Greetings and welcome to Lightning Path Workbook Three: Connection Framework. If you are engaging with this book then you should have already read Lightning Path Workbook One: The Basics and Lightning Path Workbook Two: Healing. At this point, you should know basic LP concepts like spiritual ego, bodily ego, physical unit, highest self, connection, connection experience, toxic socialization and so on. You should also have considered your need to heal from the damage done by toxic socialization. Hopefully, at this time you have also put into practice some of the many suggestions provided in LP Workbook Two to help you manage and take control of your healing process. Hopefully, at this point you have made progress on creating a healthy environment, dealing with your addictions, clearing up any lying that you do, fulfilling some of your unmet needs, and so on. You certainly do not have to be a shiny and unsullied newborn babe at this point, but before you move forward from here, it is certainly wise to be actively involved in creating a healthier you.

Beyond making progress on your healing journey, you should have a good idea about what spiritual awakening and connection is, what it’s benefits are, why you want to do it, how to initiate it (i.e. intent), and maybe a little bit about some of the traps and pitfalls (i.e. Internal Resistance and External Resistance) that may slow or even halt your progress forward. It is important to understand that while making a connection is relatively easy, especially if you use Connection Supplements, handling a connection can be quite a challenge, especially if there is underlying damage as a consequence of Toxic Socialization.

If you are not comfortable that you have made progress on your HEALING journey, and if you are not confident you understand the basics of connection, track down both LP Workbook One: Basics and LP Workbook Two: Healing and read (or reread) before proceeding.1

Remember this next bit of advice.

This is not a race and there is no rush to complete. You will make faster progress if you take it slow and build the proper foundation. If you do not build the proper foundation, you risk collapsing your progress, experiencing unnecessary mental and emotional trauma, and even getting bumped off the path.

If you are comfortable that you are ready to move forward, then great. In this book, you are going to learn some key LP concepts and ideas related to the practice and attainment of stronger, more persistent connection. Some of these concepts and ideas will be new in this book, but some you will have already encountered. Either way, in this and subsequent volumes we will continue to introduce new LP ideas designed to develop the depth and breadth of your spiritual knowledge, and make you a more sophisticated spiritual practitioner. We will also continue to deepen your understanding of the concepts and ideas already introduced. Ultimately the goal is to develop and convey a sophisticated, satisfying, effective, and practical spirituality that works (i.e. that connects you to Consciousness, that helps you realize the truth, and that helps you ground your Highest Self (HS)2 in your physical body).

This is not a small job; this all takes time and attention to develop. Do not be surprised, therefore, if you find us repeating important things from time to time or, as is equally likely, you find yourself going back to reread LP materials as you deepen your understanding. Healing, connection, and human development is simple but complicated, easy and challenging all at the same time. Given some good guidance, getting the big picture is simple enough; but fleshing it out, filling in the details, and engaging in the necessary practice takes time and effort.

Speaking of practice, before moving on to discussion connection in more detail, I want to remind the reader that there is an important practical aspect to all this. You can understand the ideas conveyed in this and other LP Workbooks all you want, but if you do not engage in the practice as suggested, you will not move forward as expected.

To be clear, understanding the ideas while ignoring the practice is like getting yourself situated on the road at the beginning of a journey with your backpack and your walking stick, but never taking a step forward down the road. You may be satisfied with yourself standing still at the beginning of the road, you may trick others by using the correct words in the appropriate context, but do not fool yourself. To others moving forward, you look silly and stuck. Therefore, when you see practice ideas and suggestions, like admonishments to visualize, guidance on breathing, instruction on creating boundaries, or suggestions to engage in regular and disciplined connection practice, take these seriously and incorporate them into your daily routines.

Remember, if you are just thinking, you are not walking, and if you are not walking, you are not moving forward. Think all you want because thinking is a good thing, but do not forget to move. If you want to move forward, you cannot just stand still in one place. You have to walk the path. If you want to heal and connect, you have to do the practice. It is just common sense.

LP Connection Framework

Speaking of walking The Path, as you should already know, the Lightning Path is a path of spiritual/human development. The point of following the Lightning Path, the point of following any authentic path of human development/human spirituality, is to heal and protect yourself from damaged caused by our current Toxic Socialization process, and to develop a better connection to The Fabric of Consciousness. Put another way, and as noted in LP Workbook One, the point of authentic spirituality and the point of the Lightning Path is to fill the glass of your physical unit with the water of your higher Consciousness.

Of course, the question now becomes, how do you do that?

How do you fill the glass with water?

How do you connect?

