So far in this workbook we have looked at awakening, accountability, and atonement. These three focus points form the bottom triangle in the LP Connection Framework. In this unit we are going to continue our “connection training” by starting with the top triangle of alignment, activation, and ascension. We will start our exploration with the all-important concept of alignment.

To be sure, we have already looked at alignment in the previous unit, so chances are you have a basic understanding; however, alignment is a critical concept and so it is important to understand it in depth.

To fully understand what alignment is and why it is so important, let us take a step backwards and briefly talk about what it means to live a spiritual life and be a spiritual person. Specifically, let us define spirituality and get you thinking about the key components of a spiritual life. To kick off the discussion, let us ask you two questions, the answers to which fully define the nature of spirituality.

  • What does it mean to be spiritual?
  • What does it mean to lead an authentic spiritual life?

You already know, from LP Workbook One, that being spiritual means connecting and filling the water glass with the water of your own higher Consciousness.

You already know, from previous units in this workbook, that an authentic spiritual life is a life conducted in pursuit of better connection, which of course results in more water in the glass.

This is great as a general conceptualization and root for visualization, but it leaves many of the specifics out. To deepen our understanding of authentic spirituality and connection, and to answer the above questions more specifically, let us revisit the Automobile Metaphor.1 To use the automobile metaphor, think of your body as a car and think of your Highest Self like the driver of that car. More technically correct, think of your body like a powerful red Ferrari and your Highest Self like the experienced driver of the red Ferrari. Using this visual, you can understand what it means to be spiritual, what it means to live a spiritual life, and what the full nature of spirituality is as nothing more or less than the processes involved in getting into the car (i.e. physical vehicle) and driving it around creation in an effective, sensible, safe, i.e., spiritually aligned, way.

That is all there is to it.

If you want to live a spiritual life, if you want to be a spiritual person, if you want to complete the spiritual awakening and connection process, then get your Highest Self fully into the car (your physical body) and drive it around in an aligned fashion.

Of course, the million-dollar question now is just what is an aligned use of the physical vehicle for immortal Consciousness? To answer that question, you first need to know what it means to be aligned. Using the automobile metaphor, that is easy to understand. If you think of the automobile as your physical unit and the driver of that car as higher Consciousness (higher Self, your soul, etc.), then alignment occurs when you get into the car and it drives exactly the way you want it to drive. If you press the gas, the car accelerates; if you hit the brakes, the car slows down; if you turn right, the car turns right; if you bank left, well, you get the idea. Your car is in alignment when it does what you, the driver, want it to do; it is out of alignment when it does not. If you are driving in your car on the highway and you hit the brakes to avoid an obstacle but the car accelerates, then the car is dangerously out of alignment with the will/intent of the driver. Similarly, if you turn the wheel left but the car turns right, it is out of alignment.

It is the same with your physical unit. Your physical unit is in alignment when it does what its Highest Self wants it to do. It is out of alignment when it does not. If your Higher Self wants its body to do a certain thing and it does it, it is aligned. If the body refuses to act in accordance with the intent of the Self, it is not aligned. Simple.

We can now return to our two questions concerning the nature of spirituality. Recall these questions:

  • What does it mean to be spiritual?
  • What does it mean to lead a spiritual life?

With the automobile metaphor and concept of alignment in mind, we can say that being spiritual means being aligned. We can also say that you are living a spiritual life when your physical unit is aligned with higher Consciousness. You are living an anti-spiritual life when your physical unit is out of alignment with your higher Consciousness. When you think and act in accordance with what your higher Self wants, you are in alignment. If you act discordant to the nature and wishes of your higher Self, you are out of alignment.

How to be aligned?

The billion-dollar question now is, how do you know what your higher Self (i.e. the owner of the vehicle) wants? If you are not aligned, how do you move in the direction of alignment?

On the one hand, determining what the Self wants to do with its vehicle can be easy. When you are in a state of awakened connection, when your Highest Self is fully in the vessel, “you” equals “You” and you know exactly what You wants you to do. When you are in a state of awakened connection, little “y” you knows what capital “Y” You wants like you know your name. When you are connected, you and You are one and the same. There is “union” as the mystics always say. The problem is, we all experience a toxic socialization process designed to disconnect us and as a consequence, when you get to these words, you will be more or less disconnected and confused about who your Highest Self is, and what it wants its body to do. When you are disconnected, damaged, and confused by a toxic socialization process, you does not know what You wants, and it is much harder to achieve alignment.

It is a bit of a catch 22. You need to be connected to determine alignment easily, but you need to be aligned to get a better connection.

So what do you do?

If you want to move towards alignment while yet disconnected, there are two things you can do. You can either

  1. Follow somebody else’s rules about how to be aligned, or
  2. Listen to Emotional Semaphore and intuit it, infer it, or feel it for yourself.

