Assessment Archive

On this page, you can find the archive of all your LP self-assessments. Use this page to view and track your progress towards healing and connection. You can also (if you wish) share your results with family, friends, your therapist, and so on. Use this page to help with your healing map,  or to engage in a bit of self-reflective healing work.

Pay attention to the colour coded Assessment Zones. Yellow, orange, or red scores indicate areas that you need to work on if you are going to heal and connect. If you score in the yellow or  orange zones, read Lightning Path Workbook One, Lightning Path Workbook Two, Lightning Path Workbook Three. If you are a registered student, you can seek guidance from peers and LP Connection Coaches on the LP Healing Forum. If you score in the red zone, consider seeking professional assistance.

Assessment Zones
OK Mild Moderate Severe
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