Depression Assessment

Depression is the emotional feeling of weight, sadness, hopelessness, and despair. Depression is not something you are born with. There is no “gene” for depression. Depression is caused when one or more of your Seven Essential Needs is not being met.

Depression is toxic for your physical unit. Long term depression can lead to neurbiological changes which “lock in” that depression, making it harder to overcome. It is very important, therefore, that you deal with depression as soon as you feel it.

The first step towards resolving depressoin  is to see if you are, in fact, depressed. The short assessment below measures the extent to which you are feeling depressed. If your depression reading is high, this may mean you are feeling depressed. If you do, you have to figure out what the source of that depression and, if you can, lower it so you can move towards healing and connection.

If you are feeling higher levels of depression, consult with a healing professional or, for self-directed work, read Lightning Path Workbook Two, Lightning Path Workbook Three, and download and complete a free LP HEALING Map. If you are a registered student, you can seek guidance from peers and LP Connection Coaches on the LP Healing Forum.



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