Following alignment rules

As for following somebody else’s rules, there is a long tradition in religion of providing what we might call Alignment Rule Sets2to the disconnected people of this planet to help them with alignment. An alignment rule set is a collection of rules and guidelines designed to help a physical nit achieve and maintain alignment with Highest Self despite “as yet” being in a state of disconnection.

Consider the Christian Ten Commandments, the Buddhist Eightfold Path,3 and even the LP admonishments to Right Action, Right Thought, and Right Environment (which we will cover in some detail in Appendix One). These are all basically rule sets designed to facilitate bodily alignment, even when an individual is completely disconnected and toxic.

There is nothing particularly wrong with following alignment rule sets. When you are not well connected to your Highest Self, interested in moving forward, but not sure how to begin the alignment process, then following predesigned rule sets is a decent way to get started. A word of warning. If you are going to follow alignment rules, be careful. Listening to predesigned rule sets is great so long as the rule sets are accurate and make contemporary sense. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. This is especially true if you are following older alignment rule sets, like from two thousands years ago or more. It doesn’t matter if the rule set was divinely inspired, humans can be biased. Over time, sexism, morality, or even greed and addiction can filter into the rules and corrupt the guidance. When that happens, following the rules does not help with alignment, it harms it.

Following alignment rule sets is a good way to get started on the alignment process, but these general rules only provide general guidance suitable to everybody. The rules, even if they have not been corrupted by sexism, racism, classism, etc., do not contain alignment specifics that might be appropriate for you. A rule that says “Thou shall not kill” or “don’t steal what’s not yours,” is an important alignment rule that applies to everybody without exception. However, lots of other actions and ideas are relevant to alignment, but don’t always apply across the board. For example, I have an alignment rule that says “wake up and write every morning for a few hours.” I need this “rule” because that’s what my Highest Self wants me to do. In order to be aligned with the mission of my Highest Self, I have to be disciplined, focused, and persistent when it comes to writing every day. When I get up and write every day, I am aligned with my Highest Self.

At this point you can see the issue. While getting up and writing every morning makes sense for me, it wouldn’t make any sense for many others whose mission and purpose don’t require that kind of activity. Others, like musicians, healers, empaths, parents, etc., need different alignment guidance. An alignment rule for parents might be, for example, don’t verbally, emotionally, or physically assault your kids. An alignment rule for a musician might be, practice three hours a day. An alignment rule for empaths might be, avoid toxic environments. These sorts of specific rules cannot be formulated into general alignment rule sets because they don’t make sense for everybody. So what do we do?

As with general alignment rule sets, we can also provide more specific alignment rule sets suitable for different groups of people. For example, I have a series of articles designed to help empaths create a safe and aligned life. These articles provide a focused set of alignment rules designed specifically for empaths. Besides empaths, other alignment rule sets can be conceived. We could develop alignment rule sets for teachers, healers, doctors, and so on. In fact, we often do. The ethical guidelines that some disciplines formulate and that are intended to guide actions are, in essence, disciplinary alignment rules.

Specific alignment rule sets are great and can be helpful; however, at times even these sorts of specifically focused rule sets may not be granular enough. While general alignment rule sets can point everybody in the right direction, and while specifically focused alignment rule sets can help align and focus specific groups, it is important to remember, everybody, every empath, every healer, every leader, every musician, every teacher, is different. The truth is, no one rule set can ever provide perfect alignment guidance for everyone. If you want to be perfectly aligned, you have to connect with Highest Self and get your guidance directly from it.

Listening to emotional semaphore

Of course, that brings us back to the problem which is, if you are not already connected, how do you know what your Highest Self wants? This brings us to the second thing you can do to move towards alignment when you are not strongly connected and that is, pay attention to emotional semaphore and use that to refine your direction. Emotional Semaphore refers to the guidance your Highest Self provides through the emotional mechanisms of the Physical Unit. Negative steering emotions like guilt and shame indicate misalignment. Positive Steering Emotions like pride, joy, bliss, indicate aligned actions, thoughts, and environment.

Listening to emotional semaphore is easy. If an action or inaction makes you feel bad, if it makes you feel anxious, guilty, and shameful, then do not do it because it is certainly out of alignment. On the other hand, if an action or inaction makes you feel good, if you feel that something is the “right thing to do,” then do it. To gather the specifics of your alignment, do what makes you feel good about yourself and do not do things that make you feel bad. If you do that, you will be travelling a fast path towards greater alignment, even if you are profoundly disconnected from Consciousness. It is that simple.4

To recap what we have said so far, we are aligned when our physical unit (your vehicle) responds like our Highest Self (i.e., the driver of the vehicle) wishes it to respond. We are out of alignment when it does not. As for figuring out how to achieve alignment, if we have a strong connection to Consciousness already, it is not an issue. If we have a strong connection, we simply know who we are and how to act. While we remain unconnected or weakly connected, following general or more specific rule sets can get us pointed in the right direction. Emotional semaphore can get us even closer to perfection.

