The Lightning Path is a system of human development that blends psychology, sociology, neurology, and history into a system of Authentic Spirituality, a system of thought and practice, that helps you heal the trauma of Toxic Socialization so you can achieve connection with your true, best, most authentic, Highest Self.

Lightning Path content is organized into a series of LP Lightning Rods.TM Each rod is a short, single lesson that explains one or more Lightning Path concepts and its relation to the development of connection. LP Rods may also contain recommendations for Connection Practice as well as resource (book, video, etc.) recommendations.

The Lightning Path is an Authentic Spirituality that puts you on a fast path towards connection. To learn more about LP philosophical and scientific foundations of the Lightning Path, visit the About LP Page. To find out more about authentic spirituality, read the Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality. To get started on the path, visit the Lightning Rods page and start with the basic rods.

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