Ready to Heal and Connect?

Are you ready to make sense of your life?

Are you ready to find the pieces to the puzzle?

Are to ready to become your authentic, true self?


Welcome to the Lightning Path

The Lightning Path is a system of human developmental, a system of spiritual and scientific thought and practice, that is designed to help you heal and clear obstacles so you can connect with your true and authentic Self. The Lightning Path helps you to be who you were meant to be, a pure, powerful, engaged, wise, intelligent, compassionate, capable co-creator of the world that surrounds.

To get started

To get started with the Lightning Path, visit the Introduction, Healing, and Connection pages.

The Introductory Page gives you an introduction to the Lightning Path, including basic LP concepts you need to know.

The Healing Page helps you understand why you may need to heal, and guides you on your psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing journey.

The Connection Page goes into detail on how to meet your highest need for Connection, and guides you towards stronger Connection.

Don’t waste any more of your life.
Heal, connect, and find your true self and purpose.

I found a picture that talked about how the Lightning Path changed their life on Pinterest and searched it out on the net. I immediately devoured the first book and have started the second. It truly is the most simple and precise language I have ever encountered in all of my experience…. So thank you.

Nicholas Freedman

I know there is nothing out there like it (The Lightning Path), nothing comes close. I’m so happy I found it when I did. …. the more time goes on, the more I see how sophisticated it is, my understanding shifts as I go forward. It still amazes me how you have done all this.


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