The Push/Pull of Misalignment

At this point you should have a good idea what alignment is and how to achieve it. The only question left to answer here is, why is alignment important? The answer is simple. You cannot go very far on any spiritual path if your body is not making progress towards better alignment with self. And again, despite what you might think, it is not for moral reasons, it is for technical ones. You can’t connect unless aligned not because God or your Soul will punish you for being bad, but because it is technically impossible to do so.

It has to do with a “push-pull” that occurs between the bodily ego and your Highest Self when things are out of alignment. When out of alignment, this push-pull is like being held in an uncomfortable embrace with a person you do not like and whom you do not want to touch. You are uncomfortable, so you push the person away. They are uncomfortable, so they pull away. The end result, you disconnect from each other.

It is the same with bodily ego and spiritual ego. When things are out of alignment, there is a push pull that is setup. The Highest Self pushes the bodily ego away because it doesn’t want to be close to the disjunctive actions, and the bodily pushes it’s own Self away to try and avoid the guilt and shame that inevitably occurs. When the spiritual ego pulls and the bodily ego pushes, you are left disconnected, with lower Consciousness Quotient (CQ),5 and in “darkness,” so to speak.

Spiritual Ego/Highest Self

What causes the push-pull? That depends on whether you are talking about the bodily ego or the spiritual ego/Highest Self.

As regards the spiritual ego, there are at least three reasons why your Highest Self, might pull away from the vehicle, its physical unit. The HS might pull away because

  1. It wants to avoid unnecessary pain and anguish to itself.
  2. It wants to avoid unnecessary pain and anguish to its body.
  3. It wants to “power down” its own body to reduce its negative impact on the world.

Let us look at each of these in turn.

The first reason your HS might pull away from an unaligned physical vehicle is because it does not want to cause itself unnecessary pain and anguish. The truth is, being present in a body when the body is far out of alignment is painful to your HS. Your HS is a being of love, light, compassion, and empathy. Your HS does not like negativity at all, and it certainly does not like violence. It does not like when its body participates in exploitation. It does not like when its body harms and exploits others. When it’s physical unit is doing these things, it pulls away because it cannot abide the negativity.

Be clear about this. Despite propaganda and self-delusion to the contrary, the old energy world “as it exists” with all its exploitation, self-delusion, hatred, anger, pain, suffering, and horror is literal hell to your Highest Self. Higher Self avoids the toxicity and nonsense of the old energy world like you avoid putting your hand into an open flame. It withdraws when the experience gets to be too painful because it cannot stand the toxic fires that surround it. It gets as close as it needs to, but no more.

So far we have noted that the HS will pull away from its own physical unit to avoid its own discomfort. A second reason that the HS might pull away from an unaligned physical unit is to avoid causing the physical unit itself additional pain and suffering. As we have seen, when the physical unit is out of alignment, HS uses Steering Emotions to try and align the behaviour of its disconnected physical unit. Steering emotions are positive or negative emotions used to guide a disconnected physical unit. In an ideal situation, the physical unit will listen to the emotions and adjust its behaviour accordingly. Sometimes, for various reasons, the physical unit does not listen to emotional semaphore. Sometimes, because of ignorance, psychological/emotional pathology, self-defense, external resistance, or cussed stubbornness, the emotional messages either do not get through, or the body simply ignores them. When that happens, when the bodily ego does not respond to emotional semaphore, painful negative emotions of guilt and shame can build up over time.

Sometimes, when the misalignment is not too bad, chronic accumulation of negative emotions is fine, and the body can live out its life “normally,” i.e. in the chronic low level disjunctive pain of miss-alignment. However, sometimes the misalignment can be quite severe and the cache of accumulated emotions can become quite overwhelming. Over time, the negative feelings caused by disjunctive actions can build up and become intolerable for the physical unit. In these situations, the HS can pull away from its own physical unit in an effort to reduce the existential pain its body is feeling

This is a very important point, so let us repeat. In disjunctive and oppressive realities where the body will not or cannot make changes, Consciousness will withdraw to avoid causing ineffectual and, as a consequence, unnecessary emotional pain. Withdrawing from the physical unit helps reduce the pain the physical unit is experiencing because withdrawing lowers awareness. The less aware and awake one is, the less sensitive one is to the pain. It is like being poked with a pin while you are in a coma versus being poked with a pin when you are awake and alert. When you are in a coma, you do not feel the pain fully. When you are awake, you do. When you are awake, your suffering naturally increases.

