Welcome to the
Lightning Path

The Lightning Path is a short course on Authentic Human Spirituality. Call it, Human Spirituality 101.

The Basic LP consists of four LP Workbooks. Together, these workbooks provide all the basic concepts and ideas you need in order to heal, connect, and live an authentic spiritual life.

All LP Workbooks are free and accessible by clicking the images below. The exception here is LP Workbook Four which is currently in draft mode and available only to LP students at this time. You can support the LP and get access to additional materials and online support forms by registering as a student/supporter.

To get going, start with LP Workbook One and read forward from there. If you are drawn more towards healing, start with LP Workbook Two and then go back to Workbook One when you are ready. Try not to jump into Workbook Three or Four before reading the first two workbooks, since these more advanced workbooks depend on concepts and ideas introduced in Workbook One and Two.

If you’re not sure, check out our reader feedback. You can also learn more about the philosophical, ethical, and conceptual foundations of the LP by visiting our “What we believe” page.


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