest Self and its physical unit. On the contrary, you have probably been told lies that diminish your HS and your physical unit in your own eyes. From day one, from birth, you have been told about your dirty, sinful, animal nature. You are a primitive violent ape, a broken soul, a sinful soul. You are a “reject from the Garden.” You are filled with original sin. You are nothing more than a slightly evolved chimpanzee. You are a violent, competitive, ape. You are an unfit pathetic loser. You are nothing more than “dust in the wind.”

That is what you have heard. Having been filled up with this putrid nonsense, when you press down on the gas pedal, you may be taken aback by the reality of the power that is revealed by the activation. You may deny. You may resist. You may doubt. Filled with religious and scientific superstition, afraid that you might not be worthy, and terrified that you may be unable to “handle” all that power, you may even succumb to fear of losing your mind or losing control.3

And that’s bad. If you doubt your worthiness, if you are terrified that you cannot handle the power, if you succumb to fear, you will take your foot off the gas and perhaps feel too unworthy or too scared to try again. If that happens, not only will you live your life in the chronic diminishment of “normal,” but you won’t be able to properly connect and express your HS. So, do not let that happen. If you are startled, if you are a little afraid of the power that is unleashed, if you find yourself incredulous at the awesome power and glory of your own body and your Highest Self, take a deep breath and remember these words, “it’s true and you can do it.” Take your time, do the work, prepare, practice, and you will be just fine. If you stumble, breathe, take some time, and try again.

To summarize, activating can be a challenge for you. When you activate, you may find yourself startled and unprepared for the power. You may also experience internal activation challenges like fear, self-doubt, and confusion. Remember, activating means confronting your full power and purpose, and that can be a challenge for you. You can do it, however, if you just pay attention and prepare. If you get bumped around, take some deep breathes, step back, gather yourself together, and try again.

The challenges noted above are primarily internal challenges you experience when you activate your power and purpose. They are your challenges caused by confusion, misconception, and ideology. As noted, activation can also be a challenge for the people that surround you as well, and this for a couple of different reasons.

For one, your activation means you will push harder and with more confidence for change. With awakening comes awareness of problems and a deep desire to change things. With activation comes the power to make those things happen. As you awaken and activate, you will see problems in your environment, you will want to make changes, and you will be empowered to do so. On a healthy planet, that would not be an issue. However, on Terra, there are many people who are sick, afraid of change, and comfortable with the status quo, no matter how toxic it might be. These people will feel threatened by your awareness and empowered activation, and they will do whatever they can to prevent change from happening. Power up and try to emancipate yourself, and the people who oppress you and exploit you are going to lash out and try and push you back down.

We see this all the time. Patriarchs, for example, will feel uncomfortable as their wives specifically, or women in general, advance forward into their true purpose and power. They are going to push back, often resorting to physical, psychological, emotional, or sexual violence against activation. Male managers, for example, are leading a backlash against women and the MeToo movement, by withdrawing their support in a passive-aggressive fashion.4 In some countries, women may even be the targets of violence, even assassination. Consider, for example, Tara Fares, an Instagram model and activist in Baghdad who was assassinated by drive-by shooters while sitting in the vehicle of her car.5

Politicians can also be a problem. Politicians who support the old energy System will also feel uncomfortable when people start to awaken, activate, and change things. As their citizens advance towards emancipation and full power, they will push back.

Part of the push back is psychological and emotional. White male elites use archetypes and ideology to manipulate and control the masses.

Part of the push back can be military. If psychological and emotional manipulation does not work to stop individual and global activation, police and, finally, military force can be used. History has demonstrated over and over again that political and economic elites will not willingly release their power and privilege to an activating population. They will use violence as a last resort. We have seen it over and over again in the past two thousand years of human civilization. We are seeing this quite clearly right now. Since the election of Donald Trump in the United States, conservative elites the world over are increasingly inciting division and violence in order to suppress progressive action and turn back the clock. If that fails, you can be sure they will turn to police and military action.

To summarize, people who are sick, people who are afraid of change, people who are comfortable with the status quo, will feel a challenge when people activate and they will lash out and try to prevent transformation and change. It will happen every time. It is simply the nature of the beast.

So, what do you do? What do we do as we collectively awaken and activate? Certainly, we cannot just ignore and pretend and continue on business as usual. If you do that we are not waking up and we are not activating and we will not be able to connect. At the same time, we cannot run willy-nilly into the fray, else we risk triggering a violent backlash that will harm us and shut us down anyway. Instead, we have to be careful. We have to take measured and considered steps. Understand, when you activate, when you push down on the gas pedal, you will get push back from spouses, family, friends, coworkers, managers, and even government forces. Do not let that stop you, but do not foolishly ignore the inevitable reaction. Be aware of the possibility. Protect yourself against assault. More importantly, pay close attention to your strategy. Push for change, but do so in without violence, judgment, and condemnation. If you run around angrily wagging judgmental fingers at all the people who have oppressed and suppressed you, you will only trigger their defences. As a planet, we need to activate and we need to effect change, but we need to effect that change in an inclusive manner. Activation needs to lead to healing and reconciliation, not judgment and condemnation.