As noted, the HS can pull away from its physical unit, thereby lowering the CQ of its vehicle to a) avoid its pain and discomfort and b) to reduce the pain and discomfort of its physical unit. A third reason that HS can pull away from its physical unit is when its physical unit is causing suffering to others. If the body is hurting others, the HS will pull away. This might seem a little strange to say at first, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Recall the automobile metaphor here. Your higher Self is the owner of the physical unit like you are the owner of the motor vehicle you drive. When you get into a motor vehicle, you expect it to drive the way you want it to drive. If the car does not do what you want it to do, that is, if it is not aligned with your intent, if it accelerates when you brake, for example, and unexpectedly veers into pedestrians, you would get out of the vehicle. You would reach up, flip off the ignition, and let the vehicle coast to the side of the road. You would then work to have it fixed If you cannot fix it, you would take it off the road and find another vehicle.

It is the same with Consciousness. As Consciousness enters the vehicle, it puts pressure on the vehicle to act in alignment. If the physical vehicle is healthy, aligned, and functioning properly, everything is OK. However if it is not, if it is acting badly and the HS can’t do anything about it (can’t get it to heal itself, can’t get it to align, atone, etc.), it will withdraw in an attempt to “power down” the physical unit, just like you get out of a car that is not working to avoid harming others. For reasons we will not get into here, it will not withdraw completely, but it can power down and withdraw to avoid giving its misbehaving physical unit unnecessary power and support.6

Bodily Ego

As noted, when the body is not in alignment with Consciousness, Consciousness (i.e. your Highest Self) can pull away from the body, thereby lowering CQ, awareness, sensitivity, and power of the physical unit. The other side of this push-pull coin comes into effect when the bodily ego pushes its own Highest Self away. Just as the spiritual ego will pull away from an unaligned body for several reasons, the unaligned bodily ego will push Consciousness away for several reasons. The bodily will push HS away when

  1. It is unhealthy and damaged by toxic socialization.
  2. It is not properly prepared for the connection (breathing exercises, mental discipline, archetypal training, etc.) and connection thus causes anxiety, fear, confusion, or even paranoia.
  3. It’s actions are out of alignment with the beauty and perfection of Highest Self.

Let us take a look at each of these in turn, starting with the notion of damage.


One of the first things that can cause the bodily ego to push Consciousness away is mental/emotional illness, or damage to the bodily ego. The spiritual ego, the Highest Self, requires a strong and stable bodily ego. As we have seen in LP Workbook Two: Healing Framework, the bodily ego is weakened and damaged by toxic socialization experiences. Weakened and damaged egos struggle with the powerful light of higher Consciousness. When the bodily ego is weakened and damaged to the point of mental illness, it becomes incapable of smoothly handling even minimally higher levels of Consciousness.

Why does an ill bodily ego struggle with higher Consciousness? It is complicated, but in a nutshell, emotional, psychological, and intellectual distortions caused by the damage of toxic socialization, cause (and combine with) lack of trust, anxiety, fear, anger, hatred, and paranoia to create a toxic psychological stew. This toxic stew undermines relationships and the integrity of normal life, but it is a particular problem during connection events. The toxic stew is triggered/heightened by connection. If you imagine a toxic stew on the stove and if you imagine turning up the burner too full until the stew is bubbling and boiling over, it is like that. The heat/fire of Consciousness causes the toxic stew to boil and this can cause emotional and psychological distress and even discombobulation. When the bodily ego experiences distress, it will use whatever defence mechanisms7 it has at its disposal to break the connection and reduce the distress. For example, it will use ARMs which we learned about earlier to reduce awareness and push Consciousness out. It will also engage Defence Mechanisms,8 like Flight, Flight, or Follow,9 to escape the situation. Sometime the distress caused by connection might mean physical flight, fight, or submission, but often it simply means using ARMs to shove Consciousness out of the physical unit. Either way. When mental illness combined with connection causes confusion and distress, the bodily ego diminishes and attempts to break the connection to Consciousness.

Lack of Preparation

Besides damage from toxic socialization, another thing that can cause the body’s ego to push Consciousness away, especially during a powerful connection event, is simple lack of preparation. It would be a bit of an understatement to say that Consciousness can be hard to handle, even under the best of circumstances (i.e. when you are healthy and fully prepared). Consciousness, real Consciousness, is nothing like the watered-down version you get while operating in Normal Consciousnes.10 Consciousness is bright like the sun and powerful like an atom bomb. If you want to be able to handle even a little bit of that Higher Consciousness, if you don’t want the bodily ego getting shocked back into normal consciousness, you have to prepare. If you don’t prepare, you’ll struggle, especially when the connection is intense. If you struggle, the bodily ego will, at some point shortly after the connection, push Consciousness away.

