LP Membership Fee

Suggested Price: $7.77 / month and a $1.99 sign-up fee

All LP basic content is free. However, the LP itself represents thousands and thousands of hours of research and labour. There are also associated costs (servers, web expertise, distribution, etc.).

In order to help the LP grow and thrive, and in order to access all materials, including all advanced content, all forums, and all audio and instructional content, we ask that you provide an energetic (i.e. monetary) exchange. We provide a suggested amount, but you can provide the level of support that you are comfortable with. If you are of modest means, pay less. If you are financially secure and you wish to help provide additional supports and to help subsidize for others, pay more. What you pay is entirely up to you, and you may cancel at any time.


 / every month and a $1.99 sign-up fee


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