Of course, be realistic. Sometimes conciliatory pushes for change do not work. You might live in an abusive household and you may try to make change by, for example, pushing violent members to stop or get treatment for their behaviours, but they may lash out violently no matter what you do. In that case, activation of your power might mean exiting the home environment and creating our own safe place. For all your best intentions, people may be unwilling to change and they may punctuate their resistance with various forms of violence. When they do that, do not reciprocate in kind. Instead, leave. This goes for your home environment, your work environment, and in fact all life spheres within which you move. If you activate and try and change and if that change isn’t happening, build your life up somewhere else.

We discuss activation challenges and how to deal with them in a bit more detail in our article detailing the LP Medicine Wheel. There we look at the six Life Spheres and what you can do to improve conditions in each of these spheres so you, and others in these spheres, can properly heal and connect.

Before closing off this section, one final comment is in order and that is simply this, just like awakening, acknowledgement, atonement, and alignment are required, activation is required as well. If you want to connect, you have to activate and you have to use your power and purpose to make positive changes in your life spheres. We are not saying anything novel here. This has always been a requirement. As discussed in the book Rocket Scientists Guide to Authentic Spirituality, activation has always been an important part of authentic spiritual paths. If you want to heal and connect, activation and empowerment is necessary. It is actually an extension of the alignment process. Your Highest Self is a being of light, life, power, awareness, love, and compassion. The more that part of your Self enters into the body, the more you become who you truly are deep down inside. Since deep down inside you are a being of light, life, compassion, love, and power, the more you become who you are, the more you are going to want to change things for the better. It is your deep and true nature.

Of course, as already noted, how you go about activating and changing things is entirely up to you. From the Hollywood actor using stories to teach important lessons to the teacher teaching the grade one students to the priest deciding to tell the truth to the politician choosing to serve the people rather than the rich, there are lots of ways to improve the world. You do not have to do it all by yourself, you just have to do something, preferably while doing something you love. If you do not, then you are not aligned with your Highest Self. If you are not aligned, your Highest self will resist and push back. You will feel at odds with things. If you fail to activate and embrace your purpose, you will have a niggling sense you should be doing something and this sense will grow into pressure and finally painful and disjunctive guilt and shame. If you let it get to that point, your bodily ego, in order to reduce the pain, will begin closing off your connection and pushing your HS away. You will return to a self-deluded normal, making excuses for your inaction and pretending you are powerful, connected, and spiritual when you are not. It is your choice of course. You can go your own way, just be clear and honest. If you are choosing to shut down, do not pretend otherwise. Be aware of your choice and its consequences.

Study questions

  1. In the unit, we say activation is about purpose and power. As regards purpose, we don’t often know what our purpose is, because nobody has ever given us guidance on how to figure that out for ourselves. It is usually not that difficult to figure out your purpose if you just focus on what you love to do. Right now, spend some time thinking about what you love to do? Do you have love painting? Do you love gardening? Do you love teaching? Do you love research? Do you love working with your hands? Do you love sex? Right down your loves and reflect. Are you working towards a life of doing what you love, or are you stuck in somebody else’s purpose?
  2. There are many ways to actuate your purpose, some which are in alignment with your HS, and some which are not. If you love teaching, for example, you can teach truth or you can be involved in seeding ideology and misconception. If you love administration, you can use that power to uplift others, or you can use it in service to The System and exploitation. Similarly if you love building things, you can be involved in building instruments of war or building houses for the poor. Ask yourself the question, are you currently “living your purpose” and if you are, are you aligned with HS? If you are not living your purpose, and if you are not aligned with HS, what sorts of adjustments do you think you can make to bring your life work into better alignment with your own HS.
  3. As noted in this unit, stepping into your power can be a challenging process. There are internal challenges as well as external challenges. Think back on your life now. Have you experienced internal activation challenges, like self-doubt, surprise at your own power, fear, confusion, etc? How about external obstacles? Have you tried to stand up and empower only to be pushed back down? If you are in a group, share your experiences with the group and strategize on how to move forward and stay empowered.


2Activation is depicted visually in the Triumph of Spirit Power Archetype. The Power archetype shows you the consequences of full activation, which is empowerment. The card also shows you the negative consequences on those that surround. As noted earlier, you will be learning more about the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS) in the next LP Workbook.

View the power archetype at

3A lot of effort is put into sowing doubt and fear into your mind and consciousness. We mention some in the main text, but one old Hollywood movie is worth mentioning, and this movie is The Sphere. In this movie, actors find a “sphere” deep in the ocean. Contact with the sphere gives them incredible power, so much so that everything they think about comes true in reality around them. Unfortunately, it turns out they cannot control their thoughts, they cannot control their feelings, and all their unconscious “darkness” blows up in the world around them. Slowly, this power destroys them. Eventually, they realize just how stupid and incompetent they are. At the end of the movie, they are seen using the unlimited power of the sphere to wish themselves back to sleep. The sphere descends into the ocean and they go back to their “normal,” powerless existence. The moral, you cannot handle the power, so reject it and go back to sleep.

We should note, there is some truth in the movie. You do have to be careful with that kind of power, and of course, any unconscious fears, hatred, anxieties, misconceptions, and so on can bubble up and cause havoc. That is why the next LP Workbook, LP Workbook Four: Archetypal Study, is so important. That workbook takes an extended look at the ideas in your brain in order to help clear out fears, hatred, anxieties, and misconceptions that can a) blow things up or b) cause intense fear and anxiety.

4“Me Too Backlash Is Getting Worse,” HuffPost Canada, May 17, 2019,

5Google “Tara Fares” for news and analysis.

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