For your information, lack of preparation leading to an unprepared connection can have consequences ranging from simple discomfort to full-blown Connection Pathology,11 like egoic bloating12 or full-blown ego explosion.13 Egoic Bloating is a pathological and artificial bloating of the Bodily Ego caused by a Connection Experiencefor which one is improperly prepared. Egoic bloating is is represented by unwarranted beliefs in one’s intellectual, emotional, evolutionary, or spiritual superiority. An [wiki]Egoic Explosion is a temporary or permanent collapse of the Bodily Ego caused when an unprepared Bodily Ego makes a strong Connection to Consciousness.

Ego bloating, explosion, and other forms of Nadir Experience are problems. If you are not prepared for the expansion of Consciousness into your body, if the connection event is intense, the blast can be dramatic, powerful, and discombobulating. For this reason, it is very important to prepare. Without proper preparation, you increase the chance of having a difficult experience.

Of course, the question now is, how do you prepare for connection? The answer is simple. Study and practice. Study an authentic spirituality and put into practice the guidance and advice. Learn deep breathing and relaxation techniques. Learn concepts and ideas that help you understand the nature of the physical unit and its relationship to consciousness. Clean out old energy archetypes and replace these with new ones. It’s not magic and it doesn’t require lifetimes of spiritual tutelage.

If this whole idea of preparation has you a little concerned, don’t be. If you are reading these words, you have already done quite a bit to prepare yourself. Continue reading.

Lack of Alignment

Besides mental illness and lack of preparation, the third thing that can cause the bodily ego to push Consciousness away is lack of alignment in thought, action, and environment. We have already looked in some detail at alignment. Remember, alignment refers to the extent to which your bodily ego is lined up and in sync with your spiritual ego/highest self. Here we are going to refine our understanding by looking in more detail at Wrong Environment, Wrong Thought, and Wrong Action. When things in your life are wrong, when you live your life in a wrong environment, when you engage in wrong action, and when you fill your brain with wrong thought, your bodily ego will end up pushing Consciousness away because the disjuncture is too bad. Let us look at each of these in turn starting with wrong environment.

Wrong environments are environments not aligned with the wishes and intent of your Highest Self. Since your Highest Self is an entity of light, life, love, compassion, empathy, and intelligence, generally, wrong environments are threatening and violent environments that do now allow the expression of the love, compassion, empathy, and intelligence of Highest Self. Generally, wrong environments are negative and violent environments. Wrong environments are environments where you are subjected to emotional, psychological, spiritual, economic, or physical assault. Wrong environments are environments where you cannot totally relax because you are not completely safe. Wrong environments are environments where others manipulate and exploit you, or do not have your best interests at heart.

Anybody with a reasonable sense of reality will know that currently, most of our environments on Earth are unaligned, violent, and toxic. Most of us experience chronic threat, negativity, and violence in our home, work, social, and wider political/economic environments. If you have read through the LP Workbook Two: HEALING, you will already know that environment is important. An entire unit in that introductory workbook is devoted to getting you to think about and improve your environment so you can move forward with better mental health. As we can see now however, having right environment is not just a question of mental health, it is also a question of connection. If you want to connect, you have to overcome wrong environment.

An important question to answer at this point is, “How does wrong environment undermine connection?” It is quite simple. As we saw in Lightning Path Workbook Two, toxic violence and assault, constant threat and stress, is painful and damaging to the body. As we seen, higher levels of Consciousness in the body cause the pain to be more salient. When you connect, when you bring Consciousness into the body, when you draw light into the room of your life, you become more aware of the toxicity and pain. When you become more aware, your pain and suffering naturally increases. It is like being poked with a pin while you are in a coma versus being poked with a pin when you are awake and alert. When you are in a coma, you do not feel the pain at all. When you are awake, you do. When you are awake, your suffering and the consequent damage naturally increases.

What does the bodily ego do when it wakes up and becomes more aware of the pain? It can either work to create aligned environment (a.k.a. Right Environment) at home, work, and in society14 or, if for some reason it cannot do that,15 it can “accept” the toxic environment and find ways to cope with the pain, by for example using ARMs to push Consciousness out. In very bad cases, Crown Stupifiers16 may even be used to push Consciousness out, decimate awareness, and damage the brain. To avoid all that, lower the amount of suffering you endure by striving for right environment.

Additional guidance on right environment is provided in Appendix One of this Workbook.

In addition to wrong environment, wrong actions can also interfere with your connection to Highest Self. Wrong Action, as you should know by now, is any action that subverts and prevents connection. More specifically, as we learned earlier in this unit when we were speaking about alignment generally, wrong action is action that is out of alignment with HS. If your HS wants its body to do one thing, like for example work to end The System, and its body does another, then the body is engaged in wrong action.

