Welcome to the Lightning Path

Welcome to the Lightning Path

The Lightning Path (LP) was designed to help you HEAL from damage caused by your experiences of Toxic Socialization so that you can align and CONNECT more fully to the powerful Consciousness that resides within you.

The LP utilizes a multidisciplinary, multi-perspective approach to healing and connection. We draw on psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and medicine to provide a solid grounding in available research. We also draw on different perspectives (i.e., personal experiences, Indigenous ways of thinking, philosophy, mystical experience, etc.) to understand the human developmental process and how we can all grow into healthy and fully connected human beings.

The LP views Authentic Spirituality as an essential component of healing, growth, and connection. The LP does not endorse any specific religion or spirituality, although we recognize there is truth in all systems, even the most corrupt. Rather, the LP sees spirituality as an essential component of human development which we need to research and understand.

When it comes to human spirituality, the LP does have one rule. Any kind of spiritual system can NEVER justify oppression or violence towards oneself, other humans, or any other living beings period. As soon as a religion or spirituality starts to endorse violence, including the violence of punishment, judgment, and damnation, it is no longer an acceptable/authentic path of development.

Basic LP concepts are provided in four LP Workbooks, currently under construction. Together, these workbooks provide all the concepts and ideas you need in order to get started on your healing and connection process. All LP Workbooks, even those in draft mode, are free and accessible by clicking the images below. You can support the LP and get access to additional materials and online support forms by registering as a student/supporter.

Getting Started

Some of you may need immediate support and help from a trained LP healing and Connection Coach or Counsellor. If this is you, we ask you to review LP Workbook Two: HEALING and then book an appointment with one of our counsellors.

For those who have a good sense of who they are and know that they need to understand more, we ask you to get started with LP Workbook One and read forward from there. If find yourself being “triggered” and realize that you may need more work on your HEALING, start with LP Workbook Two and then go back to Workbook One when you are ready. Try not to jump into Workbook Three or Four before reading the first two workbooks, since these workbooks are advanced workbooks, and in order to understand these workbooks, you need to be familiar with the concepts and ideas introduced in Workbook One and Two.

You can also learn more about the philosophical, ethical, and conceptual foundations of the LP by visiting our “What we believe” page.