Awakening Affirmation

To initiate awakening, repeat one or more of the following affirmations as many times throughout the day as you can remember


I wish to wake up

I wish to gain enlightenment

I wish consciousness to descend into the vessel.

I wish to move forward as fast and as safely as possible.

I wish to only the highest information for the greatest good of all of creation

Cleansing Visualization

A Cleansing Visualization is a visualization that helps you remove emotional toxins, like accumulated guilt and shame, from your body’s emotional systems. To do a cleansing visualization…


See your body standing up, covered with a thick coating of wet, gloppy, black, gunk. This gunk is guilt and shame, also fear and anger. Tell yourself that you are awake and aware and that you will do what you need to move forward towards stronger connection. Say to yourself, and others, that you no longer need to carry this guilt and shame. Now, with these thoughts in mind, visualize your hands scrapping the gloppy mess off. Start at your head and work down to your toes, slowly and carefully scrapping the black tar with your hands, and wiping it off your body. As you do this, you slowly begin to reveal a beautiful, gold glowing figure previously hidden by the inky gunk. When you have finished scraping the gunk off your body, stand tall, strong, proud, powerful, and brightly shining with the light of your own Highest Self. Repeat and necessary.


Great Invocation

The GI is a powerful awakening and activation visualization that you can do throughout your day, or before you engage in Connection Practice. To do the GI, simply meditate on the following animation. To draw the most benefit, put yourself in the picture. Picture yourself as the individual in the middle. Focus on the light streaming into your skull. Allow it to concentrate and expand first down through your body’s energy system, and then out to the entire planet, activating and connecting others as you go. For best effect, repeat often

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