How does wrong action lead to bodily ego pushing Consciousness way? As we have already seen, when actions are out of alignment with HS, the HS uses the emotions of guilt and shame to try and steer the body. When actions are seriously unaligned, guilt and shame can become intense. The only way to stop guilt and shame is end wrong action and engage in right action. Unfortunately, the bodily ego does not always understand the nature of these steering emotions, nor is it always capable,17 or even desirous, of responding. When the bodily ego does not respond appropriately to that guilt and shame, guilt and shame build up to painful levels. In order to avoid this pain, the bodily ego will, when its pain thresholds have been reached, push Consciousness away.

When it comes to wrong action and the painful emotions that ensue as a result, there is really only one thing to do and that is establish wrong action. To get around the pain and disjuncture caused by unaligned action, to avoid having the bodily ego push consciousness away, engage in nothing but aligned right action.

Additional guidance on right action is provided in Appendix One of this Workbook.

Finally, in addition to wrong environment and wrong action,we also have wrong thought. Wrong Thought18 can also cause the bodily ego to push Consciousness away just like wrong environment and wrong action. Wrong thought is, of course, any thought that subverts and prevents connection. In our toxic society we are filled up with wrong thoughts that disconnect us from our Highest Self. Wrong thoughts make us doubt our own identity, doubt our motivation, doubt our essential nature, and doubt our own perceptions. Wrong thoughts seed misconceptions that confuse and misdirect us. Wrong thoughts cause fear of higher spiritual realms that cause many to flee connection.

For example, wrong thought can encourage ineffective spiritual practice. The common New Age practice of “attraction,” derived from the so called “Law of Attraction” whereby people try to attract more material possessions, has nothing at all to do with the essential spiritual practices of healing and connection at all.

Wrong thought can also encourage fear and even panic. For example, if you have been taught “Christian style” about demons, devils, and wrathful punishing patriarchs, then when you connect, you may experience discomfort, confusion, fear, even terror, as I did when I began my Connection Practice almost two decades ago. Alternatively, if you are more of an atheist persuasion, you may have been taught ideas that encourage you to see connection and connection experiences as symptomatic of insanity. If you experience connection, you may thus interpret the experience as insanity and you may shut it down out of anxiety and fear. Thinking that you are confronting a wrathful and punishing God, or fearing for your own sanity, cause your bodily ego distress. In order to reduce that distress, your bodily ego will push Consciousness away.

There are lots more example of how wrong thought can interfere and even corrupt connection to Consciousness. We have to say, wrong thought is the single biggest obstacle to connection there is. It is also the hardest obstacle to see, understand, and overcome, both because it is insidious and complicated, and because wrong thought is so pervasive and completely accepted as truth. It is often quite difficult to see.

If you want to get a sense of the nature of the problem, imagine a fishbowl with a little fish swimming in water tinted with red dye. The fish is you. The tinted water is wrong thought. The tinted molecules of the water are all the notions, concepts, ideas, archetypes, theories, and unspoken assumptions that comprise wrong thought. Like the little fish in the little bowl, you swim and breathe in the tinted water. It is everywhere around you and you accept it as necessary, natural, and normal. Why would you not? It has always been tinted this way. But, it is not normal. The red tinge, the wrong thought, is actually a slow-acting poison, a neurotoxin to be accurate; the longer you swim and breathe in it, the more damaged you will become.19

So what do you do to handle wrong thought?

How do you clear the tinted water?

It is actually very complicated. You can’t just pull the fish out and put it in a new bowl with clean water, because there is only the one bowl. You also cannot simply drain the water and refill it, because the fish has become entirely dependent on the chemicals in the red dye. If you just replaced all the water at one, there would be panic and painful withdrawal. Therefore, the only way to deal with it is by a slow drip, drip, drip of clean water and a careful filtering out of the red dye. We have to slowly introduce new concepts and ideas while clarifying and filtering out the old. Slow and measured will not trigger fear, painful withdrawal, and panic By the time the little fish realizes, the water will already be clear and the addiction already healed.

If you have been following along with the Lightning Path since Workbook One, “the drip” has been happening for a while. We have been introducing new concepts and ideas since workbook one and by now the water you are swimming in should be noticeably cleaner. Unfortunately, even now the water is still visibly tinted and there is a lot of filtration left to do. We will talk a bit more about right thought in Appendix One, but the final filtration starts when we take our next step forward with Lighting Path Workbook Four: Archetypal Study. In that book, we introduce you to the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS) and show you how you can use that to purify and filter the water you swim in.