Number one, you heal. Healing is necessary for proper connection. If you do not heal, your connection, if you can manage one at all, will always be distorted in some way. It will be distorted by your unmet needs, for example, or it will be distorted by Toxic Attachments (i.e. your addictions). Since removing ideology is a factor in your healing, your connection may even be distorted by the ideology you have absorbed as a consequence of the toxic socialization process you have endured. Healing is really very important and so I reiterate once again, make sure you have made progress on this front. You don’t have to be shiny and new like a just born baby, but you do have to be making healing progress forward. If you are not, you will run into difficulty in the short and long term.

As you should already know, we took a closer look at the healing stage in LP Workbook Two where we learned the LP HEALING Framework and how that framework can facilitate your healing process. LP Workbook Two was not designed to heal you. Rather, LP Workbook Two was designed to give you the knowledge and perspective that you need to take control of your own healing process. This included guidance on when you should consider getting help, as well as guidance on making sure your environment is safe and you are protected that so that you can deal with the principle blockages to healing yourself, which are addiction, lying, ideology and unfulfilled essential needs. I should note that healing is not an instant thing, no matter what some internet practitioner may have told you. There are no magic pills. Even if you use Connection Supplements to facilitate healing, healing nevertheless takes time and effort. If you do not put in that time and effort, you are simply fooling yourself.

In this book, LP Workbook Three, we will take a closer look at connection. In particular, we will learn in a bit more detail about the Lightning Path Connection Framework,3 and the six focus points in this connection framework which are, awakening, accountability, atonement, activation, alignment, and ascension. Briefly,

  1. Awakening is the process of seeing, realizing, and understanding the truths in your life.
  2. Accountability is the process of accepting the fact that things aren’t as great as they seem, and that you’ve probably done some bad shit in your life that requires reparation
  3. Atonement is the process of making reparation for the bad shit you have done.
  4. Alignment is the process of using your creative power and ability to bring your thoughts, actions, and environments into correspondence (i.e. alignment) with the nature and wishes of your own Highest Self.
  5. Activation is the process of embracing your creative power to become an empowered change agent in the world.
  6. Ascension is the actual process of merging your bodily ego with your spiritual ego, of becoming more of who you truly are, which is a divine light of powerful, immortal, consciousness.

Note, this workbook cannot provide a comprehensive overview and guidebook on each of these stages, because there is simply too much information to convey and too much work involved in each focus point. The goal of this workbook will simply be to help you familiarize yourself with the connection framework and get you started on your connection practice, using these Connection Framework focus points. Once you have a better understanding of the framework, you can access additional LP resources (articles, books, readings, videos). To access, visit the LP site at

I would like to note, before moving on, that the work you do on healing and connection is not linear, but iterative. You can visualize the process of healing and connection like climbing a spiral out of the sickness and toxicity of disconnection. You might start with a single healing step, like addressing your toxic environment, but you will not stick there. For best effect, you will jump back and forth, doing a little healing work, then a little connection work, and then back to healing, and so on.

The best way to see this process of healing and connection is as an iterative a climb out of darkness on an ascending spiral path of increasing well-being and connection. The iterative spiral climb out of the sickness and toxicity of disconnection is represented by the Triumph of Spirit initiation archetype. You can get a look at the archetype by visiting the link in the footnote.4

Triumph of Spirit INITIATION archetype

The spiral climb out of toxicity towards healing and full connection.

In general, and for best effect, you should commit at least forty-five minutes to an hour every day for healing and connection practice.

The advice here is simple: to make the fastest progress, go back and forth between the various steps as intuitively (or professionally) guided. In other words, explore! But do it with persistence and intent.

Do you want to read some materials on awakening?

Then do that.

Do you want to practice some activation exercises?

Then do that.

Feel free to move forward and heal/grow/expand at your own pace, and in the direction you want. Trust yourself and your own gut intuition; there are no rules on which stage or step to tackle first. Simply set your intent, do whatever practices are recommended at whatever stage/step you are working on (i.e. visualizations, mantras, etc.) and move forward from there. Also, remember the advice given in Lightning Path Workbook Two: Healing and that is, get help if you need it. If at any point you feel confused, overwhelmed, unsure, afraid, or just plain confused, get help. Start with the Lightning Path forums and, if that is not enough, seek professional guidance from a qualified healing professional. Never, ever, ever think that you have to follow this path alone. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Although you might start off down this path alone, that will change, perhaps more rapidly than you might think. As more and more people step on an authentic path of healing and connection, more and more the road we travel will be populated by our fellow humanity, those knew on the path and those who are already seasoned travellers. We will all make faster progress once we learn to seek out and connect with our fellow travellers on this, or any other, authentic road to Shambhala.

With that said, let us begin our examination of the Lightning Path Connection Framework by looking at the first point, awakening.


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