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The Lightning Path HEALING MAP (Mindful Action Plan) is a comprehensive two to three hour psychological, sociological, and spiritual assessment that provides you with information and advice you can use to guide your own healing process.

The process requires the completion of the Lightning Path Assessment Form, which is a comprehensive, open, and honest assessment/accounting of your childhood, adolescent, and adult environments. In this assessment, you need to be open and honest about all toxic and abuse experiences, including physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse that you experience and perpetrate. If you are not ready to be open and honest, don’t waste your money with this assessment. Instead, focus on doing the LP readings in the Healing and Connection sections of this website or consider the more open-ended healing and connection guidance.

When you complete your order, the assessment form will be sent to you. Take as much time as you need to fill it out as comprehensively and honestly as possible. Once completed, send it back. When we receive it, typically two or more LP therapists will examine the form. Our examination is followed by a one on one session (email, skype, phone) where we explore your situation and biography. Following this session, an LP healing MAP (mindful action plan) is produced. The LP MAP will provide short and medium-term guidance on how to move forward with your healing and connection work.

If you are already working with an LP therapist, let us know and your assessment will be handled by that therapist.

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