To summarize, in this unit we have noted that in order to be spiritual, one needs to live life in alignment with one’s own Highest Self, otherwise a “push/pull” struggle ensues caused disconnection. Thus you can understand, alignment is very important. Properly preparing yourself for connection by properly aligning your physical unit and your reality with Consciousness, conceptualized in this unit as the process of establishing right thought, right action, and right environment, is a prerequisite for connection. The truth is, if things are not properly aligned, you will never be able to make full connection. As we have noted, achieving alignment is a challenge. Although you been working on it since Workbook One, there is still considerable work left to do. When you are ready to begin the task of establishing aligned thought in earnest, pick up the LP Workbook Four and begin.

Spheres of Alignment

As a final note before closing this unit, we just want to say, establishing right thought, right action, and right environment are not something you do just on your personal self. Right thought, right action, and right environment are something you have to establish in ever-widening spheres Spheres of Alignment.20 Spheres of Alignment are personal and collective life spaces within which an individual interested in Connection must work to achieve alignment.

When you start working on healing and connection, you start with the individual sphere, which is just you and the spaces that you have personal influence over, like your home, or your room. When you achieved alignment in these spaces, and when you begin to connect and gain strength, you move out from your room into your family and social network, and begin working on achieving alignment there. Working on your family and social network is harder than establishing individual alignment because as we have seen, people may feel threatened and resist. Depending on how much resistance there is, you can keep trying or, if looks like a hopeless cause, you can (and should) avoid further trauma to yourself by finding a new family, a “chosen family.”

This is not as shocking as you might think. It is a common practice among the LGBTQ community to ditch their toxic and abusive biological family for a chosen family.21 It should be the same for everybody. There is nothing in the law that says you have to stick with an unaligned family. In fact, it should be exactly the opposite. If your family does not wake up, if they continue in their toxic, abusive, and resistant ways, find a new family. You’ll make faster progress towards healing and connection, and you will avoid ongoing damage, if you eliminate toxicity and abuse and surround yourself with safety, support, and love.

When you have made progress on the individual and social/familial spheres of alignment, your next step is to work on the societal/political/cultural spheres, to help improve those. How you do that is entirely up to you. You can draw a progressive comic, work to eliminate racism and sexism, get a job as a social worker, donate your time to fight homelessness, or whatever. The goal of societal, political, and civic alignment is to make society a better place so that everybody can heal and connect. There are lots of creative and exciting ways to do that, so when you are ready, find your “thing” and do it. Just keep in mind, you have to do it. As we will see in the next unit on activation, you do not have a choice. You cannot spend your life exploiting others in any way and expect to achieve pure and permanent connection. When the rest of your life is devoted to harming others just so you can be the richest one on the block, giving ten billion to climate change causes is worse than irrelevant, it is pathetic hypocrisy, and your own Highest Self will have none of that.

Be clear about this. No matter how hard it might be, you have to align all spheres. Your Highest Self will demand it of you. The truth is, you will not be completely content and satisfied, you will not be completely free of guilt and the niggling sense that you should be “doing something,” and you will not be able to achieve the Holy Grail of human development, permanent union between your spiritual ego and bodily ego, until you have devoted your life to the alignment politics, society, and this planet.

Finally, we just want to say, at some point, you are going to look at your life and this world and realize just how big this job of alignment is really is. When that point comes, remember, it is only overwhelming if you believe that you are all alone in this process. The truth, however, is that you are not alone. As noted in The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, everybody on the planet is going through the same process, whether they realize it or not. It will continue to be a struggle for a few years yet, but as more and more people awaken, become accountable, atone, and begin the process, it will get a lot easier. We can already see clear cracks in the System, and the foundations are beginning to crumble. By 2024, we will see utopian elements, like the elimination of debt, the provision of basic income, and an increasing global focus on mental health and reconnection, begin to emerge. Until then, just be disciplined and patient. Continue to walk forward on this path (or any path) of authentic spirituality and reconnection and before you know it, there we will be.

Study Questions

  1. According to the text, alignment is the most important concept in the LP corpus. In your own words, describe why this concept is so important. How does the concept of alignment relate to LP concept of authentic spirituality? Do you feel that you are aligned? If not, identify misalignments. Share with the group.
  2. What are the reasons the bodily ego can push consciousness away. Examine your own life and any connection events you might have had. Can you think of examples where you yourself have pushed awareness away? What were your reasons for doing that?
  3. What are the three reasons provided in the text why your Highest Self might pulled away from the physical unit? Once again, examine your life. Do you feel that there are areas in your life where Consciousness may have pulled away? Write them down and share.


1The automobile metaphor is a metaphor used to illustrate the relationship between spiritual ego as driver, and physical unit as vehicle.

