Suggested Price: $500.00

Download and complete the LP HEALING Map

The Lightning Path HEALING MAP Analysis (Mindful Action Plan) is a comprehensive two to three hour psychological, sociological, and spiritual assessment by an LP certified Connection Coach. The MAP provides you with information and advice you can use to guide your own healing process.

Begin the process by downloading LP Workbook One: Healing and the LP HEALING MAP. Read the Workbook and as you do, fill out the HEALING MAP. You can complete the analysis on your own,  and this may be sufficient for you to “move forward” towards healing and connection. However, if you wish additional assistance, return to this page and purchase an analysis.

Note, the HEALING MAP is a  comprehensive, open, and honest accounting of your childhood, adolescent, and adult environments, including the toxicity and abuse  (i.e., physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, and spiritual abuse) that you experience and perpetrate. If you are not ready to be open and honest with an LP Connection Coach, don’t waste your money. Instead, focus on reading LP materials.


Minimum Price: $250.00

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