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News and AnnouncementAnnouncement and news forum86 Topics · 154 PostsLast post: Cowspiracy · 3 days ago · Michael Sharp
3 days ago · Michael Sharp
Reading, resources, and other stuffA place to discuss external stuff related to healing and connection10 Topics · 46 PostsLast post: Wild, Wild Country -- Weeds in the … · 3 weeks ago · Gina R
Member ArtPost your art (poems, songs, paintings, etc.)7 Topics · 58 PostsLast post: Ben's Creative Output · 3 days ago · benjamin pritchard
Ben's Creative Output
3 days ago · benjamin pritchard
HealingLast post
HealingBecause of toxic socialization, healing is something we all have to do32 Topics · 123 PostsLast post: The Healing Power of Connection Su … · 2 months ago · Michael Sharp
HC JournalA place to post and share your HC Journal entries.8 Topics · 45 PostsLast post: Ben's Healing Journal · 6 days ago · Gina R
ConnectionLast post
ConnectionHealing is a catalyst and consequence of connection. Connection is a catalyst and consequence of healing.13 Topics · 50 PostsLast post: Connection Experiments · 3 weeks ago · aim
Archetypal Study3 Topics · 4 PostsLast post: Passage Archetype · 4 months ago · aim
Mentor StudyLast post
Workgroup Experiences2 Topics · 15 PostsLast post: LP Ethics and Standards of Practic … · 6 days ago · benjamin pritchard
ResistanceThe primary obstacle to healing and connection is resistance1 Topic · 6 PostsLast post: Psychological Friction and Mainten … · 4 months ago · rheaah
Deep study32 Topics · 141 PostsLast post: LP Grades - help · 30 mins ago · Michael Sharp
LP Grades - help
30 mins ago · Michael Sharp

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