4We are all naturally born with emotional mechanisms that facilitate alignment. That is, we are all born with the ability to feel good or bad about things, and so we all have the ability to follow our emotions towards alignment, even when we are disconnected. This ability to feel/intuit our way to alignment can be broken. In fact, it is regularly broken in men who endure a toxic socialization process that teaches them to disconnect and suppress their emotions. If you are a male, then the chances are very high that growing up your parents and teachers actually discouraged you from having feelings! Of course, a question that must immediately arise at this point is, why would parents and teachers do such a thing? Why would we break the ability of our males to feel? Answering that question in detail is way beyond the scope of this work, but let me just say, it has everything to do with the System under which we live. In the capitalist/accumulation system that rules this world, traditionally it is the men who go out and work, go off to war, and run the big corporations. In the world of work, war, and corporate domination, men are often required to do things that are out of alignment with higher consciousness (e.g. spend long periods away from family, pick up guns, make corporate decisions that exploit children, dump toxic waste to preserve profit margins, etc.). If an individual with an intact emotional structure engages in these actions, they will feel bad about themselves. If they continue to engage in these actions over the long term, their bad feelings will persist and get worse. Eventually, sooner rather than later usually, emotionally intact men would clue in and stop engaging in actions that made them feel bad, unless of course their ability to feel has been compromised. Thus, in order to preserve the System, in order to get men to do all the things that the System requires of them, a toxic socialization process is created that breaks the emotional structure of men thereby allowing them to engage in often horrifically disjunctive acts. We will talk more about the deleterious impact of the System on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual health of the individual in more advanced LP materials. For now, for more on toxic socialization, see ##Mike Sosteric, “Toxic Socialization,” Socjourn (2016).

5Consciousness Quotient (CQ) is a theoretical construct, a number from between zero (dead) and one hundred (full consciousness) designed to indicate the “level” of Consciousness in the body. For more see

6Unfortunately, powering down does not always work because there are ways for the bodily ego to force connection if it decides it wants to. It can use Connection Supplements like cannabis or LSD, for example, or it can use symbols and engage in rituals designed to facilitate temporary connection. If it does that, even a misbehaving and badly damaged body can have access to the Fabric of Consciousness. The outcome of such forced connection can be quite negative, even malevolent, especially if the physical unit is extremely damaged.


9The Fight, Flight, or Follow response is a physiological Defence Mechanism autonomically deployed by the physical unit when it perceives a harmful event, attack, or threat to its survival. When the body perceives a threat it may fight to put the threat down, flee from the threat, or submit

10Normal Consciousness refers to the everyday waking consciousness of your “average,” disconnected modern citizen.

11A connection pathology is a psychological/emotional breakdown of the bodily ego caused by a negative connection experience.


14If it works to create aligned environment, then it reduces disjuncture and establishes the environmental foundations for connection.

15Why would a bodily ego not be able to work towards aligned environment at home, at work, our in society? Put another way, why would a bodily ego not be able to improve its life conditions? There are lots of different reasons for that. Perhaps it does not understand the importance of right environment. Perhaps it feels it “likes” or even thrives in the toxic stew. Perhaps it lives in an abusive household with a violent alcoholic. Perhaps it lives in a society where workplace slavery and even child labour is sanctioned. Perhaps its family is involved in crime. Perhaps lots of different things. The point is not to enumerate all the possibilities here. The point is just to bring your attention to the fact that a lot of different things can block a person from working on right environment. If you are a therapist or healer, determining the reason why is your job.

16Crown Stupefiers are substances that, when ingested into the body, interfere with, block, distort, and even damage the subtle (and not so subtle) operations of the Crown Chakra (i.e. your brain). Crown stupifiers are dangerous and should be avoided. See

17Why would the bodily ego be incapable of responding to steering emotions? Sometimes it is “held hostage” by the societies it is situated in, the institutions within which it operates, and the people that it surrounds itself with. For example, if you are the CEO of a major technology company and your company exploits child labour in another country, you are going to be unable to make a change because, as per the capitalis maxim “profit über alles,” your board and your shareholders are not going to let you. They would force you to resign before they let you make a change like that.

Why would the body ego not want to respond to steering emotions and act more in alignment with HS? Greed, power, addiction, etc. HS would never want the body to abuse food or drugs, but addictions can override that. If you are addicted to heroin, no amount of guilt and shame is going to get you to stop. Even if you know it is unaligned, the addiction overpowers it all.

19If you want to know just how damaged, have a close look at people like Donald Trump or any of the other old, right, mostly white-men who breathe the thickest concentrations. The older you get, the close you are to the poison, the sicker you become. Spend enough time in it and it will make you may become a bona fide monster.

20Spheres of your reality or, more properly Spheres of Alignment are the personal and collective life spaces within which you must achieve both internal and external alignment. See

21“Facing Isolation, Some LGBTQ Parents Create Loving ‘Chosen Families,’” HuffPost Canada, November 12, 2018,; Brianna Sharpe, “‘Chosen Families’ Give LGBTQ Parents And Kids The Support They May Lack,” Huffpost, 2018.

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